Investing in foreign exchange


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Eurozone: Hedging is tough game to play

Trading costs: Light shone on custodians’ fees

Bruising for investors leaves market becalmed

Despite a bad year for currency investors in 2011, interest should revive

Eurozone hedging is tough game to play

Hedging against eurozone risk is problematic due to lack of alternatives

Funds shine light on custodians’ fees

Experts say pensions should ask tough questions about fees for FX transactions

Flexibility is key to picking right style

Managers tend to stick with one style but that inflexibility does not pay

A man passes by a renminbi sign inside the Bank of China building

Renminbi pauses for breather as GDP growth slows

Internationalisation is broadening access to the renminbi

Bulls still have strong case – but it is no one-way bet

Recent falls in some emerging Asian currencies are a reminder of the risks

The long and short of a hedging dilemma

Despite the risk, there are times when it is better to stay unhedged

Passive approach begins to gain currency

Seen as good for beta exposure but currency ETFs have been out of favour