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Germany faces a Herculean task moving to renewables

US may achieve security of oil supplies

Overview: Volatility to remain dominant feature

Shocks to the sector have undermined past stability and growth

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A section of the Trans Alaska pipeline system
If there is oil in the Arctic, it will be surprising if humanity shows the restraint not to use it
– June 2011 special report
An auction sign stands at the entrance of Solyndra LLC building in Fremont, California, US

Green technology: Clean energy feels the pinch

There are both winners and losers, says Sarah Murray

Nuclear phase-out: Germany faces ‘Herculean’ task with move to renewables

Sceptics doubt the transition will be easy, says Gerrit Wiesmann

Motor vehicles: Houston’s commuters plug into electric cars

Sheila McNulty examines a scheme that aims to wean drivers off petroleum

North America: US has its eye on oil independence

Ed Crooks considers the rising production capacity of the continent

Gas emission targets: Clouds hang over carbon markets

There are fears there will be no successor to the Kyoto treaty, writes Mike Scott

A wind farm off Kent in the UK

European proposals: EU planners hint at fairytale future

A rosy scenario is being outlined, says Joshua Chaffin

A man in protective suit is being checked for radiation in Fukushima, Japan

Fukushima fallout: Renaissance in nuclear power generation now a long way off

Atomic energy has had a setback but is still a choice for many states, writes Sylvia Pfeifer

Transport: Wave of enthusiasm for liquefied gas sweeps shipowners

Tanker bosses appear convinced there is now a market in the fuel, says Robert Wright

Natural gas drilling operations in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, US

Gas market: US set to change roles from importer to exporter

The US is predicted to become the world’s top oil and gas producer by 2020, says Sheila McNulty

Fuel forecast: Key markets’ future demands assessed

FT reporters assess what the likely need for energy in the important regions of Europe, Brazil and China are likely to be in the coming years