Demand for debt is strong, despite talk of a slowdown

Widening deficits and slow growth do not spell doom and gloom for the region

Mexico insures against oil price fall

Hedging locks in commodity that funds a third of federal revenue

Brazil’s economy faces grim Christmas

Low demand and weak currency will hit imports, says Maersk

Protectionism rising as growth slows

Watchdog warns of ‘global trade disorder’

Brazil put back on economic orthodoxy path

Critics doubt Rousseff’s reformist zeal to implement Neves’ ideas

Mexico president rocked by mansion claims

Anger over home and rail deal U-turn casts shadow on China trip

Petrol rise fuels Brazil inflation fears

Price increases threaten Dilma Rousseff’s already thin support

Mexico cancels China-led rail contract

Move likely to overshadow Peña Nieto’s visit to Beijing

James Ferguson illustration

Cracks in the Brics start to show

A shared feeling that the west has run things for too long masks deep divergences in world views

EU steps up trade fight with Brazil

Request to WTO to set up a panel to rule on issue

Brazil reveals its largest monthly deficit

Real weakens on worse-than-expected fiscal performance

Rate rise lifts economic hopes in Brazil

Investors are betting Dilma Rousseff will change fiscal tack

Argentina seeks its own shale boom

Country wants investors not scared off by default

Mexico warns US of sugar war retaliation

‘All hell will break loose’ if Nafta partner triggers duties

Emerging markets enter slow growth era

Fading China and spluttering Latin America and E Europe blamed

A new G7 emerges

Seven biggest emerging markets are now bigger than the long established G7 group of industrialised nations

Twitter chat: Is university worth it?

A conversation with Michael Skapinker, reports editor

IMF says global recovery is still weak

Fund chief economist warns of high debt and slow growth

Pressure on peso sows seeds for downturn

Shortage of dollars is at root of Argentina’s woes and state controls are worsening the recession

Brazil markets hit by Dilma surge in polls

Ibovespa falls as president widens lead