A golden bangles-to-bullion revolution

The rising demand for 400 oz bars represents the remonetisation of the yellow metal, says John Dizard

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BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 22: British Prime Minister David Cameron addresses students and pro-EU 'Vote Remain' supporters during his final campaign speech at Birmingham University on June 22, 2016 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The final day of campaigning continues across the UK as the country prepares to go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether Britain should remain or leave the European Union. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) ©Getty
London and Edinburgh will remain international asset management powerhouses, says the IA’s Guy Sears

Trade body hails UK’s post-Brexit future

London and Edinburgh will remain international asset management powerhouses, says the IA’s Guy Sears

Giles opted for his workstation to remain in the EU
©Ian Dicks

Fund houses pick through Brexit wreckage

The damage to asset managers of Britain leaving the EU was immediate, says Chris Newlands

Antitrade fever runs high in the US

Free trade will not have an ally in the White House next year, says Matt Dabrowski

The perfect financial crime

John Plender doubts whether fund managers can be regulated into active stewardship

Puerto Rican Day Parade ID 19943514 © Radekdrewek | Dreamstime.com Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade

Puerto Rico stays in election headlines

‘Foreign law’ bondholders seem to be losing the current round of the debt crisis, says John Dizard

Quantitative exhaustion smothers markets

David Oakley considers the risk that central bankers will resort to helicopter money

©Ian Dicks

‘There is no real upside [of Brexit]’

Fund executives are denying the risks Brexit poses, says Madison Marriage

UK’s pension regulation questioned

John Ralfe considers Halcrow’s deal with the Pension Protection Fund

LEWISTON/IDAHO /USA- Concret Canyob bridge over snake river and lewistin steel bridge over snake river connect Lewiston Idaho state to Clarkson washington state walk with their pets walking on snake riveer levee on may summer evening on 26 May 2014 (Photo by Francis Dean/Deanpictures) (Photo by Francis Dean/Corbis via Getty Images)

Thatcher’s ghost haunts Democrat pensions

Leftwing plans for defined benefit retirement schemes have taken a strange Republican turn, says John Dizard


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