Fernández holds out for debt fight win

Argentina’s waiting game with creditors carries a heavy price

Brazil’s economy ekes out 0.3% growth

Economists predict the deepest recession in decades this year

©Panama Canal Authority

Lure of big ships fuels canal boom

Chinese companies bet on rival Latin American trade routes

(from left) Cesar Cunha Campos; José Augusto Coelho Fernandes; Carlos Langoni; Fernando Naves Blumenschein

An agenda for an outward-looking economy

A panel of business observers met to discuss the areas Brazil’s leaders must focus on now that the commodity boom has come to an end

China: With friends like these

Beijing has lent billions to spread its influence, but as defaults loom its approach is shifting

Citi blocked on Argentine bond payment

US bank faces possible Buenos Aires sanctions over judge’s ruling

US retail sales fall knocks bond yields

Third monthly decline suggests consumers remain wary

Brazilian real falls to 11-year low

Dilma speech triggers anti-government protests

Brazil inflation hits highest in a decade

Rising prices add to woes confronting Rousseff government

Oil jitters on Canada’s campaign trail

Tar sands industry sheds thousands of jobs

Oil fall may trigger Opec emergency meeting

Growing alarm over impact on members’ economies

Bank of Mexico slashes growth forecasts

Data contrast with Mexican president’s promises

Appetite for dining out shows US optimism

Strong rise in restaurant sales amid falling oil prices

The $100m man’s guide to Brazilian graft

A former Petrobras executive alleges a sprawling corruption scheme

Stage set for lengthy Argentine probe

Prosecutor pursues claims of cover-up by president over terrorist attack

US consumers cautious despite jobs growth

Retail sales drop as Americans bank gains from falling oil price

Developing economies: Taking a load off

Morocco shows way to cut fuel and other subsidies

Brazil inflation rate gathers pace

Prices are rising as an austerity drive begins to bit

Petrobras probe adds to storm for Rousseff

President tussles with the two faces of national oil champion

US trade chief sees prize within reach

Official is resolute on the value of a Trans-Pacific Partnership