Peugeot in deal to revive Iran alliance

Carmaker and Iran Khodro in new venture to build vehicles

Iran is back in business

The republic is returning to the global economy at a time of volatility

Iran poses economic challenge to Saudi Arabia

Opportunities eschewed by Riyadh will be taken up by their neighbours

Iran plans to buy 114 Airbus jets

Deal would represent first commercial fruit of nuclear deal

Iran heralds a future without sanctions

Tehran has an opportunity to become a force for stability in a region in meltdown

Iran Implementation Day explained

This is the day economic benefits for Tehran start to kick in

Kingdom tower, Riyadh ID 48377664 © Swisshippo |

Gulf FX pegs: Oman, Bahrain most at risk

Saudi Arabia has the firepower to support the riyal; UAE could choose to de-peg

House of Saud’s sectarian venom spreads

The ruling family, having incited Sunni-Shia conflict, will not be able to control it

EMs face ‘new reality’ of lower growth

Developing economies must confront profound change, urges Lagarde

Bahrain and Oman raise fuel prices

Oil slump forces Gulf states to cut subsidies and spending

Saudi Arabia plays down riyal peg fears

Policymaker responds to currency forward market volatility

World economy of so-so growth

Economic and political uncertainties lie in wait for the new year

Saudis unveil radical austerity programme

Attempt to tackle yawning deficit caused by falling oil price

Oil price slump hits Gulf economy

Bigger deficits and spending cuts hit construction and confidence

Iran tax crackdown squeezes businesses

Critics say push is a mistake at a time of economic stagnation

Saudi Arabia: The wake-up call

Ensuring stability will be crucial for Riyadh’s power brokers

Italy aims to utilise historic Iran ties

European companies eye post-sanctions opportunities in Islamic Republic as climate sours for US

Saudis set out response to emission curbs

Kingdom aims to reshape economy and build renewable capacity

Saudi Arabia to tap global bond markets

Debt levels could rise to 50 per cent of GDP within five years

Egypt deficit falls on fuel subsidy cuts

Aid cut by $1.3bn but power generation fails to keep up with demand