A union card for control of the economy

The macroeconomic model used by central banks does not work, says John Dizard

You must save yourself from systemic risk

Nobody from Washington is going to help you in a financial crisis, warns John Dizard

The Flag Of Puerto Rico ID 6056307 © Ramunas Bruzas | Dreamstime.com The flag of Puerto Rico in the old city of San Juan.

Bankruptcy tsunami looms over Puerto Rico

John Dizard overestimated the ability of the US and Puerto Rico to deal with the island’s debt

Things can get worse for renewable energy

Unanticipated government action stalks companies in the sector, says John Dizard

Oil investors should have read the manual

Long-term hydrocarbon investments are not easy, finds John Dizard

Look to Roosevelt, then buy Chinese banks

John Dizard considers unlikely role models for investing in China

Come fly with me

Insolvency is what airlines do, but creditors always get their money back, says John Dizard

Nobody wants to be the Goldman senator

No politician can fail by demanding Wall Street be disconnected from Washington, says John Dizard

Investors only sing redemption songs

John Dizard wonders if disaster can be averted in emerging markets

Iraq bear ‘sells’ could outperform ‘buys’

John Dizard’s analyses sell recommendations and says the bad news on Iraq is over-discounted

Yieldcos have caught a bad money plague

John Dizard does not believe there was systematic fraud behind this boom

Geek asset class sings the body electric

John Dizard on an obscure boom in the market for generation capacity

Nonsense around Puerto Rico intensifies

John Dizard tries to figure out which of the island’s bonds will be toast in a default

Long positions in Treasuries look good

It is time to sell your least-favourite dollar risk assets, says John Dizard

An over-clever way to prepare for crisis

Making money from distress is not that easy, says John Dizard

Deutsche and Goldman’s Kurdistan oil war

Seething fury surrounds the handling of competing bond issues in Iraq, writes John Dizard

Rotten heart of Europe adds Greek chapter

John Dizard asks if the euro is a fundamentally misbegotten currency

China steel dragon loses US coal appetite

It may be too late to save the coal industry from looming financial disaster, says John Dizard

A warm default with good air links

Puerto Rico is indeed distressed, but it is not some ‘American Greece’, says John Dizard

A bondage twist to corporate bond markets

John Dizard questions whether every bond should be pampered with custom-made covenants