Bengal struggles to regain economic vigour

State government hails progress in push to arrest 30-year decline

Indian coal goes from shortage to glut

State miner told to whittle back stocks as inventories grow

India should seize its chance to shine

Modi’s drive for reform must not be allowed to drift into inertia

India internet: Laying the foundations

For Modi’s government, technology offers a way to propel the country out of poverty

EMs face ‘new reality’ of lower growth

Developing economies must confront profound change, urges Lagarde

One-way traffic: children hold cloths over their faces as pollution covers New Delhi

Delhi rations car usage in pollution drive

India’s polluted capital introduces ‘odd-even’ plate system

James Ferguson illustration depicting the Paris talks on climate change
©James Ferguson

Paris summit is one small step forward

The accord goes further than the world could have expected a year ago but not as far as it needs to

Modi sets out climate change duty for rich states

Warning sets huge task for summit

Dal shock hits India as pulse prices soar

Prices overtook grains in 2015 for first time since 2010

India budget faces civil service pay blow

Setback for Modi’s plans to cut deficit and boost infrastructure

RBI hit as 17,000 staff take ‘mass leave’

India central bank workers strike over reforms and pensions

Pollution in India: Gasping for air

Citizens turn to the courts amid claims the government is failing to clean up New Delhi’s toxic atmosphere

Vijay Sharma, Paytm: an Alibaba for India

The ambitious founder aims to build a version of the Chinese online empire from New Delhi

Infosys forecasts tough third quarter

Indian IT outsourcer blames seasonal trough for narrower margins

Troubles at home overshadow Modi visit

Critics complain of religious intolerance and economic drift

UK boosts India ties ahead of Modi visit

Reports suggest financial sector agreements are in pipeline

India toll collectors balk at green tax

Delhi’s efforts to reduce pollution held hostage by contractor

India tries to reinvigorate Africa ties

India wants to halt drift in relations with African trade and aid

India chemists dispense nationwide strike

Up to 850,000 pharmacies to close doors over online drug sales

Modi struggles to unleash investment

Indian capex has dipped amid economic uncertainty