Deutsche Börse to encourage hidden trades

Exchange to promote ‘dark pool’-style dealing ahead of Mifid II overhaul

War of words over IEX goes up a notch

Start-up says planned speed bump still leaves it faster than NYSE

Trading Algorithms

US traders face tougher scrutiny

Effort to curtail market disruptions from automated strategies

Trading Algorithms

Hedge funds raid Silicon Valley for talent

Demand for computer scientists makes stars of technologists

Bond market blues sneak up on fund houses

Liquidity risk is being transferred to investment managers

Fierce debate over challenger trading venue

IEX plans to neutralise the industry’s arms race in terms of speed

Barclays accused of abusing ‘last look’

NY regulators allege bank stacked trading deck against clients


Barclays fined $150m over forex trading

Bank allegedly rejected unprofitable trades and lied to clients

Jes Staley, Barclays' incoming chief executive
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Barclays faces another heavy forex fine

Penalty presents early test for incoming chief Jes Staley

IEX rebuts rivals over bourse plans

Trading venue featured in ‘Flash Boys’ hits back at criticism

Credit Suisse eyes Dublin trading floor

Swiss bank aims to move 100 staff to Ireland

Job Moves: who is hiring and where

The latest job moves and coverage of people making the news in the world’s financial capitals

Osborne wants London to be fintech leader

Chancellor says regulators will play key role

Regulators confront the ‘Wall St second’

Rise of high-frequency trading creates ‘systems risk’

US trader found guilty in ‘spoofing’ case

Verdict in first criminal case over computer-driven trading

China detains ‘Kamikaze Squad’ tycoon

Regulators step up insider trading crackdown following market turmoil

CME to offer real-time margin payments

US futures exchange backs service to speed up margin calls

Regulators tackle opaque Treasury trades

Pressure is building for greater transparency of bilateral deals

US signals bid to curb high-speed trading

‘Kill switches’ and ‘message throttles’ may be introduced

Future of London gold market up for grabs

Groups split over how to make trading more transparent