The Puerto Rico problem is getting bigger

The island is setting a precedent for how to handle defaults of US municipal bonds, says John Dizard

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FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - JUNE 24: (Editors Note: This picture is taken with the in-camera multiexposure mode.) Trader sit at his desk under the day's performance board that shows a dive in the value of the DAX index of companies at the Frankfurt Stock exchange the day after a majority of the British public voted for leaving the European Union on June 24, 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Many prominent corporate CEOs and leading economists have warned that a Brexit would have strongly negative consequences for the British economy and repercussions across Europe as well. (Photo by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images) ©Getty
Groups prepare to report on how the vote has affected their earnings
Emmanuel Roman ©Bloomberg
Bond fund group shakes up management team with external hiring
Africa's cheap labour could work against it

Pain yet to come for the emerging world

The developed world is feeling political risk but future ructions will come from emerging countries

Smarter, profitable green investing

A portfolio’s carbon footprint can be cut dramatically while guaranteeing improved profitability

A new age of alpha beckons beyond Brexit

David Oakley says active managers have a chance to excel

Container ship values are slumping.

The rough and smooth of shipping loans

The tribulations of Bremer Landesbank’s AT1 bonds should be a warning

Brexit’s lessons for the rise of Mr Trump

Asset managers are too elite to have foreseen the Leave vote

Keep clearing houses out of Brexit talks

Relocating euro-denominated clearing from London is costly, legally complex and technically risky

As one door closes another always opens
©Ian Dicks

A silver lining on Brexit storm clouds

David Oakley tries to look for positive news after the UK’s vote to leave the EU

Reports of US activist invasion overblown

Domestic investors have greater success at companies they target, says Owen Walker

A golden bangles-to-bullion revolution

The rising demand for 400 oz bars represents the remonetisation of the yellow metal, says John Dizard


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