Global financial stocks slide to new lows

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Ultra-loose policy stokes fear over growth, credit and bank returns

Nagging doubts about Dimon’s gift horse

JPMorgan boss has been known to ride roughshod over views of dissenting shareholders

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Market’s first exposure to key US index

‘Closet tracking’ sparks mis-selling claims

Funds charging fees for active management but mimicking an index

iShares boots Barclays on $36bn in bond benchmarks

Wave of index hopping mostly limited till now to equity funds

‘Robo-advisers’ try to calm investors

Call centres help clients seeking advice amid volatility

Top US financial groups hold secret summits

Dimon and Buffett lead governance move to cut investor friction

Analysts side with Precidian’s nontransparent ETF model

Pending product expected to sync with broker-dealers better than NextShares

Vanguard, Fidelity face proxy access row

Shareholders fight for right to propose board members