Narendra Modi has no room for complacency

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Competition, mechanisation and a demographic timebomb could all hinder prospects

IMF cuts forecasts for global growth

Cheap oil not enough to dispel gloom over economic prospects

India can outstrip China if it tries

Asia’s chronic underperformer has a vast, but unused, potential

Asia central banks lean towards loosening

Lower growth and oil price slide prompt easing of policy

India rate cut launches monetary easing

RBI action prompts jump in local stocks

Delhi’s tortoise takes on Beijing’s hare

There is now a realistic prospect of India growing faster than China — as early as next year

Chindia: getting back together?

The two economies have more in common, again

India coal miners abandon national strike

Government says it will not privatise the industry

Public finances: A world of debt

The global crisis left many economies heavily indebted. But there are ways policy makers can repair the damage

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An economist’s advice to astrologers

The world economy shows growth prospects for the year

West loses intellectual self-confidence

Faith in three props of post-cold war world - markets, democracy and US power - has faltered

Wise bet is on happier year for economy

Optimism is more likely to prove correct than fashionable pessimism

Modi pledges India banking shake-up

Market-friendly economist Arvind Panagariya likely to head government think-tank

India raises fuel tax as crude falls

New Delhi to use additional funds for road-building projects

Doubts dog India’s banks’ sell-off plan

Questions persist over the viability of recapitalisation

Emerging states must make their own mark

A boom based on cheap borrowing is easier to ride

Modi should act more decisively in 2015

The prime minister has a strong mandate. He should use it

A year in a word: Inequality

An old problem given new exposure by an improbable academic blockbuster, writes Alan Beattie

Weak growth prompts India fiscal rethink

Finance ministry seeks to make room for a surge of public investment in infrastructure

The Big Read: Oil’s winners and losers

Inflation and strong dollar could curb global economic impact