German industry suffers sanctions fallout

Germany’s exports to Russia are expected to fall 20% this year

Dangers of the dollar-bull consensus

Bets on further falls for euro and yen near record levels

Reforms to reignite Austria’s faltering growth

Overhauling taxation and improving the education system are crucial challenges

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at his office in Chigi Palace in Rome August 8, 2014. Photographer Alessia Pierdomenico
©Alessia Pierdomenico/FT

Renzi labour reforms clear key hurdle

Italian lower chamber approves package by 316 votes to six

Ingram Pinn illustration

Radical cures for unusual economic ills

The crisis left a grim legacy, and the answers are likely to be unorthodox

Capitalists sold the mills and bought the future

If capital is indeed back as Piketty says, it is in a different way

MPC’s new ‘hawkish dove’ causes a flutter

Kristin Forbes plays down gloom as OECD warns on eurozone

Bundesbank sounds alarm on corporate debt

German central bank warns of threat to financial stability

ECB in quandary on asset purchase schemes

Buying gold might be ECB’s most politically acceptable form of large-scale quantitative easing

German plea to Sweden over threat to coal mines

Berlin dilemma over power supply and switch to green energy

GDP growth estimates for US set to slip

Thanksgiving week includes revisions to latest estimates

Radical left is right about Europe’s debt

It is logically inconsistent for the eurozone to enter secular stagnation and not restructure

Europe-US trade talks delay upsets Italy

Envoy voices wider alarm over stalling of deal and urges US to strike a pact soon

Greece defies troika with new budget

Move underscores tension over planned exit from bailout programme

Google break-up plan emerges from EU

MEPs suggest splitting off search to curb dominance

Dovish Draghi boosts hopes of ECB stimulus

Central bank president says bond-buying will provide respite

Europe’s economy relies on French reforms

The steps taken by Paris have been too few

Italy challenges Brussels on accounting

Economy minister calls on commission to overhaul and modernise measure of fiscal soundness

Merkel ally doubts Hollande’s reforms

Oettinger says French budget does not deliver enough cuts

Eurozone recovery slows to 16-month low

Purchasing managers’ index suggests activity will remain weak