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Transition toward a difficult new dawn

Transition toward a difficult new dawn

Politics has become deeply polarised as Islamists and liberals try to shape the future

Economic overview

EGX traders
Post-revolution stability seems a long way off
– Borzou Daragahi
An employee counts money at a bank in Cairo
Unusually liquid but profits under pressure
– Robin Wigglesworth
Mideast darling now in doldrums
– Robin Wigglesworth
construction workers paint a wall in the colours of the Egyptian flag

Foreign relations: Everything has been thrown into question

The break with the past is likely to be gradual and complicated, writes Roula Khalaf

An Egyptian waiting to vote

Politics: Islamists set to sweep the board

Heba Saleh finds the balance of power shifting from the military

Egyptian protesters face off against riot police

Human rights: Obstacles to dismantling of a repressive state

Activists say officers implicated in abuses have yet to be sacked. Abeer Allam reports

Egyptian Christians

Christians: Copts frightened by rise of political Islam

Sectarian violence is becoming more frequent, says Borzou Daragahi

Egyptian TV broadcaster

Media: TV channels gripped by vested interests

Abeer Allam reports on a sector reorganising itself around political ideologies

gas station attendants

Subsidies: New government faces pressure to cut support

A gradual phase-out is likely, explains Robin Wigglesworth

Egyptian patient

Healthcare: Undermined by decades starved of investment

Robin Wigglesworth looks at a system in desperate need of resources

sit-in protest

Labour: Workers see a window of opportunity

Restrictions on independent unions are to be lifted, writes Abeer Allam

Egypt tourism

Tourism: Stymied by turmoil and lack of security

Abeer Allam finds industry officials fearful of Islamist victory at the polls