Call to close short selling loophole

European lawmakers urge rethink on hedge fund anonymous bets

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European groups must alter business models to survive
Illustration for 'Tough, torrid times for active fund managers'
Active managers will remain popular despite poor performance, says David Oakley

The fine line between privacy and secrecy

Data concerns have become a distraction from the need for transparency

Banks hit back over commodities risks

Executives dispute Senate report’s claims of market manipulation

Quindell logo

Anonymous Quindell short-seller revealed

Web of Cayman shell companies lead back to Tiger Global

Julian Robertson during the View from the Top interview with FT's Chrystia Freeland on October 13, 2009.

Hedge fund used Cayman shells for shorting

Tiger Global behind bet against Quindell

US blasts banks’ commodities operations

Goldman, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley exposed to catastrophic risk

Bonds: Anatomy of a market meltdown

Fall in Treasury bond yields left investors asking if world’s safe haven needs shoring up

Carney urges overhaul of banker rewards

Governor says new standards may be needed to put fixed pay at risk

FCA urged to overhaul fund industry

Concerns about over-charging and short-termism

Hedge fund rules make financial system fragile

Charging 2 per cent to hold assets when returns are low is wrong, writes Sebastian Mallaby


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