The walls close in on the fund market

Patience with the investment management market is wearing dangerously thin, says Chris Newlands

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epa04614150 Iranian students waves the national flag during a ceremony marking the 36th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, at the Azadi (Freedom) square in Tehran, Iran, 11 February 2015. The event mark the 36th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, which came ten days after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's return from his exile in Paris to Iran, toppling the monarchy system and forming the Islamic republic. EPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH ©EPA
If sanctions are lifted, the country would become a tempting investment destination
Neil Woodford is fascinated by the opportunity to benefit society and deliver great returns
Rubber ducks

The Buffett duck flaps its wings

Stephen Foley looks back at the Oracle of Omaha’s early advice

Pharma is in Woodford’s investment DNA

Neil Woodford is fascinated by the opportunity to benefit society and deliver great returns

The 60,000 ton bulk ore carrier MV Irenes Vigor is loaded at the Port of Geraldton in February 2006 in a photo released by Midwest Corp. to the media on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007. Murchison Metals Ltd., the best-performer on the benchmark Australian index, bid as much as A$986 million ($887 million) in stock to buy Midwest Corp. and secure the right to build a port needed for its iron ore project. Source: Midwest Corp. via Bloomberg News

The shipping news for Wall Street

It is near impossible to Americanise the dry bulk world, finds John Dizard

Solvency II’s ‘look-through’ approach

Richard Pereira considers the risks and rewards of the regulation for insurers

The wages of sin is outperformance

Is it fair to classify scandal-riven banks as the market’s new sinners, asks Jonathan Davis

The fall of the female fund manager

Women are ‘dangerously outnumbered’ in asset management, says Chris Newlands

Shining a light on dark pools

Solutions have been found to problems that did not exist, writes Rob Boardman

Active share shows how to catch big fish

Peter Elston says it is no surprise that a concentrated, long-term approach is a good idea

Don’t count your coups before they hatch

It will take more than angry mobs in troubled countries to boost US oil profits, says John Dizard


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