Penalties for rogue directors toughened

Reckless executives face disqualification and compensation awards

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Anthony Bolton Fidelity
Legendary investor says gearing was main problem for Fidelity’s China Special Situations trust
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The financial tide cannot be held back

We must address excessive bank leverage or face another storm, writes Robert Jenkins

Six ways to mend Europe’s financial sector

A legislative ‘Super Tuesday’ passes seven files of regulation

Tech groups transform how finance is done in China

The internet is making the country a much fairer place

Duke board targeted over ash spill

Calpers and New York fund critical of utility’s environment record

Firm partners rush to beat tax crackdown

Banks face loan requests from juniors needing to stump up equity

Indices plan for Chinese shares panned

Adding A-shares to indices would be unworkable, says Mark Wiedman

Julius Baer fears Swiss immigration move

Bank denounces vote restricting the number of EU immigrants

Asset managers miss out on €1bn of profit

Ucits IV legislation creates regulatory opportunity in EU

Asset managers fight ‘threat’ label

Regulators consider whether to classify large funds as Sifis


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