The Cinderella to banking’s Ugly Sisters

Asset managers often benefit from regulation, even if they are slow to see it, says Sophia Grene

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Phosphate based fertiliser ©Dreamstime
GMO’s Jeremy Grantham says the fertiliser component is a safe harbour
epa04343175 An Ukrainian soldier stands guard at a checkpoint near the eastern Ukrainian city of Debalcevo, in Ukraine, 06 August 2014. The death toll mounted as Ukrainian and separatist forces fought for control of several eastern cities, with Western powers expressing concern about the possibility of a Russian incursion. Government airstrikes on central Donetsk - a key separatist stronghold - resulted in three civilian deaths on on 06 August, according to city officials. Officials in nearby Gorlovka reported 33 civilian deaths and 129 injuries from artillery fire over the course of the last few days. EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY ©EPA
China is doing well, but US high-yield bond ETFs cause concern

Mantra of passive dominance is dangerous

Without active management, ETFs could increase the boom and bust cycles in stock markets

Are Treasuries a no-brainer macro idea?

The somewhat perverse Treasuries asset bubble could be blown yet bigger, says John Dizard

The multi-asset movement gathers pace

Asset managers are adapting by offering clients a one-stop shop solution

Doomsayers distrust ‘sexy part of market’

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are back with a vengeance

Cocos: return of toxic bubble-era stuff

Extreme fear is overcoming bond buyers’ extreme greed, but John Dizard doubts this will last

A bargain basement index-linked loser

John Plender says negative-yielding bonds could be a bargain, but the difficulty is timing

Pension framework encourages innovation

Retirees must not be left exposed to events that can wipe away their life savings

Sitting on the fence is attractive option

Sharp rotations across asset classes have left investors battered and uncertain what to do next

Rollercoaster of commission-ban denial

Financial advisers seem to suffer five stages of grief over lost revenue


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