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Exchange traded funds


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The industry appears to have adopted the Olympic motto as its own in a year when competitive pressures have reached new heights

Rising inflows across the globe – and more to come

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Inflows into the US have surged and there is huge potential in Asia

RDR offers fresh opportunities for ETFs

Providers says ETFs will benefit from rule changes

Tougher regime serves one and all

New ETF rules apply across entire European fund sector

Battle on to balance risk and reward

High yield bond and dividend focused ETFs

Vanguard chips away at iShares’ lead

Competiton between leading ETF providers heating up

Asian ETF market forging ahead

Regulatory changes are helping to spur growth

Survival of the most creative is the watchword

Intense competition is driving the industry to offer new products

Early days but cautious optimism on ESG

Debate over suitability of ETFs for ESG investors