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Technological and political changes have combined to revive the sector

Sun rises on new era for industry

Ed Crooks considers how technological and political changes have combined to revive the sector

Pre-salt deposits: Development slowed by Brazil’s resolve to take profits

Samantha Pearson says untapped reserves may hold 60bn barrels of oil

Venezuela: Profligacy puts Chávez’s dream at risk

Greater reinvestment in the industry is needed, say Benedict Mander and John Paul Rathbone

Renewables: California sunshine is source of power

The Golden State is prepared to go its own way, writes Matthew Garrahan

Shale gas: Majors look outside US for further reserves

Several factors need to be right in order to make extraction viable, writes Guy Chazan

North America: Supply overwhelms transport

Infrastructure is struggling and oil flows have reversed, says Gregory Meyer

Mexico: Oil reform may be too slippery for Peña Nieto

State-run company Pemex is not doing all it could, says Adam Thomson

Latin America: Tide of resource nationalism ebbs

Patriotism gives way to pragmatism at state energy companies, writes Jude Webber

Coal: Burning ambition might not lead to a happy ending

Industry scores tactical win against protection agency, writes Ed Crooks

Drilling: Post-Horizon rules may affect Arctic operations

Fallout from Gulf of Mexico disaster continues, writes Ed Crooks

Biofuels: Ethanol producers look to cash in on US need

Brazil’s renewable energy industry has another opportunity to take the initiative and try to gain market share, writes Joe Leahy