India: At the coalface

Failure to boost energy supplies will hurt Modi’s goal of turning India into a manufacturing force

Modi tries to shake off ‘anti-poor’ label

Indian PM gives ground to critics on land reform and retroactive tax

Conservative values deny India women jobs

Political elites do not see the division of labour, with most women at home, as a policy problem

China: With friends like these

Beijing has lent billions to spread its influence, but as defaults loom its approach is shifting

IMF warns India on women’s exclusion

Lagarde says lack of female workers a ‘huge missed opportunity’

Asian central banks in rate cut rush

Despite common threads, each country has its own reasons for move

Ingram Pinn illustration

India has a chance to excel on growth

Provided the government persists with reforms the economy should now revive

Modi starts Indian Ocean charm offensive

Visits aimed at countering Chinese influence in region

Growth in China and India must add up

Many politely accept the official line but those with money on the line do not, says Ruchir Sharma

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RBI decision at unscheduled meeting follows global easing moves

Audacity in India

There is more to the budget that meets the eye

Budget that bodes well for Indian growth

Modi’s government must now ensure effective implementation

Investors optimistic about Modi budget

India to slow pace of fiscal consolidation and focus on infrastructure

India plans $137bn rail investment

Five-year plan to transform the country’s huge but ageing network

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Police target high-profile groups for first time since election

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Do not take the country’s rebased GDP statistics too seriously

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut subsidies on fuel and other products, as pressure grows on states to make savings

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Changes in base and calculations lift GDP growth closer to that of China’s in past two years

Narendra Modi has no room for complacency

Competition, mechanisation and a demographic timebomb could all hinder prospects