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Collection during Sunday service in a Reformed church, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe...BK5762 Collection during Sunday service in a Reformed church, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

Priests are being targeted by technology start-ups

Nightmare of debt deflation stalks Europe

Europe’s economic recovery remains intimately tied to the fate of the euro

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Doctor Who offers fan-engagement lessons

BBC series relaunches with inspiration from YouTube

When the building becomes a billboard

A new Vans skate park joins an M&M’s ‘cathedral’

Are Treasuries a no-brainer macro idea?

The somewhat perverse Treasuries asset bubble could be blown yet bigger, says John Dizard

Do not write off the celebrity autograph

Memorabilia dealers now cater to investors rather than teenage super fans

Doomsayers distrust ‘sexy part of market’

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are back with a vengeance

Virtual reality gives TV a new frontier

BSkyB eyes immersive future with Jaunt deal but obstacles remain

A bargain basement index-linked loser

John Plender says negative-yielding bonds could be a bargain, but the difficulty is timing

Biz Life: Susan Cropper, Founder and owner of Loop and Yarn in North London. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Knitting’s love-hate affair with the web

A low-tech hobby is cleverly using the internet

Macropru is credit rationing repackaged

Central bankers are worrying about the effects of easy money

Home of cricket targets stomachs first

Lord’s redevelopment will be funded by more catering

Smaller deficits cause covenant concerns

Companies may take more risk on to their own balance sheets

Fish roe crust and other pizza oddities

The thriving Hong Kong arm of Pizza Hut might upset some purists

Unconstrained bond funds reward idleness

How much should you pay your portfolio manager to do nothing, asks Stephen Foley

Marriage of convenience at ancestral homes

English country houses are being saved by nuptial nostalgia

Prospecting for investor behaviour theory

Fund analysis is rooted in backward-looking risk-adjusted return analysis, says Jonathan Davis

Smart-beta sirens are calling to Odysseus

John Plender considers the case for alternative indexation in passive investment

Brazil’s world-beating football business

A canny retailer has tapped into Brazilian fans’ devotion

Too much of a good EM thing is just right

James Mackintosh evaluates whether investors should be allocating a lot more to emerging markets