Bumper German surplus bolsters Merkel

Strong fiscal figures contrast with eurozone neighbours

August 22, 2016 - Ventotene, Italy: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and French President Francois Hollande meet to discuss the post-Brexit EU. Europe's economic outlook, jihadist attacks, the refugee and migrant drama, the Syrian conflict, and relations with Russia and Turkey were all on the agenda for the talks later on, on the island of Ventotene, one of the cradles of the European dream. Credit: Guido Bergmann / BPA Polaris /

Eurozone looks beyond Brexit vote

Growth is solid but longer-term performance needs improvement

Euro’s rise spells grief for exporters

Analysts expect the single currency to keep strengthening

Monetary policy lacks muscle for growth

The answer must be to strengthen our economies’ potential to create jobs, writes Michael Heise

Economic Outlook

Technical aspects of central banking to provide meeting focus

Italy’s stalled recovery: in charts

Manufacturing and consumer data shed light on why growth halted

Ingram Pinn

Centre left in Europe faces stark choice

Traditional two-party systems are crumbling as anti-establishment feeling grows, writes Tony Barber

Weak output could neuter monetary policy

What was seen as a cyclical problem has morphed into a supply-side constraint, writes Stephen King

ECB hints at further action next month

Brexit vote aftershocks and ailing banks risk derailing recovery

Negative rates weigh on banks’ profits

Banks could cut costs, make riskier loans or charge more fees

Portuguese bonds under fresh pressure

DBRS adds to testing week by casting doubt on growth prospects

Portugal struggles to see off EU overseers

Lisbon remains constrained despite Brussels’ decision on fine

A split euro is the solution for Europe

The problems with the euroezone structure may be insurmountable

Slovakia forecasts first budget surplus

Small eurozone state continues to outperform many of its peers in bloc

Banks eye cash as euro rates go negative

Practice could undermine central banks’ monetary policy

The fate of Greece’s statistician matters

Facts should not be a matter of negotiation and convenience

Britain’s laboratory doors must stay open

Whatever Brexit means, scientific collaboration with EU must go on

Bundesbank tells Germans to work till 69

Central bank’s calculations counter government claims that retirement age of 67 will be sufficient

Renzi should make hard push for stimulus

Brussels must be lenient so long as Italy goes for reform

Greek statistics chief hits back at criminal charges

EU integrity at stake over budget trial, claims man accused of undermining ‘national interest’