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US dollar: The past four years have taken their toll and most strategists are wary of making bold statements about the currency’s future

Trading game is less predictable

Strategists are strategists more hopeful after having been wrongfooted by central bank intervention

The euro: Outlook improves for single currency

Vivianne Rodrigues finds analysts optimistic

Private investors: Traders gain from access to information

The rise in affordable platforms makes currencies an increasingly appealing asset class, writes Elaine Moore

US dollar: Greenback likely to remain in the doldrums

Traders are waiting for normal service to be resumed, says Jennifer Hughes

BoJ: Revised policy behind falling currency

In the past two years, the yen was the best-performing G10 currency against the US dollar; in 2012, it is easily the worst, writes Ben McLannahan

Brazil: Few signs of fatigue in defence of the real

Joseph Leahy reports from the currency war trenches


Reserve currencies: Renminbi not yet ready to challenge the dollar

Beijing has a long way to go, says Robert Cookson

Local currency bonds: A rocky ride ahead

Global banks expect the asset class to continue to gain in prominence, writes Robin Wigglesworth

swiss national bank logo

Intervention: Strains ease as Swiss stick to ceiling

Weaker franc has reduced volatility in forex markets, says Haig Simonian