Comcast abandons $45bn TWC deal

FCC intervention could set stage for new round of media mergers

US Flash Crash Trader...Navrinder Sarao at Westminster Magistrates Court. The US Department of Justice wants to extradite Navinder Singh Sarao, 36, on charges of wire fraud, commodities fraud and market manipulation. Mr Sarao told the hearing that he opposed extradition to the US. Credit:Priscilla Coleman/MB Media
©Priscilla Coleman/MB Media

Trader at centre of offshore accounts web

US claim that Sarao sought to shelter millions from tax

Trading terms and manipulation techniques

Bid, ask, fill, spoofing and layering revealed

‘Flash crash’ arrest puts heat on futures

Market manipulation may have been lost in regulatory cracks

UK trader arrested over 2010 flash crash

Futures trader charged by US authorities to appear in London court

Mr. Saroa residence

Flash trading HQ behind net curtains

Suburban market player alleged to have moved markets a world away

How futures trading could crash stocks

2010 flash crash highlighted how ‘e-mini’ contracts move equities

Hig Frequency

Goldman invests $20m in HFT tech provider

Investment bank buys minority stake in trading outsourcer

Job Moves: who is hiring and where

The latest job moves and coverage of people making the news in the world’s financial capitals

EU accuses Google of market abuse

Search engine said to be promoting own shopping service

Virtu IPO aims to show friendly HFT side

Bigger is better in the cut-throat world of rapid-fire trading

Deutsche Bank faces $1.5bn Libor fine

Record penalty with regulators could be reached

Defender of market complexity leaves SEC

Gregg Berman is a moderate on the risks of high-frequency trading

Fast forex moves raise liquidity worries

Bank traders and investors are questioning the market mechanics

LSE targets openings as Borse Dubai exits

Stake sold as exchange plans new products and bourse links

Plato runs technology ‘beauty parade’

New European venue underscores mutual ethos with public vote

Financial technology groups rake in $12bn

Investments triple in digital challengers to banks

Better trade data would improve markets

Investors could assess the impact of dark pools and high-speed trading with better public trade data

LSE clearing link hit by regulatory delay

EuroCCP and LCH.Clearnet move stalled by Swiss franc

US swaps market resists futures model

Exchange-style trading slow to gain traction despite reform efforts

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