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As titanic bond funds put investors at risk, they are being urged to ‘stress test’ fixed income funds

OCT 2014

Investors urged to ‘stress test’ fixed income funds

Top five bond funds control more than $0.5tn in assets

Greg Davis of Vanguard

Asset managers prepare for end of QE

Investors face a period of increased uncertainty

Peripheral bonds: ‘Take some risk but don’t be a hero’

Sentiment shifts across European debt markets

US factors in a correction as prices begin to fall

High yield default rates expected to remain modest

Standardisation push divides opinion

Doubts over bond market reform proposals from BlackRock

China bonds draw interest despite defaults

Acceptance of first Chinese default viewed as constructive development

Stale bond valuation methods turn managers sour

Shrinking bond market liquidity adds to valuation problems

Death bonds have new lease of life

Life settlements industry seeks to reinvent itself as a socially responsible way to invest

Anthony Christodoulou

ETFs: safer passage through the QE storm?

Fixed income investors face challenge of tapering effects

March 2014

Emerging market debt fears abate but concerns persist

Retail investors have been exiting the sector but institutional interest has been steady

Time to end the destructive force of QE

Savers and ordinary people pay the penalties for Fed’s policy QE

High yield feels the weight of its success

Investors are widening their search for value in a tough scenario for high yield bonds

Alternative finance is big hope for SMEs

Search for credible ways to reduce reliance on banks is gathering pace

Sub-Saharan market: High yields fire appetite for African eurobonds

Investors ready to defy sceptics to inject new impetus into market

Multi-credit plans: Mixed bag a route to higher returns

Diversification can often minimise risk and maximise yield

Indexing for bonds: Smart beta strategies make elbow room

Strategies are being explored to guard against instability

March 2013

Search for yield grows more balanced

Investors have a new solution to the pain of holding cash but bonds have not been forgotten

Local currency funds come out of shadows

Big international institutions are following the hedge funds away from hard currency-focused bonds

Electronic trading is not a silver bullet

Industry built on personal relationships faces long journey to acceptance of alternative

Demand exceeds supply in sukuk market

Sharia-compliant investment may be seen as a niche sector, but appetite is growing

Asset managers turn to shadow banking

A growth opportunity for larger firms can also boost the real economy

Political instability tests Draghi pledge

Worries over volatile states are triggering debate about the ECB’s support programme


Bull run brings risks and rewards

Action by central banks has dangers for investors

Risks rise as hunt for yield intensifies

Investors are exploring in ever more low-rated territory

Money gushes into EM debt funds

How long can the bull market last?

Demand surges for high-yield munis

With interest rates so low, the allure of better returns is clear

Indexing orthodoxy is put to the test

Traditional cap-weighted benchmarks face a challenge

Surge in sukuk demand outpaces the issuance

Sound returns also draw interest from non-Islamic investors

Achieving liquidity stirs fluid debate

The impact of the declining role of broker-dealers

UK Linkers investors worry over RPI proposals

Changing the index formula would be a blow for investors

Pension funds stick with gilts for safety

Pension funds may risk buying high yield assets

Asset managers lend directly to business

Investors are looking for assets that offer a better return