A bargain basement index-linked loser

John Plender says negative-yielding bonds could be a bargain, but the difficulty is timing

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Geneva, Switzerland ©Dreamstime
London-based hedge fund company opens office in Switzerland
Moscow. The monument to Minin and Pozharsky on Red square ©Dreamstime
Outflows due to the Ukraine crisis were almost completely reversed by mid-July

Pension framework encourages innovation

Retirees must not be left exposed to events that can wipe away their life savings

Sitting on the fence is attractive option

Sharp rotations across asset classes have left investors battered and uncertain what to do next

Rollercoaster of commission-ban denial

Financial advisers seem to suffer five stages of grief over lost revenue

More stable banks, less stable markets

John Dizard prepares for the beach by contemplating where a future financial crisis will hit

The Return Of Sherlock Holmes: Second Stain: 23 July 1986 Sherlock Holmes [Jeremy Brett] Copyright Granada Tv

‘There is nothing like first hand evidence’

Reports and statistics do not always give you the full picture of how your money will be handled

Macropru is credit rationing repackaged

Central bankers are worrying about the effects of easy money

Cof-fee cartoon

The onus is on investors to shop around

Savers do not have to use an expensive active manager

Fund rationalisation is happening – slowly

Europe is no longer a collection of domestic franchises

BJMJTF Capitol Building, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Image shot 1111. Exact date unknown.

Puerto Rico has pressing choices to make

New debt law backfired on government and means restructuring is coming sooner rather than later


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