The bond market must turn sometime

History has few precedents to help predict what might happen next

Syriza and Europe must be patient

Both can overcome mutual suspicion to work towards a fuller deal

Lagarde shows tough love to Greece

Painful experience seen to have damaged institution’s credibility

Fed pulls a Jedi mind trick on bonds

If the Fed proves willing to ignore an oil-driven decline in prices, rates could rise by June

Ingram Pinn illustration

Rays of sunlight amid Europe’s gloom

German wage agreements ought to help prevent deflation, writes Tony Barber

There are positives to negative yields

Returns can be made as large scale ECB buying pushes up prices

EU budget reprieve for France and Italy

Deadline extended for Paris to meet bloc’s deficit target

Germany sells debt at negative yield

Once a rare phenomenon, such securities are becoming more common

Yellen on the Hill

Fed chair's meta-guidance distracts from more important things

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How addiction to debt came even to China

Huge increases in private sector credit preceded many financial crises

Eurozone approves Greek reform proposal

IMF and ECB raise concerns over new plan

Trichet warns on Grexit dangers

Former ECB chief says EU would be ‘shocked’ despite new policy tools

IG Metall agrees above inflation pay rise

Salaries of workers in Baden-Württemberg to rise 3.4%

A ‘big bang’ to expand Europe’s economy

A capital markets union is needed to lessen reliance on banks

Greece scrambles to send draft reforms

Athens must spell out measures it will take to meet rescue conditions

Europe’s growth hampered by lack of capital

Survey cites fragmented nature of markets and lack of equity finance

Let the Greek debt battle begin

There are creative solutions to the fiscal fight that now matters the most

Monitors to review Athens’ reform list

Greek bank run may have been avoided but important issues have yet to be agreed

Greek bailout extension deal agreed

Tsipras warns of tough times as four-month grace period leaves reform details undecided

Euro rallies after Greek deal

Single currency briefly regains $1.14 level