Meet the new sheriff of Wall Street

The financial sector has not bought the next Democratic administration, says John Dizard

Cat bonds look good after a few drinks

There is not really enough natural catastrophe risk around, warns John Dizard

Democrats revive ‘insane’ financial tax

The trading community thinks any form of FTT is as attractive as bubonic plague, says John Dizard

The Puerto Rico problem is getting bigger

The island is setting a precedent for how to handle defaults of US municipal bonds, says John Dizard

Container ship values are slumping.

The rough and smooth of shipping loans

The tribulations of Bremer Landesbank’s AT1 bonds should be a warning

Keep clearing houses out of Brexit talks

Relocating euro-denominated clearing from London is costly, legally complex and technically risky

A golden bangles-to-bullion revolution

The rising demand for 400 oz bars represents the remonetisation of the yellow metal, says John Dizard

Puerto Rican Day Parade ID 19943514 © Radekdrewek | Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade

Puerto Rico stays in election headlines

‘Foreign law’ bondholders seem to be losing the current round of the debt crisis, says John Dizard

A slimy walk-on role in ‘The Big Short’

Mortgage servicing rights are cheap, illiquid and reviled, says John Dizard

Aerial view of Riga center from St. Peter's Church ID 39969898 © Dmitry Rukhlenko | Aerial view of Riga center from St. Peter's Church, Riga, Latvia

Baltic battlefield for economic tribes

Investors who bet on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been vindicated, says John Dizard

Something is not right in physical oil

Supply disruptions are not enough to create a really out of control bull market, says John Dizard

California Energy Crisis 2: The Return

John Dizard looks forward to the summer release of a remake of the state’s 2001 power crisis

Vicious feedback loops in art and equities

John Dizard advises that it might be time to buy some euro junk

An opaque machine to create insider deals

John Dizard is concerned about questionable central-bank behaviour

Vultures lose their taste for Puerto Rico

John Dizard is mired in the legal mud of the island’s debt restructuring

Brexit sludge would clog global economy

John Dizard warns of the risks of Britain leaving the EU

Gold is overpriced and well worth it

Maybe the yellow metal is not overpriced enough, says John Dizard

Offshore banking, international crime!

The message from Panama is that you are the Shah of Iran and this is 1979, warns John Dizard

Assault on batteries

Do not believe the hype around this energy-storage market, warns John Dizard

Fear and regulatory loathing in America

The US is becoming the largest tax haven in the world, says John Dizard