Trade credit insurance to the rescue

Humdrum mechanism could mitigate risk of securitising EU banks’ SME lending, says John Dizard

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Anthony Bolton Fidelity
Legendary investor says gearing was main problem for Fidelity’s China Special Situations trust
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Plan 10 years ahead, not 10 milliseconds

Long-only managers are moving towards low-frequency trading

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New UK pension flexibility might backfire

People need extensive help managing retirement savings

The planets are aligning against the Fed

John Dizard witnesses an unusual conjunction of opinion on an object of loathing

China internet money funds are risky

The online savings vehicles are popular but need regulation

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A rude awakening to a new world order

Yuri Bender considers whether Crimea represents cause for concern

Will Buffett have a GE lightbulb moment?

Should Berkshire Hathaway pay a dividend?

Prepare now for fossil-free future

Fossil divestment is not a moral issue, but a financial argument

Quantitative easing is not a miracle cure

Does the Fed’s balance sheet and the stock market correlate?


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