Bonds have forgotten Buffett’s first rule

In fixed income, fingers everywhere are crossed, finds John Plender

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Shanghai ©Dreamstime
A scheme allowing foreign fund houses access to wealthy investors in China has had mixed results
TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY ISABELLE WESSELINGH - Chevron representatives stand next to drilling equipment on April 8, 2014 in Pungesti during a press visit to the first shale gas exploring site started by US energy giant Chevron. Chevron has permits to explore for shale gas in northeastern Romania as well as on Romania's Black Sea coast. The technique consists of pumping water and chemicals at high pressure into deep rock formations to free oil and gas, but critics point to studies that show fracking increases the risk of contaminating drinking water. AFP PHOTO MIRCEA RESTEA (Photo credit should read MIRCEA RESTEA/AFP/Getty Images) ©Mircea Restea/AFP/Getty Images
Pension funds urged to vote at AGM against oil company spending money on exploration

Solid infrastructure is built on monopoly

This type of investment is not as risk free as government bonds, warns David Oakley

Active management’s misunderstood benefits

Look beyond outperforming a benchmark, says Nitin Mehta

‘Greek fatigue’ plagues Ukrainian bonds

Europe’s weak support for Ukraine is a strange form of economics, says John Dizard

Screeching U-turns on bonds and dollars

The biggest bet in the world has gone into reverse, says James Mackintosh

Fund managers of the pensions revolution

Industry must act accountably and transparently on clients’ behalf, says Aberdeen’s Martin Gilbert

What would ideal pensions look like?

The UK needs a wholesale restructuring of the retirement system, says Sophia Grene

businessman standing in a skyscraper building viewing over the city.

Systemic risk — what’s in it for me?

Career advancement becomes clearer with every whirr of the regulatory machine, says John Dizard

Freakish price insensitivity drives bonds

The concept of efficient markets looks ever more eccentric, says John Plender

Central banks rule in the flash-crash age

There has been a fundamental change in government bond markets, says David Oakley


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