US trade gap widens on rising imports

Biggest deficit since 2008 adds to dilemma on rate rise

Investors must prepare for lower returns

Low valuations allow room for error but shares are no longer cheap

Republicans hail Congress budget plan

White House says middle-class families and growth would be hurt

Brussels calls for global investment court

System of investor protection ‘not fit for 21st century’

UK election and US jobs to dominate week

More than 80 companies in S&P 500 set to report earnings

Fed pause gives emerging markets respite

US central bank’s decision on interest rate rise may change the shape of the global recovery

Republicans push Obama on TPP vote

Trans-Pacific Partnership would be biggest trade deal in decades

The Federal Reserve watches and waits

The US central bank is right to react cautiously to unclear new data

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US labour market starts to tighten

Private sector pay rises at quickest pace since 2008

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Dollar bulls retreat as growth hopes fade

Consequences of sell-off are registering across global markets

Fed grapples with seasonal blues

Central bank’s latest statement leaves rates outlook uncertain

Fed damps rate rise call as growth wavers

Central bank expects ‘moderate growth’ despite winter weakness

Abe vows to tackle Japan’s farmers

Prime minister calls for rapid conclusion to trade deal

Slower US economy sets the stage for Fed

Growth of just 0.2% amid high dollar, ports strike and bad weather

Two meetings in Washington

Economic stakes in Abe's address to Congress and Fed statement

Republicans attack new insurance rules

Richard Shelby says international regime should not dictate how US companies are supervised

UK GDP highlighted in middle of election

Inflation and labour data for Japan and eurozone out

Divided Democrats make a stand on trade

Debate heightened by new concern over state of US middle class

What to watch at the Fed this week

First-quarter GDP figures to set the tone for Wednesday’s meeting

US fears European sequel to Lehman

Policy makers worry eurozone too optimistic over potential Grexit

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