Contrarian plunge into EM is problematic

John Plender warns against treating emerging markets as if they were a homogeneous asset class

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Steady ahead: Mario Draghi said the market had to get used to 'such periods of high volatility' ©AP
European Central Bank’s bond buying is crowding out pension funds in this debt market
Children with stuffed animal attend on November 5, 2013 the Teddy Bear Hospital event at the AMC hospital in Amsterdam. Aside from helping poorly stuffed toys, the Teddy Bear Hospital aims to tell children about being and staying healthy. AFP PHOTO / ANP / ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN - netherlands out - (Photo credit should read ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Concerns over high fees and lacklustre performance intensifies

An outburst of outrage about PE fees

Private equity should stop the victim blaming of pension funds, says Sophia Grene

Common sense to make Europe flourish

Dominic Johnson says the EU needs a real free-trade zone for financial services

Nonsense around Puerto Rico intensifies

John Dizard tries to figure out which of the island’s bonds will be toast in a default

Current economics’ systemic moral hazard

Investment should incorporate an optimal societal outcome for savers, says Saker Nusseibeh

Executive pay is often misunderstood

There is a difference between accounting-based estimates and actual compensation, says Robert Pozen

Tick-box corporate governance can work

We must review what is meant by ‘in the shareholders’ interest’, says Sophia Grene

Unicorns rarely speak a European language

The view from Silicon Valley is that Europe remains a venture-capital sideshow, says Stephen Foley

Long positions in Treasuries look good

It is time to sell your least-favourite dollar risk assets, says John Dizard

The EU pension system needs reform

European households need a simple long-term savings product


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