Wage rises seen as threat to low US rates

Economists say long-term unemployment may not curb inflation

US jobless claims near lowest since 2007

Brazil unemployment declines and inflation lower than forecast

Yellen warns inflation may lag recovery

Remarks raise possibility of easy monetary policy for longer

US and Mexico spar over sugar and steel

Nafta has failed to end trade frictions between the countries

US Treasury slams China over currency

Comes as China’s FX reserves hit nearly $4trn

Healthcare law to cost less than thought

US deficit continues to fall, says CBO

US retailers lift clouds on Wall Street

Biggest surge in sales reported since September 2012

WTO raises global trade forecasts

Upturn in US and Europe likely to lead to stronger-than-expected growth

US retail sales exceed expectations

Italy’s inflation remains subdued

G20 gives US ultimatum over IMF reform

Finance ministers give Washington until year’s end to implement change

Big increase in US producer prices

UK construction output falls and India’s trade balance narrows

G20 ready to leave US behind on IMF reform

Washington is ‘letting everyone down’

US labour productivity: key to growth

Pick-up needed if growth expectations are not to prove too optimistic

US-Japan trade talks hit another obstacle

US mortgage applications fall

UK trade deficit narrows, while German imports rise

WTO chief warns on slow trade recovery

Fragile eurozone and EM woes hold global commerce back

The US participation rate

Misinterpreting official labour data gives an over-optimistic view of the American economy

US will avoid fiscal Armageddon

If America is doomed to tepid growth, interest rates will also be lower, says Robert Barbera

US labour market emerges from winter blues

Slight disappointment as jobless rate remains at 6.7%

US attacks Japan’s Pacific trade stance

Countries fail to bridge differences before Obama visit