Pension disappointment: National solutions

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The blunt answer is work longer, spend less and save more

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Asset manager says ‘gating’ investors may be long-term measure
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‘Zero evidence’ of investors penalised by undisclosed charges, Investment Association study says
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Pension solution lies in the long term

A focus on cash flows that grow over time is critical for funds

Foreign investors hold key to Japan rally

Tokyo brokers’ bull story still requires a huge leap of faith

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US pensions walk trillion-dollar tightrope

How public pensions calculate their liabilities comes under sharp scrutiny amid fears of a black hole

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How much do you really pay your money manager?

Investment fees remain a minefield

David Hunt is president and chief executive officer of Prudential Investment Management, the investment management business of Prudential Financial. Image from Prudential.

Pru warns on negative rates ‘systemic risk’

American economy seen as strong enough to cope with rate rise


Target-dated funds need an overhaul

TDFs help pension plans but face challenges of fees, asset allocation and benchmarks

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Canada quietly treads radical path on pensions

Retirement funds push beyond bonds and stocks


Pensions crunch drives desire for gilts

Policies to keep economy growing are adding to schemes’ deficits

M Stanley sued by retirement plan members

Suit alleges US bank selected poorer-performing funds


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