Brazil’s economy shrinks by record 4.5%

Recession in Latin America’s largest country is worst since 1930s

Billionaire arrest widens Petrobras probe

Esteves was face of Brazilian finance during boom years

Macri difference will go beyond Argentina

His victory shows change is possible through the ballot box, writes Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez

World trade heads for worst year since 2009

Growth rate of 0.7% in third quarter underlines fragility of economic recovery

Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world?
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Debt burdens weigh on the emerging markets

Policymakers must be prepared to face up to a substantial threat

Ecuador’s pragmatic president gets tough

As the economy falters, Correa starts showing his darker side

James Ferguson illustration, Savings

Corporate contribution to savings glut

This behaviour raises important policy questions. Should there be higher taxes on retained earnings?

Brazil economic plan shows political rift

Vice-president’s liberal platform is break from leftist Rousseff

Brazil institutions react well to crisis

Country’s economy looks bad but some things have turned out better than expected, writes Lee Alston

China's prime minister Li Keqiang (centre) reviews the honor guard during his welcome ceremony at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia on May 19, 2015

China looks for new friends

The People’s Republic is shifting its focus from traditional investment targets

Opportunity beckons amid the turmoil

Chinese slowdown, commodities prices and corruption scandal have hit hard — but with mixed results

Hopes rise for end to battle with ‘holdouts’

Frontrunners in Argentina’s presidential election are keen to resolve dispute with US bondholders

Spectre of bond downgrade still looms

The asset class is relatively unscathed - but issuers are wary and there is no room for complacency

Vulnerability index highlights weaknesses

Internal and structural flaws are hitting regional currencies as well as global pressures

Canada’s neighbour drowns out good news

Economic good news on the jobs creation front was overshadowed by even better data from the US

Breaking down 5 big sections of the TPP

Business groups and critics pore over trade deal’s 30 chapters

Mexico tries to ignite energy investment

Oil companies borrow model from US shale boom to monetise assets

Pacific trade zone states in currency vow

But critics say forex pledge within TPP is unenforceable

Macri vows to end Argentina’s isolation

Presidential challenger is pushing pro-market reforms

Brazil fiscal target swings to deficit

Latest downwards revision comes amid worsening economic outlook


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