Markets long for central bank sugar daddy

Negative interest rates are a dangerous comfort blanket, says Pascal Blanqué and Amin Rajan

FBCDKT BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, AUGUST - 2015 - Urban scene at a winter day of street in San Telmo, a traditional touristic place in th
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Amnesia brings Argentina back with a bang

John Plender considers whether the serial defaulter’s $16.5bn debt sale offers good value

Don’t let ‘inflation nutters’ get to you

If you are not rich, does it matter that rates are negative, asks David Oakley


‘WLTM’ – business contacts who swipe

The IoD’s new networking app enables members to hook up easily

Rates might not stay low for much longer

Demographics are about to reverse the disinflationary trend, says John Plender

Black Gold...circa 1930: Oil gushing out of a pipe on an oilfield in the U.S.A. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
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Even oil barons give up on fossil fuels

Assessing climate change risk is preoccupying the investment community, says Stephen Foley

Time to look at emerging market debt

Given where prices are now, the apocalypse could be priced in already, says Man GLG’s Guillermo Osses

Be on your guard when Draghi drops hints

It is a risky game to take central bankers at their word, says David Oakley

UNITED STATES - Circa 1970s: Senior Mature Middle Aged Couple Man Woman Deposit Desk Bank Banking Finance Customers Couples. (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Retrofile/Getty Images)

From topsy-turvy 1970s to helicopter money

Expect more unintended consequences of central bank policies, warns John Plender


‘RIP event-driven investing, 2015’

The activists’ playbook for juicing shareholder returns is not working, says Stephen Foley

Furore over smart beta is unsurprising

Strategies that are shown to be all conquering, gradually lose their power, says Sophia Grene

When financial innovation turns toxic

Beware central banks, the guardians of stability, encouraging innovation, warns John Plender

Brexit fears fuel big short in sterling

Pessimism surrounding the pound is signalling trouble ahead, says David Oakley

The odd couple of corporate governance

Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett are strange champions for shareholder rights, says John Plender

Endowments face reality of low returns

US colleges and universities will have to make hard choices about whether to scale back their spending, says Stephen Foley

Chinese bogeyman is unduly alarmist

Fear of deflation is why so much panic centres on China, says John Plender

The lunatics are running monetary policy

David Oakley asks if central bankers have lost control

Beware emerging market banana skins

There is no shortage of lurking horrors for professional investors in 2016, says John Plender

The all-singing activist hedge fund

Institutional investors have made great strides in holding boards to account, says Stephen Foley

Markets got used to the monetary medicine

Investors believe more risk brings higher rewards. But how to measure risk, asks James Mackintosh