Tracking the risks of shorting the yen

Markets may be misjudging the likelihood of Bank of Japan action

‘Verteilungskampf’, by Marcel Fratzscher

A deliciously iconoclastic book that highlights Germany’s economic underbelly

Brexit: London can safeguard its status

A financial centre is created over time and the process is complex, writes Saskia Sassen

The high price of Europe’s pragmatism

The sustainable solution consists of a more integrated eurozone and a less integrated EU

A statue of Charles 1st is seen with a european flag in Trafalgar square.
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Brexit fears of market contagion look overdone

Britain’s referendum has had a limited impact on global markets

Draghi backs bailout of Italian banks

Shares jump on hint of backstop as ECB keeps rates on hold

IMF warns on exodus from eastern Europe

Loss of young skilled workers undermines domestic economies

US makes case for Greek debt relief

Treasury secretary says Greece should be anchor of regional stability

UK needs a plan to mitigate Brexit shock

There is no room for dogma in assessing demands of fiscal stimulus

James Ferguson illustration depicting populism
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Elites must respond to populist rage

Real income stagnation over a longer period than any since the war is a fundamental political fact

IMF cuts post-Brexit UK growth forecast

Economists knock 1% point off projection for 2017 and say global outlook dragged down

How to make Brexit manageable

The master plan was naive about the technical details

US and UK in early talks over trade deal

Obama administration backs away from ‘back of the queue’ warning

Do sovereign credit ratings still matter?

Investors shrug off record number of downgrades

Slovenia’s finance minister steps down

Dusan Mramor condemned last week’s police raid on country’s central bank

Ireland: the post-macroeconomic country

Monetary policy is decided elsewhere and its people are footloose

Merkel upbeat on Italy bank talks

Financial shares rise on hopes that a rescue could still be allowed under EU rules

Weak growth is Italy’s fundamental problem

There is a limit to what EU partners can expect of Renzi for now

Spain set for rise in corporate taxes

Economy minister unveils plan to raise €6bn as EU starts sanctions process against Madrid and Lisbon

BoE forecast to delve into credit market

Corporate bond buys expected to cushion Brexit blow, say investors