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The global foreign exchange industry has taken a battering in recent months as regulators around the world try to find out whether currency benchmarks have been manipulated

Joint lawsuit filed over forex claims

US investors have begun proceedings over alleged price rigging

Banks are stepping up the move away from archaic voice trading structures that are at the centre of forex probes
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Automation gets fillip from forex rigging allegations

Buying and selling currencies over the phone is coming under renewed pressure

Japan love of high-yielding currencies dwindles

Emerging markets sell-off has been a reality check for retail investors

Finance briefing: Foreign exchange market and why it matters

The impact of rate rigging

Noteworthy: enthusiasts say the renminbi could be a global currency in 10 years

China takes slow boat to currency liberalisation

Corporate governance remains a stumbling block to capital inflows

Abe can take credit for currency-hedged equity ETF craze

Investors can take advantage of broad economic recovery and avoid forex risks

Forex: window shopping and booby traps

Managers report cautious but growing interest in increased exposure

Volatility: EM sell-off abates after summer storms

The Fed’s delay on the tapering of asset purchases has created a lull that is unlikely to last

Rate setting: Custodian banks defend their corner

Banks’ conflicts with clients are under scrutiny

Policies hamper dollar’s prospects

US government and Federal Reserve actions have left bulls disappointed

The rupee: the Cinderella of EM currencies?

Some investors believe the worst of the currency turmoil is now finally behind them

Fed action: ‘Taper talk’ scuppers Asian currency spike

Summer sell-off highlighted region’s economic frailties

‘Left for dead’ currency markets pick up

Expectation of rising bond yields may drive investors from fixed income to equities

Emerging markets still show upward trend

Institutional investors should address currency exposure issues

Options widen as China lures investors

Direct investment is now possible, but many remain wary

Trend becomes investor’s friend

Trending approaches have started to work, but systemic risks mean investors must stay alert

Euro still needs stronger fundamentals

The single currency is deemed to be overvalued, but will survive the crises

Custodians respond to focus on price

Market forces as much as legal actions have forced banks to control costs

To hedge or not to hedge

Foreign currency investment exposure should be tailored to the individual investor