Fischer says euro area can survive crisis

Stanley Fischer Governor of the Bank of Israel at his office in Jerusalem, Wednesday June 19 2013. Photo by Eyal Warshavsky

Fed official says monetary union depends on spreading prosperity

Eurozone companies to boost cash returns

Shareholder friendly behaviour to close gap with US companies

Cœuré speech highlights financiers’ links

ECB board member released information to select audience

Investors eye consequences of a Greek default

‘Risk of eventual Grexit should not be underestimated’

UK can learn from Greece for EU talks

Athens wrongly thought the eurozone could not picture life without it

James Ferguson illustration
©James Ferguson

The wary retreat of the bond bulls

Long fall and recent collapses in nominal and real yields on safe securities should be at an end

Athens staggers closer to the precipice

Greece’s predicament is not complex, and nor should it be impossible

EU and Great Britain flag next to each other.

Europe will not fix Cameron’s problem

The more UK wonders if it should stay in EU, the more EU will ask the reverse, says Gérard Errera

European CFOs increasingly optimistic

Research finds most expect rise in revenues and profitability

Simple core to Grexit and Brexit issues

The European problems of Greece and Britain involve no innate difficulty

New measures anger securitisation sector

Focus on due diligence and disclosure requirements sending ‘a negative signal’ to market

Draghi perches on both sides of the fence

QE is so far working well in Europe, whatever its supposed side-effects

Bye bye Blanchard

On chief economist's watch, the IMF boldly departed from orthodoxy (sometimes)

Central banks warned against ‘blind’ risk

ECB president Draghi alert to danger of financial instability and inequality

Can Italy sustain its nascent recovery?

Factors at play in the country’s budding economic rebound

Four wheels good for confident consumers

Accelerating new car sales epitomise Eurozone recovery

Shoppers bolster eurozone economy

Germany misses forecasts while France and Italy outperform

Ireland is the wealthiest economy in Europe … or not

Promises of spring stirred by credit thaw

The economic benefits of a fillip in lending conditions will play out in a trio of data sets

Greece taps IMF reserves to pay debt

Raiding of holdings highlights Athens’ cash crunch