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- Agriculture: A rice project shows what is possible when stars align

- Cocoa: Young people want more certainty

Overview: Politics frustrates pace of change

A country whose economy is among the fastest growing in the world

UT Bank

UT Bank: Reaching parts of the market others shun

A new bank has arrived in Accra that might just shake up Ghana’s staid financial landscape, says William Wallis

Squatters near the railway

Economy: Rapid growth is yet to translate into jobs

Austerity put a chill on oil windfall, says William Wallis

Oil: Nation eager to remain master of its own destiny

Field has been brought onstream at cost and on schedule, says William Wallis

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Politics: Bid to shape next generation

Ministers compare the Ghana of today with Nkrumah era, says Patrick Smith

Seth Tekper

Gas: Turf wars stymie potential for increase in employment

William Wallis reports on the high political and economic stakes

A port in Ghana

Ports: Terminals struggle to keep pace with trade

Robert Wright finds an uneven quality to infrastructure

Kwabena Duffuor

Alphabet Soup: What happens when the IMF and World Bank move in

Ghana has become one of Africa’s highest-yielding producers of acronyms, reports William Wallis

Cocoa: Incentives produce a steadily rising crop

Prospects will depend on young people staying on farms, reports Orla Ryan

Mining: Growing backlash against groups who are ‘minting it’

The government is trying to extract more revenue from the industry, writes William Wallis

Agriculture: Entrepreneur defies experience to succeed with rice

William Wallis on a venture spurred on by Lehman’s collapse