Scotland can learn from others’ mistakes

Opting for independence could earn Scotland a prominent spot in the Library of Mistakes

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Neil Woodford who has set up WIM. Photograph: Rosie Hallam ©Rosie Hallam
Neil Woodford says risk unquantifiable but others see opportunity
Photo of playing cards ©Nick Lowndes
Please take a minute to complete our survey - is sexism still an issue in the industry?
Pharrell Williams

Data mining gives fund managers the edge

This may mean the end of old fashioned portfolio managers

It is time to sell momentum and buy value

It is not a good idea to wait around to see if the asset bubble can be blown just a little bigger, writes John Dizard

Hong Kong mulls pension fund proposal

Plan raises questions of set-up costs and expense ratios

Harvard graduate Alexandra Marie Garcia hugs a fellow graduate. Harvard's 362nd commencement took place on Thursday, May 30, 2013
©David Ryan/Boston Globe

Is a university degree a good investment?

Stephen Foley asks if you should invest in equities, bonds or property – or a college education

The Rubik’s Cube of liquid alternatives

Tom Stabile marvels at the ‘gotta have some of that’ vibe spawned by the latest investment craze

ECB: frontrunner in evil Anglo-Saxon race

There is no clear path to recovery, but there is a way to inflate the bonus pool, says John Dizard

Cross the beta desert at your peril

John Dizard believes rational investment is impossible in a market rigged by central bankers

Fish for lunch provides investment advice

Some fund managers are using lifestyle data to enhance their performance

Stuck in the re-election waiting room

Even though Dodd-Frank makes no sense, Congress will not be moved to act quickly, says John Dizard


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