Israel close to Leviathan gasfield deal

David Gilo resigns in protest over $6.5bn development project

Productivity turns into global problem

Output per worker growing at slowest since millennium

Saudi Arabia foresees fossil fuel phase-out

Oil minister says kingdom will switch to renewables this century

Drill deeper than oil for Saudi prosperity

Important reforms centre on energy, which kingdom uses wastefully, writes John Sfakianakis

Saudis claim oil price strategy success

World’s largest crude exporter seeks to douse US shale surge

Saudis spend despite low oil price

Kingdom insists it can weather crude fall despite fears of slowdown

Middle East: The Iran conversation

Gulf leaders are fearful that a US nuclear deal with Iran presages a wider rapprochement

Saudis burn through foreign reserves

King Salman funds public sector salaries and large-scale projects

Salman makes play in Saudi game of thrones

Riyadh power shake-up may herald more aggressive foreign policy

Egypt’s Morsi sentenced to 20 years in jail

First elected leader guilty of using violence against protesters

Russia’s Lukoil eyes return to Iran

Chief says opportunities sought should sanctions end

Iran fetes investors despite sanctions

US business was beating a path to Tehran even before nuclear deal

Saudis celebrate their mission in Yemen

Kingdom claims noble cause in intervention that carries big risks

Erdogan woos Iranian business

Turkish leader eyes commercial opportunities after nuclear deal

Charlemagne and Turquoise offer Iran fund

International investors gain more exposure to country’s equities

Israel seeks change to Iran nuclear deal

Intelligence minister focuses on damage control of the accord

Israel threatened with court over tax cash

Palestinian Authority accuses Tel Aviv of withholding revenues

‘Framework’ nuclear deal agreed with Iran

Obama hails ‘historic’ diplomatic breakthrough to end threat

Emerging markets: The great unravelling

Developing economies are experiencing high capital outflow levels

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