Is politics driving financial markets?

Central banks are under pressure to mitigate geopolitical risk, says Nicholas Spiro

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Instability in China and low commodities prices have hit emerging markets; could these in turn weaken the US and developed world? ©Getty Images; Reuters; EPA; Bloomberg
Diversified fund manager profits as emerging market group suffers
Workers use Caterpillar Inc. machinery to build a road at the Kia Motors Corp. assembly plant in Pesqueria, Mexico, on Monday, Dec. 14, 2015. Kia expects the plant to produce 300,000 vehicles a year and be completed in the first half of 2016. Photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Cash-strapped governments turn to institutional investors

An investment trust to restore trust

Sophia Grene ponders how to align the interest of asset managers and investors

The odd couple of corporate governance

Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett are strange champions for shareholder rights, says John Plender

Lending against art has never been better

Lots of new capital is trying to get into art finance, says John Dizard

Endowments face reality of low returns

US colleges and universities will have to make hard choices about whether to scale back their spending, says Stephen Foley

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We are the QE generation

Unconventional monetary policy loosening may be with us for life, warns David Oakley

Clearing house push created systemic risk

Market illiquidity seems to be metastasising into more dangerous form, says John Dizard

©Ian Dicks

Outbreak of bearishness is unnecessary

China’s gift to the world morphed from manufactured goods to morose pessimism, says Steve Johnson

Asset managers should put the client first

Paul Smith calls for a professional code of conduct for investment management practitioners

Chinese bogeyman is unduly alarmist

Fear of deflation is why so much panic centres on China, says John Plender


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