Small step for women in asset management

FTfm editor Chris Newlands makes no excuses for campaigning on diversity issues

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Asset manager says ‘gating’ investors may be long-term measure
Rear view of businessman standing in maze...Rear view of businessman standing in maze --- Image by Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis
‘Zero evidence’ of investors penalised by undisclosed charges, Investment Association study says

Equity markets and the tide of populism

Central banks are running out of policy options fast, warns Old Mutual’s Ian Heslop

Meet the new sheriff of Wall Street

The financial sector has not bought the next Democratic administration, says John Dizard

The high price of buying a low-cost stock

Paying more for a good business can provide a far higher margin of safety, says Miles Johnson

Pensions regulator calls for Brexit calm

Trustees should not be focused on the impact of short-term market movements, says Mark Boyle

Cat bonds look good after a few drinks

There is not really enough natural catastrophe risk around, warns John Dizard

Retirement healthcare threatens US cities

Unfunded liabilities in this sector are worse than for pensions, warns Robert Pozen

Measuring the failure of funds is flawed

Research into performance comparison and benchmarking is desperately needed, says Stephen Foley

Democrats revive ‘insane’ financial tax

The trading community thinks any form of FTT is as attractive as bubonic plague, says John Dizard

Activist hedge funds stalk Brexit bargains

Several household-name British companies have been targeted, says Owen Walker


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