The bottom line is a sustainability one

Paper finds ‘remarkable correlation’ between ESG and performance

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epa04392002 Young ragpickers collect clothes, coins, wooden materials and other usable items cluttered at the bank of the Jawahar Lal Nehru lake after the immersion of Lord Ganesh idols to mark the end of the Ganesh festival, in Bhopal, India, 09 September 2014. Despite of the warning of the district administration not to immerse idols in the lake to protect the environment, hundreds of idols have been immersed by devotees, resulting in a huge pollution of the lakes in India. EPA/SANHEEV GUPTA ©EPA
Smith School paper finds ‘remarkable correlation’ between responsible investment and performance
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Bosses paid too much, says APG

Dutch pension fund concerned over pay at investee companies

Regulators get tough on financial crime

More draconian measures adopted as a deterrent

Navigating EM is an art, not a science

The lesson for investors is to understand the risks that may lurk beneath the surface

Power to the (working) people works

Asset managers with greater employee ownership perform better

High frequency trading

Finra shines light into dark pools

Agency seeks higher levels of transparency and disclosure

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 29: An American flag waves outside the United States Capitol building as Congress remains gridlocked over legislation to continue funding the federal government September 29, 2013 in Washington, DC. The House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution with language to defund U.S. President Barack Obama's national health care plan yesterday, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated the U.S. Senate will not consider the legislation as passed by the House. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
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Midterm shootout at the Dodd-Frank corral

John Dizard mulls the possibilities if the ingenuity wasted on DC dealmaking were redirected

Fund rankings under scrutiny

Performance tables do not paint whole picture of funds

Funds and ETFs magnify EM volatility

Large price swings can be driven by small shifts in sentiment

E35J9Y Ministers arrive at 10 Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting Featuring: Lord Hill Where: London, United Kingdom When: 02 Jul 2013

Lord Hill must prove he is right for EU job

Former lobbyist is a contentious choice as new commissioner


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