How much do you really pay your money manager?

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Investment fees remain a minefield

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Asset manager says ‘gating’ investors may be long-term measure
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‘Zero evidence’ of investors penalised by undisclosed charges, Investment Association study says

Target-dated funds need an overhaul

TDFs help pension plans but face challenges of fees, asset allocation and benchmarks

As China slows, investors look elsewhere

Emerging markets are flattered by the view that they are the least bad option, writes James Kynge

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Canada quietly treads radical path on pensions

Retirement funds push beyond bonds and stocks

Money wanes for EM-focused private funds

Sector on track to raise least money since 2009 despite bounce

C5 Capital aims to raise $150m cloud fund

Fund manager appoints European head of Intel Capital

Should we use savings to pay down our mortgage?

Home loan is high interest, while savings rates are ultra low

Gulf mixer turns Chinese fixer

Amanda Staveley is key in Chinese group’s move on Liverpool FC

Fed’s thoughts run deeper than rates

Investors tune their strategies for potential return of inflation

Ex-SAC fund manager bucks trend with launch

New fund comes in worst year for launches in a decade


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