Lending against art has never been better

Lots of new capital is trying to get into art finance, says John Dizard

Clearing house push created systemic risk

Market illiquidity seems to be metastasising into more dangerous form, says John Dizard

Desperate sellers of energy roam the City

Some bombed-out smaller oil and gas shares might be worth something, says John Dizard

Still some good things about yieldcos

John Dizard considers some interesting pieces of wreckage from the green-energy panic

Ukraine: dismal prospects, great bond

Country’s external bonds had the highest returns of any sovereign debt last year, says John Dizard

Money piled too deep in too few places

John Dizard looks at what worked in his published opinions in 2015

Flag of Puerto Rico at Capitolio, San Juan ID 41750618 © Wangkun Jia | Dreamstime.com Flag of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in front of Capitolio, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
©Wangkun Jia/Dreamstime

The Puerto Rican brain freeze is thawing

The pattern of a deal on the island’s muni bonds is now visible, says John Dizard

Banks should listen to leftwing reformers

The US financial industry should consider reinstating the Glass-Steagall act, says John Dizard

Europeans should party like it is 1788

Quantitative easing is leading to the insolvency of insurers and pension plans, says John Dizard

A union card for control of the economy

The macroeconomic model used by central banks does not work, says John Dizard

You must save yourself from systemic risk

Nobody from Washington is going to help you in a financial crisis, warns John Dizard

Bankruptcy tsunami looms over Puerto Rico

John Dizard overestimated the ability of the US and Puerto Rico to deal with the island’s debt

Things can get worse for renewable energy

Unanticipated government action stalks companies in the sector, says John Dizard

Oil investors should have read the manual

It is not easy to hold an undiversified hydrocarbon investment, finds John Dizard

Look to Roosevelt, then buy Chinese banks

John Dizard considers unlikely role models for investing in China

Come fly with me

Insolvency is what airlines do, but creditors always get their money back, says John Dizard

Nobody wants to be the Goldman senator

No politician can fail by demanding Wall Street be disconnected from Washington, says John Dizard

Investors only sing redemption songs

John Dizard wonders if disaster can be averted in emerging markets

Iraq bear ‘sells’ could outperform ‘buys’

John Dizard’s analyses sell recommendations and says the bad news on Iraq is over-discounted

Yieldcos have caught a bad money plague

John Dizard does not believe there was systematic fraud behind this boom