Disaster plans from clearing house geeks

Central banks prepare to deal with a crisis, as long as it is like the last one, says John Dizard

The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) In France 1939-1940, 51st Highland Division in the Maginot Line: British soldiers pass over a drawbridge into Fort de Sainghain on the Belgian Frontier, 3 November 1939. (Photo by Lt. G Keating/ IWM via Getty Images)
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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

In future, taxpayers will not bail out failing banks, says John Dizard, but clearing houses

Get ready for the corporate bond crash

John Dizard is worried when likely witnesses at post-crash hearings circulate testimony in advance

US oil and gas: producers vs pipeliners

E&P revenues squeezed by oversupply while investors in pipelines profit, writes John Dizard

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Midterm shootout at the Dodd-Frank corral

John Dizard mulls the possibilities if the ingenuity wasted on DC dealmaking were redirected

It is time to sell momentum and buy value

It is not a good idea to wait around to see if the asset bubble can be blown just a little bigger, writes John Dizard

ECB: frontrunner in evil Anglo-Saxon race

There is no clear path to recovery, but there is a way to inflate the bonus pool, says John Dizard

Stuck in the re-election waiting room

Even though Dodd-Frank makes no sense, Congress will not be moved to act quickly, says John Dizard

Kurds and the ruthless compliance tribe

John Dizard feels for the Kurdish Regional Government battling IS militants – and bank regulations

Cocos: return of toxic bubble-era stuff

Extreme fear is overcoming bond buyers’ extreme greed, but John Dizard doubts this will last

More stable banks, less stable markets

John Dizard prepares for the beach by contemplating where a future financial crisis will hit

Puerto Rico has pressing choices to make

New debt law backfired on government and means restructuring is coming sooner rather than later

US rules make gold the new green

The world is finding ways to get along without the currency after punitive actions by the US

It is not a good idea to participate in a bad business

It is not a good idea to participate in a bad business, writes John Dizard

‘Hot’ Kurdish oil, cold legal comfort

John Dizard says it takes more than a wink from the CIA to ship Iraqi oil with disputed ownership

High-frequency trading’s US level of evil

John Dizard considers whether there is enough liquidity in equity markets

Left-for-dead gold market ready to rally

John Dizard says recent scandals support the case for the London metal fixes, not their abolition

Big money in obscure US energy events

John Dizard looks beyond recent EPA rulings for truly significant battles in electricity markets

Central banks fly blind in bond data gap

A lack of information on the state of fixed income markets will lead to disaster, says John Dizard

High noon for Dodd-Frank re-reform

Washington’s legislative scene resembles Main Street just before the gunfight, says John Dizard