Rocketing yen leaves Tokyo with dilemma

Japan under intense pressure to hold fire as yen soars

Dudley warns of Fed lending power gaps

Official says securities groups should to be able to access loans

The policies that make uneasy bedfellows

Quantitative easing and negative rates offer rapidly diminishing returns, writes Shahin Vallée

US adds China to currency watchlist

Beijing, along with Germany and Japan, warned over interventions

Curse of slow growth afflicts US economy

The Fed should be much more explicit about keeping rates on hold

Stock market’s sweetspot threatened

The prospect of lower returns on equities creates real dangers for retirement plans

‘Dot plot’ can help anticipate Fed’s move

Market might be mistaken for thinking Fed’s Janet Yellen will do nothing for many months

US economic growth cools in first quarter

GDP decline to 0.5% raises doubts over durability of expansion

The US in three numbers

Gillian Tett, the FT’s US managing editor, explains the American economy in three figures

Fed concerns about global economy ease

Bank notes US growth slowdown and sluggish household spending

Investors look for signs of Fed action

Central bank expected to keep rates unchanged this week

Obama and the end of the Anglosphere

Crucially he is America’s first Pacific president

EU-US trade: why a deal looks difficult

Both sides still grapple on key issues including services, agriculture and investment

The four puzzling questions for markets

Low bond yields help to keep expensive stocks attractive for now

Brexit seen as transatlantic pact threat

Political problems elsewhere in Europe also prompt fears

Harriet Tubman to feature on new $20 bill

Abolitionist to be first woman on US notes in more than a century 

US faces labour shortage, says business

Range of sectors to be hit as unemployment falls, says report

Call for clean coal push in US and China

American energy secretary says technology benefits both nations

Soft US growth prompts rate rise caution

St Louis Fed chief flags concerns over US economy

Activist stance on trade can drive demand

It can drive growth and job creation, albeit at a slower rate

The FT’s overview of key American economic data, including GDP, inflation, unemployment, consumer indicators, interest rates and mortgage rates