Ireland shows Europe the way ahead

Strong growth demonstrates that tough choices do pay off

Italy debt is a problem for us all

We need extreme and co-ordinated policy to make it possible for Italy to ultimately stay in the eurozone

Attention turns to Purchasing Managers’ Indices

Survey data will be out for the eurozone, France and Germany

US urges EU to do more to aid economy

G20 finance ministers seek steps to stimulate eurozone growth

ECB urges Berlin to cut taxes and spend

Bank official Benoît Cœuré calls on Germany to tackle challenges

Tsipras: Greek prime minister in waiting

Syriza party leader wants a new EU consensus to drive growth

Poor ECB take-up a sign of eurozone woes

Many banks shun money as they see little demand from customers

Draghi’s eurozone jump start falls flat

Low take-up of four-year loans deals blow to the ECB

IMF backs Renzi’s labour market reforms

Italian prime minister faces opposition to changes

Ireland sees surge in economic activity

Growth rate of nearly 8% akin to Celtic Tiger period

Germany skids closer towards deflation

Companies see prices decline amid a slowing economy

Negative interest rates far from absurd

Need for eurozone action forces out boundaries of economics

European ‘peace dividend’ under pressure

Eurozone inflation revised to 0.4%

Price pressures remain significantly below ECB’s target

Scots’ choice: independence or sterling

The country can achieve two but not all of its three main objectives

Survey reveals dim view of globalisation

ECB poised to start its lending spree

Central bank will offer up to €400bn in cheap loans

UK economy requires a sustainable footing

Osborne needs policies that boost investment and productivity

Valls wins vote and vows to continue reform

UK inflation falls to 1.5% in August

Pressure eases on Bank of England to raise interest rates