The mystery of weak US productivity

US productivity

Economic output is the ultimate test of our ability to create wealth

Big oil groups raise net debt by a third

Top 15 oil producers are more vulnerable to another price fall

The puzzle that baffles the world economy

Slowing output per hour is worrying but little understood

Yellen points to summer rate rise

Fed chair says move likely in ‘coming months’ if data hold up

US growth at start of 2016 revised higher

GDP revision shows that economy has withstood global volatility

Fed governor sees rate rise ‘fairly soon’

US economy has made ‘substantial progress’, says Jerome Powell

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US productivity breaks three decades of rises

Prospect of wage stagnation boosts fear of populist backlash

US fracking bust sparks car debt surge

Overdue loans rise in oil-rich parts of US after drilling falls

James Ferguson illustration, Trump plug pulled

How to defeat rightwing populism

There is a widespread belief that the system is being exploited by disreputable insiders

Dollar bounce as US policy reappraised

US currency set for its best month in half a year

Inequality and techno market monopolies

Companies cut costs rather than improve process so as to grab market share, writes Izabella Kaminska

Expectations grow over Fed rate rise

Decision would be dependent on several key economic reports over the coming weeks, survey shows

US wields biggest stick in dumping fight

China steel targeted as India overtaken in launching cases

Fed puts investors on notice over rates

Central bank is preparing the market for its tightening campaign

Fed’s Dudley joins hawkish choir

NY Federal Reserve chief backs notion of rate rise in June or July

Obama takes on Trump over US trade deals

President levels his sights on threats to Pacific Rim agreement

Pacific Rim trade deal gains questioned

TPP would add just 0.15% annually to US output after 15 years

Fed opens window for June rate rise

Shares retreat and bonds yields rise as central bank weighs risks

Fed official sees chance of June rate rise

Dennis Lockhart says investors are too pessimistic on US outlook

Trump tests strong US dollar mantra

Economists split on whether currency comments risk retaliation

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