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Companies have been reluctant to cut back on executive trips and travel companies are hoping the trend will continue

Industry looks to business for growth as tourism wanes

Global Traveller November 2011

Companies haven’t cut back on executive trips and travel companies are hoping the trend will continue

European rail: Big boost for trains as flying costs soar

Joined-up thinking is attracting travellers, reports Jill James


Vanessa Friedman
Wild presents for all the family
– Vanessa Friedman
The whole palaver of long-haul flying has become familiar and reassuring
– Jonathan Margolis

Health and safety: Crashes not the only dangers

Precautions can make flying less hazardous, writes Clive Cookson

Shopping at the airport takes off

More and more consumers are heading to the departure lounge for duty free deals on luxury goods

Frequent flyer: Mohammad Farrukh Raza

The founder and managing director of Islamic Finance Advisory and Assurance Services talks to Rachel Morarjee

Life after tragedy: Japan following the tsunami

The government is reassuring the international community that everything is back to normal, writes Lindsay Whipp

Foster adds weight to island airport plan

Lord Foster is unequivocal about the need to overhaul the country’s transport system, writes Jill James

Eric Ransdell

Expat View – Eric Ransdell: ‘You need Chinese friends to survive’

Rachel Morarjee talks to one happy resident who visited Shanghai 10 years ago and never left


News and views from the travel industry: several new luxury hotel openings are on the horizon in London before Christmas

City Focus: Accra

Orla Ryan has advice on where to go and what to do in Ghana’s capital

Corporate Aviation: Oh, for a really flying visit

Local companies, and many residents, are convinced of the value of the local airport, writes Rohit Jaggi