Nonsense around Puerto Rico intensifies

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Long positions in Treasuries look good

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An over-clever way to prepare for crisis

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Deutsche and Goldman’s Kurdistan oil war

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Rotten heart of Europe adds Greek chapter

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China steel dragon loses US coal appetite

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A warm default with good air links

Puerto Rico is indeed distressed, but it is not some ‘American Greece’, says John Dizard

A bondage twist to corporate bond markets

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‘Contango is driving tankers’

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The currency creating a ‘Chinese world’

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The US’s festering student loan problem

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‘Greek fatigue’ plagues Ukrainian bonds

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Systemic risk — what’s in it for me?

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Comeback kid of the US environment fight

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I told you so, and it wasn’t my fault

Central counterparties will be the next AIG, finds John Dizard

Stop the financial transaction tax. Again

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The future of Greece is ancient history

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The public sacrificed to oil-money gods

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A risk-management cream pie in the face

Everyone has a [capital control] plan till you get punched in the mouth, writes John Dizard

Ageing populations and currency wars

We all know old people are annoying. But do they also destroy our monetary system, asks John Dizard