Fund manager fee cap could control costs

Competition does not keep charges down in the pensions industry

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Traders work on the trading floor of the Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. office in Mumbai, India, on Friday, May 16, 2014. Indian stocks rose to all-time highs, the rupee gained and bonds rallied as early vote counting showed the main opposition alliance set for the biggest election win in 30 years. Photographer: Vivek Prakash/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
As banks withdraw from the market, liquidity risk is being transferred to investment managers
The engineer in charge of the loading operation supervises the process in which the coal gets watered and flattened before transport to the port at the Cerrejon coal mine complex near the village of Albania, Colombia, on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. By maintaining sales volumes, miners are banking on being the first to benefit from a revival in demand, according to Howard Gatiss, chief executive officer of Coal Marketing Co., the sole marketer of coal from Colombia's Cerrejon complex, the nation's largest producer. Photographer: Mariana Greif Etchebehere/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Asset managers operating in the country will have to provide a ‘sustainability overview’

Globalisation rescues castles in the sky

The commercial property market in the developed world refuses to wilt, says John Plender

Fierce competition for pension assets

Survey shows big managers won market share from smaller rivals

London pension schemes to pool £25bn

Launch of collective investment vehicle will save £3m in costs

‘Perverse’ consulting industry condemned

UK pension funds call for stricter oversight by the regulator

TSB cash machine

For savers liquidity is of little value

Retail investors’ needs could be met by a market that opened once a week, or even once a year

What UK deflation means for investors

Prices are still falling, but what does this mean for my mortgage, investments and pension?

Fund managers pressed on hidden fees

European financial regulators call for costs to be disclosed

Investors seek ethical benchmarks

Meeting the challenges of climate change with low carbon indices

Delft University researchers created a quantum link between electrons at opposite ends of the campus
©Delft University of Technology

How disruptive technology destroys pensions

It displaces jobs, widens inequality and enables the services sector


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