Emerging market bond sales hit record high

Issuance jumps 54% year on year to $69.47bn

Argentina nears cliff in risky debt game

Markets assume common sense will prevail in debt saga

Tycoon Slim suggests three-day work week

Toil less but retire later, says world’s second-richest man

Latin America chases goals off the pitch

Away from World Cup, the challenge is avoiding economic slowdown

World Bank sells first ever ‘cat bond’

Caribbean nations provided with earthquake and hurricane coverage

WTO chief seeks to breathe life into Doha

Azevêdo hopes members will agree a detailed road map by December

Ingram Pinn illustration

Defend Argentina from the vultures

A creditor paid more to take on the risk of a default cannot then be surprised by it

Venezuela confronts volatile fuel dilemma

Maduro might have no choice but to raise petrol prices

Fernández will ‘negotiate’ with holdouts

Argentina will meet hedge funds next week to discuss bond deal

Argentina dispute fails to deter investors

Investors welcome debt issues from Ecuador and Cyprus

Argentina in game of chicken over debt

Fernández has sworn never to succumb to holdouts’ ‘extortion’

BNY Mellon stuck in global debt saga

Mexico’s economy refuses to spark

Growth looks set to disappoint this year despite reforms

Ruling leaves Argentina in a quandary

Default would stall moves to regain access to capital markets

Argentina will not submit to ‘extortion’

Country ‘cannot comply’ with US court orders to pay $1.5bn

Argentina faces fresh default

US Supreme Court upholds order to pay creditors

US manufacturing, India inflation

Output up in US, while India battles rising prices

Venezuela gives US policy makers headache

Cuban-style embargo on Caracas unlikely to help White House

Canada set to dilute EU law on tar sands

Mexico makes surprise half-point rate cut

Central bank catches markets on hop as rates hit record low