‘Greek fatigue’ plagues Ukrainian bonds

Europe’s weak support for Ukraine is a strange form of economics, says John Dizard

businessman standing in a skyscraper building viewing over the city.

Systemic risk — what’s in it for me?

Career advancement becomes clearer with every whirr of the regulatory machine, says John Dizard

Comeback kid of the US environment fight

Coal-mining companies are on the legal offensive and could score some victories, writes John Dizard

I told you so, and it wasn’t my fault

Central counterparties will be the next AIG, finds John Dizard

DKBTDR A NIGHT AT THE OPERA 1935 MGM film with he Marx Brothers. from top: Harpo, Chico, Groucho

Stop the financial transaction tax. Again

The previous death of the FTT lacked a sanity clause, says John Dizard

BRCJK0 Otto I (1815-1867). King of Greece (1832-62), second son of Ludwig I of Bavaria. Engraving.

The future of Greece is ancient history

John Dizard consulted the archives to find out what is going to happen next in the country

The public sacrificed to oil-money gods

John Dizard considers a possible trigger event for the next credit crisis

A risk-management cream pie in the face

Everyone has a [capital control] plan till you get punched in the mouth, writes John Dizard

ANTHTH Tokyo Japan Buddhist in traditional costume Ginza

Ageing populations and currency wars

We all know old people are annoying. But do they also destroy our monetary system, asks John Dizard

Not an argument for a heartless state

John Dizard compares Greece’s handling of the financial crisis with that of the Baltic states

Embrace the contradictions of QE and sell

Short selling by prudent fiduciaries is not about greed, but preserving the beneficiaries’ capital

Greek bond rally is a trap — here’s why

Bond investors have been lulled too quickly by the truce declared between Greece and creditors

The shipping news for Wall Street

It is near impossible to Americanise dry bulk, finds John Dizard

Don’t count your coups before they hatch

It will take more than angry mobs in troubled countries to boost US oil profits, says John Dizard

Puerto Rico wanders into muni minefield

The island is playing a dangerous game with US hedge funds, writes John Dizard

Ukraine haircut is easy to say, hard to do

The country will need something on the order of $40bn in external money, writes John Dizard

Capital markets v adventurous drillers

Sometimes, it seems, low gas prices do not cure low gas prices, finds John Dizard

Blue skies create a reinsurance tragedy

John Dizard wonders if the lack of storm losses has turned reinsurers into ‘climate refugees’

Beware Greek technocrats bearing gifts

John Dizard doubts that all will be well when the engineers take over society

Perilous history of oil and gas lending

Investors did not learn anything from subprime mortgage securitisation, despairs John Dizard