Lower oil price could stoke US stock bubble

Opec’s position on output could have profound consequences

Sigmar Gabriel
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Germany drops opposition to Canada deal

Berlin says opting out would be ‘disaster’

Capitalists sold the mills and bought the future

If capital is indeed back as Piketty says, it is in a different way

Consumers help push US growth to 3.9%

GDP revision points to steady gains tempered by weakness abroad

US economy grows by 3.9%

Third quarter GDP is revised up on solid consumer demand

American bulls in charge

Prospect of higher rates has not deterred US equity investors but there are signs of complacency

Opec share of US oil imports at 30-year low

Domestic production at 9m b/d, its highest since the 1980s

GDP growth estimates for US set to slip

Thanksgiving week includes revisions to latest estimates

Google break-up plan emerges from EU

MEPs suggest splitting off search to curb dominance

Fed minutes show easy decision to end QE

Debate about 2% inflation goal disclosed

Clients risk complacency in choppy times

Investors must heed advice on volatility

China emerges from US dollar’s shadow

A new equity scheme reveals Beijing’s geostrategic priorities

The curse of weak global demand

Feeble economic performance has occurred despite the most aggressive monetary policies

China’s can-do versus Congress gridlock

What is wanted is a trade agreement with a dress code, not ‘a tuxedo with flip-flops’

Low oil prices hit US inflation outlook

Investor appetite for inflation-linked Treasury products damped by trend causing global concern

Cameron rejects trade deal threat to NHS

UK prime minister puts ‘rocket boosters’ under the talks

Protectionism rising as growth slows

Watchdog warns of ‘global trade disorder’

Q&A: the US-China plan on climate change

Two biggest greenhouse gas emitters catch the world by surprise

The US is a huge hedge fund

In terms of global assets, America is long equities and short debt

China and US agree IT trade deal

Deal cutting tariffs in hundreds of product categories ends 18-month stand-off