Puerto Rico faces tough debt decisions

Hedge fund groups bet on keeping island’s government solvent

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Central bank has begun carrying out on-site inspections of asset managers
Protesters burn tires during a rally supporting a law on the restructuring of foreign currency loans in front of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev on May 21, 2015. AFP PHOTO/YURIY KIRNICHNYYURIY KIRNICHNY/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
Europe’s weak support for Ukraine is a strange form of economics, says John Dizard

Chicago bond sale attracts $6bn in demand

City sells $674m despite junk downgrade earlier this month

US pensions advisers: experts in demand

Increased regulation makes task less appealing to non-specialists

Pension auto-enrolment bears fruit in US

More than half of companies sign up employees as default to combat savings inertia

US pensions: target-date funds on rise

Increasing number of products on the market, with different approaches to risk

US pensions: the pitfalls of 401(k) plans

High fees and savings inertia can eat into retirement savings

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Specialist skills count in new era

Legal and regulatory changes will lead to a more demanding market for advice

Vanguard’s commanding position

The index fund pioneer’s low fees have driven down costs but is its success a cyclical phenomenon?

Call for planes, trains and cable funding

Businesses urge institutional investors to fund infrastructure

Profits at a price in the world of hedge funds

Hedge funds vary in style and can offer generous returns, but high fees could short change investors


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