India chemists dispense nationwide strike

Up to 850,000 pharmacies to close doors over online drug sales

Modi struggles to unleash investment

Indian capex has dipped amid economic uncertainty

02-03-2011 New State Bank of India Branch. State Bank of India employee Jagadeshwar Anumala polish's the window at the new State Bank of India branch in East Ham, London (Photo © MICHAEL HUGHES)

India’s public banks the weakest link

Rate cut threatens margins of stressed lenders

Rajan urges IMF and World Bank reforms

RBI governor calls for emerging market needs to be met

India slashes rates by 50 basis points

RBI move raises hopes of revival in private sector investment

ADB lowers Asia economic growth forecasts

Development bank warns of fallout from China and India challenges

Jaitley hints at deal on RBI independence

Indian finance minister signals compromise with central bank

India seeks to solve inflation puzzle

CPI-WPI divergence fuels debate between monetary doves and hawks

Taj Mahal

Delhi’s dangerous dream of overtaking China

India’s overly inflated statistics are breeding a false sense of security

Emerging markets: Fixing a broken model

As exports slow and foreign capital takes flight, developing nations must act to avert a crisis

India told to beware gloating over China

Doubts over GDP data and New Delhi’s ability to exploit its neighbour’s difficulties

Indians cry foul over onion price spike

Vegetable’s inflation a problem for Modi ahead of Bihar election

World’s poor bank on a better future

Report says tipping point reached in push for financial inclusion

Modi reforms stalled in rowdy parliament

‘Monsoon’ session nears close with no laws passed

Taiwan’s Foxconn to invest $5bn in India

Maharashtra factory is one of largest FDI deals in Indian history

BJP cries foul on India tax reform delays

Finance minister Arun Jaitley hits at Congress ‘obstructionism’

India executes Mumbai bomber

Use of death penalty questioned after hanging of Yakub Memon

India to bury central bank controversy

New Delhi to entrench RBI direction of monetary policy

New Delhi should loosen grip on rates

India must not suffer more government meddling in monetary policy

Asian Highway One mired in muddy reality

India faces obstacles turning Moreh into a modern commercial road and rail gateway