US budget deficit to fall to 2.6% of GDP

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Strengthening economy to boost government revenues in 2015

Interactive graphic: Meet the Feds

Amid turnover, it is unclear what policies US central bank will adopt next

Puzzle of low wage rises tests the Fed

Feeble pay data could add to calls for a delay to US rate rises

Give middle classes fair share of pie

Those who work in real economy should be rewarded with higher earnings, writes Izabella Kaminska

State of the Union: Five issues to watch

Obama has stronger evidence this year of an improving economy

IMF cuts forecasts for global growth

Cheap oil not enough to dispel gloom over economic prospects

Obama battles to win trade deal authority

President faces opposition from his own party and unions

Obama targets top 1% with $300bn tax plan

Wealthy hit by proposal to close capital gains loophole and banks face levy

US inflation fall adds to Fed dilemma

Falling fuel costs see index down to 0.8% in biggest drop since 2008

Retail sales shake faith in US recovery

Unexpected fall in spending changes views on Fed’s timing

Credit rules hit homeowning around world

Fitch warns that a generation is being priced out of the market

World Bank cuts forecast for growth

Global economy too reliant on ‘single engine’ of US recovery

Backlash threatens EU trade deal with US

Consultation reveals ‘huge scepticism’ over investment clauses

Festive cheer for US retailers

Same-store sales rise 5% in November and December

Economic outlook: downward pressure expected to endure

UK inflation expected to come in at 0.7%

US job creation lifts rate rise expectations

Lack of wage growth weighs on bond yields

US creates 252,000 jobs in December

Better than expected figure confirms 2014 as best year for job creation since 1999

US economy created 252,000 jobs in December

2014 was the best year for job creation since 1999

Five things to look for in US jobs report

Economists predict another robust month to push gains to highest since 1999

Deflation fears blur interest rate outlook

Rift between bond market and central banks over timing of rate rises