The odd couple of corporate governance

Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett are strange champions for shareholder rights, says John Plender

Endowments face reality of low returns

US colleges and universities will have to make hard choices about whether to scale back their spending, says Stephen Foley

Chinese bogeyman is unduly alarmist

Fear of deflation is why so much panic centres on China, says John Plender

The lunatics are running monetary policy

David Oakley asks if central bankers have lost control

Beware emerging market banana skins

There is no shortage of lurking horrors for professional investors in 2016, says John Plender

CNBC EVENTS -- Pictured: Carl Icahn, Chairman, Icahn Enterprises, at the 2015 Delivering Alpha Conference on July 15, 2015 -- (Photo by: Adam Jeffery/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
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The all-singing activist hedge fund

Institutional investors have made great strides in holding boards to account, says Stephen Foley

Markets got used to the monetary medicine

Investors believe more risk brings higher rewards. But how to measure risk, asks James Mackintosh

Stocks, Vix and US presidential elections

Investment obsessives and political junkies think alike, says Stephen Foley

Martin Gilbert of Aberdeen Asset Management.
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Scare stories about bond market liquidity

Don’t bank on a central bank bailout, warns Steve Johnson

Globalisation rescues castles in the sky

The commercial property market in the developed world refuses to wilt, says John Plender

Drip of rules exposes financial pipework

Something is wrong with the plumbing of the world’s markets, says James Mackintosh

Shareholder short-termism is damaging

We are trapped in a flawed capital-market culture, says John Plender

The benefits of impact investing

Stephen Foley asks if investing to provide a social return can move into the mainstream

Dovish markets v hawkish policymakers

There is a divergence between the Fed and the markets over when rates will rise, says David Oakley

Don’t listen to what central bankers say

If the Fed does not know what is going on, how can anyone be sure, asks James Mackintosh

Ethical investment can be a bit unethical

The ESG fund universe covers a very wide spectrum, warns John Plender

Harvard will use FIFAA to catch Yale

The endowment model is changing for the cheaper, finds Stephen Foley

Relentless outflow and sinking currencies

John Plender on the end of years of hype about the wonders of investing in the developing world

Relentless heartbreak of trend following

Stephen Foley asks if commodity trading advisers have lost their ability to perform

China gives up the ghost of its debt boom

John Plender considers the problem of saving surpluses