Hedge funds climb market wall of worry

Investors reappraise outlook after Treasury yields ‘flash crash’

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Barclays has paid nearly $20m to settle a lawsuit over benchmark manipulation ©Bloomberg
Disclosed documents may bolster case against other banks
1000 Yen Banknotes ©Dreamstime
John Plender warns of profound implications as more countries try to win a share of anaemic growth

Corporate India frets over debt levels

Nation’s industrial and banking sectors enter new political era still undercapitalised

Lloyds says 60,000 new homes needed

Bank launches fund to help housebuilders increase supply

US spectrum auction: cash, or carry on

Local TV stations’ spectrum may be worth more than their operations

Investors weigh Venezuela debt default

Cost of buying insurance against default jumps to five-year highs

IBM shares slide as profit and sales fall

Third-quarter results blow to largest shareholder Warren Buffett

Google Ventures sets out Europe strategy

Partners announce they will co-invest with leading venture groups

‘Monster’ outflows from European funds

Equity vehicles suffered biggest sell-off on record last week

Pick fund managers with skin in the game

What if there was a way to identify market beaters in long run?

Bitcoin exchange to trade other currencies

Coinfloor to expand with US dollars, euros and Polish zloty


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