‘There is nothing like first hand evidence’

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Reports and statistics do not always give you the full picture of how your money will be handled

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404445 03: War veterans take a break after the annual Australian/New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) march April 25, 2002 in Sydney, Australia. The ANZAC march commemorates Australian and New Zealand soldiers'' service to their countries during times of war. (Photo by Nick Wilson/Getty Images) ©Getty
Murray report sharply critical of operating costs of superannuation funds
The bronze statue "Europe" stands outside the European Union (EU) parliament building in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday, May 13, 2013. British Prime Minister David Cameron ceded to the rebellion in his own Conservative Party, offering to support a bill authorizing a referendum by 2017 on the U.K.'s continued membership in the European Union. Photographer: Jock Fistick/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Alternatives watch and wait as deadline looms for authorisation to market products in EU

Macropru is credit rationing repackaged

Central bankers are worrying about the effects of easy money

Cof-fee cartoon

The onus is on investors to shop around

Savers do not have to use an expensive active manager

Fund rationalisation is happening – slowly

Europe is no longer a collection of domestic franchises

BJMJTF Capitol Building, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Image shot 1111. Exact date unknown.

Puerto Rico has pressing choices to make

New debt law backfired on government and means restructuring is coming sooner rather than later

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 01: winner of Nobel Prize in Economics, Franco Modigliani, at Press conference & with balloons celebrating prize, at M.I.T. (Photo by Richard Sobol/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)
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Smaller deficits cause covenant concerns

Companies may take more risk on to their own balance sheets

Are money changers now welcome?

Steve Johnson is surprised by two Vatican Bank appointments

Reform can have unintended consequences

Impact of client commission rules is likely to hit small companies

Set of gold bars isolated on white background

US rules make gold the new green

The world is finding ways to get along without the currency after punitive actions by the US

Unconstrained bond funds reward idleness

How much should you pay your portfolio manager to do nothing, asks Stephen Foley


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