The planets are aligning against the Fed

John Dizard witnesses an unusual conjunction of opinion on an object of loathing

Bondholders don’t get mad, they get even

Ukraine shows how easy it is to find premium returns right in front of you, writes John Dizard

Build a career on expectation of disaster

John Dizard reviews tried and tested survival strategies for when markets melt down

Checkmate for cheap unconventional gas

Shale reserves are not a miracle; they are a high-cost source of fuel, writes John Dizard

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To boldly go where no bond has before

The macro environment is flashing warning lights like a starship in trouble, says John Dizard

Markets rekindle German utilities spark

Investors are beginning to like energy suppliers, or at least hate them less, finds John Dizard

The pipeline sabotaged by arrogance

Do not treat local opposition as if it is an easily dispersed mob of peasants, warns John Dizard

Dodd-Frank is not tough; it is impossible

The financial regulation law is turning into a mess that will not avert a crisis, says John Dizard

Road trip to cheap tropical junk bonds

There is no better time for Puerto Rico to pitch the US with a huge junk offering, says John Dizard

The unicorn and the shifting price of gas

Gas-price fluctuations are like the mild earthquake swarms before Vesuvius blows, says John Dizard

Haircut gunfight looms at IMF OK Corral

International bondholders should beware the politics behind the next bailout, says John Dizard

The price of peril is going down

John Dizard finds insurance markets were hit by catastrophe last year: there was not enough

Pipeline stuck in a pool of political tar

Keystone XL has become the most notoriously politicised energy project in North American history

Cicero’s guide to US electoral politics

John Dizard says one can start to understand Washington’s tangled loyalties by asking: who benefits?

Junk and war are the new sure bets

John Dizard discovers profit lurked in surprising, and sometimes depressing, places in 2013

Time for a fun bubble in commodities

John Dizard wishes for a commodities rally to brighten the frozen wasteland that is the economy

European risk has not magically disappeared

John Dizard says that where real growth is hard to come by, we have to make do with volatility

Alternative reinsurers restructure industry

John Dizard looks at the $250bn world catastrophe market

A better member of the EM acronym club

John Dizard thinks South Africa could weather liquidity drought better than other emerging markets

Manhattan mayor mystery

John Dizard finds Wall Streeters are reacting with cartoon character-like shock to Bill de Blasio