Markets Diary

Federal Reserve is expected to leave interest rates unchanged

Fast-food chains feel bite in the US

Restaurants from Starbucks to KFC wrestle with America’s waning appetite for eating out

Trump and the shifting mood on austerity

The Republican convention is not the only place where debt watching is going out of fashion

Washington’s trade deal doors remain open

Talk of UK pact offers counterbalance to backlash against ‘globalism’

Pessimism over innovation just won’t fly

The Wright brothers typified self-motivated ‘civic entrepreneurs’, writes Philip Delves Broughton

US and UK in early talks over trade deal

Obama administration backs away from ‘back of the queue’ warning

James Ferguson Illustration

An end to facile optimism on the future

Measured growth is lagging because invention and innovation has slowed

Help decile of discontent help themselves

Aim policy at improving some skills and leave the rest to robots, writes Diane Coyle

US stocks and bonds in record territory

S&P 500 near high while Treasury yields at a low on uncertainty

US labour market bounces back

Economy adds 287,000 jobs in sharp recovery from May figures

EU set to sign off on data transfer rules

Commission hopes Privacy Shield deal will satisfy watchdogs

US splashes out on dining and driving

Oil price savings spent at restaurants and the pump

Fed held US jobs worries ahead of Brexit

Central bank minutes show concerns about employment and inflation

How exposed is the US to Brexit fallout?

Expect Fed policy to remain on hold as the dollar surges

The economic risks of Brexit contagion

Poll may trigger low growth and populist policies in the west

Push on wages squeezes corporate profits

McDonald’s and Walmart caught between workers and investors

US budget wars reach nadir in Illinois

Lawmakers are gridlocked over how to fix state’s dismal finances

Fed policymaker raises Brexit concerns

Powell says UK’s EU exit has potential to create growth headwinds

Fed on alert for US economic recoil

Futures trading suggests short-term rates will be held until 2018

US lessons from Britain’s Brexit blunder

America’s global economic agenda now hangs in the balance

The FT’s overview of key American economic data, including GDP, inflation, unemployment, consumer indicators, interest rates and mortgage rates