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Proponents insist their approach is long term and welcome the range of new products

A measured response to markets’ ups and downs

Proponents insist approach is long term and welcome range of index products

Indices – who uses them and why

Index construction needs to be transparent and have a robust methodology

Tie-up between index giants could help smaller players

The Dow Jones/S&P union creates a behemoth, but could boost competition

Could some passive asset owners be more active?

Question marks continue to hang over some index investors such as ETFs

AK Steel

Indices – playing a weighting game

Alternatively weighted approaches will continue to make modest inroads

Loosening the benchmark straitjackets

Many customers are switching to customised indices for their benchmarks


Index providers tweak rules as investors raise concerns

Index providers are amending their rules to exclude unwanted constituents

Opaque practice of securities lending faces scrutiny

Clear and full disclosure about securities lending fees is on the cards