BlackRock enters UK drawdown market

US group responds to new freedoms

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LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 16: Labour leader Ed Miliband addresses supporters during a visit on April 16, 2015 to Crouch End, London, England. The Labour leader is continuing to campaign around the country ahead of the forthcoming general election. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images) ©Getty
Executive pay and takeover rules targeted by party in election
Reykjavik, Iceland ©Dreamstime
James Mackintosh finds the debate about the structure of the financial system is heating up again

Annuity rates fall to record lows

Average standard pension income at its lowest level

Investor returns are all about the timing

Knowing when to choose the right moment to move is not easy

Swiss pensions ‘bankrupt in 10 years’

Government needs public support for radical overhaul of system

Act fast for pension reform benefit

Asset managers will gain from shift out of annuities in UK market

£50 pound note

Politicians’ plans for your wealth

Key manifesto pledges from pensions to property to tax

Japan tops China as top Treasuries holder

Dollar strength and attractive yields spur demand for US debt

Europe’s debtor paradise will end in tears

Nasty surprises lurk for those who have embraced negative yields

Californian pension fund dumps Pimco

Ocers to pull $200m from the flagship Total Return bond fund

Kieran Quinn

‘No questions we are afraid to ask’

Kieran Quinn, LAPFF chairman, targets executive pay and tax


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