US court holds Argentina in contempt

Judge says Buenos Aires sidestepped his orders on debt case

Economists warn of looming global crisis

Geneva report points to ‘poisonous’ mix of debt and slow growth

German concern at US/Canada trade deals

Economy minister vows to block investor protection rules

Peru seeks to revive economic miracle

Growth in one of Latin America’s brightest stars is slowing

Silva to seek trade deals for Brazil

Adviser says frontrunner would bypass Mercosul restrictions

Fraga offers Brazil an orthodox path

Ex-central bank president promises market solutions

Spectre of default looms over Venezuela

Caracas struggles to meet international bond payments

Moody’s adds to pressure on Rousseff

Outlook on Brazil’s debt marked down ahead of polls

Default call highlights Venezuelan weakness

Economist suggests Caracas bond move to share burdens

Outsider in Brazil rallies to the fore

Silva and her party’s rise reflects a deep desire for change

US trade gap shrinks on record exports

Global giants fight over Argentine assets

Swift settlement with bond holdouts seen as unlikely

Frail economy dents Brazil’s car industry

Hundreds of workers laid off as economy falters

Brazil’s economy slips into recession

GDP contraction deals blow to Rousseff’s re-election bid

New framework for sovereign defaults

Effort to prevent re-run of Argentine and Greek wrangles

Argentina attacks BNY over debt payments

Trustee refuses to transfer bond payments after ruling

Peña Nieto fails to dispel Mexican gloom

Reforms win overseas plaudits but not at home

Companies fear radical turn in Argentina

Default seen as part of a broader shift by Fernández

Argentina: a Lilliputian market

Companies will benefit from ending isolation

Brazil injects extra $4.5bn into economy