The pension burden of ‘curing death’


The consequences of rising life expectancy are profound, says Steve Johnson

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The consequences of rising life expectancy are profound, says Steve Johnson
GERMANY-INSURANCE-COMPANY-EARNINGS-ALLIANZ...A man passes the logo of German Allianz insurance company at the company's headquarter in Munich, southern Germany, on February 21, 2013. German insurance giant Allianz said Thursday, February 21, 2013 that its net profit more than doubled last year as it shrugged off the worst of the financial crisis. AFP PHOTO / ARMIN WEIGEL GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read ARMIN WEIGEL/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Fund house in talks for several months to acquire an undisclosed group

Emerging markets should shift into gold

John Plender analyses the case for the yellow metal in official reserves

Chief executive pay is out of control

Employers would not appoint people who needed to be ‘bribed’ to do their job, says David Pitt-Watson

Something is not right in physical oil

Supply disruptions are not enough to create a really out of control bull market, says John Dizard

Regulator targets corporate hospitality

There is also the bribery angle to consider, warns Jonathan Pickworth

The Americanisation of executive pay

David Oakley thinks it matters that the US owns a big chunk of UK plc

California Energy Crisis 2: The Return

John Dizard looks forward to the summer release of a remake of the state’s 2001 power crisis

News flash on hedge fund pay for Asness

Miles Johnson wonders why AQR’s co-founder can’t fathom the furore over earnings

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Fund managers dodge Darwinian capitalism

John Plender warns investors to ignore the siren call of hedge funds

Strong emotions abound in investment

James Clunie and Richard Taffler look at the therapeutic role the fund manager plays


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