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Inside Isis Inc

The FT’s compelling investigation into how the self-proclaimed caliphate funds its war machine

How the Euro was Saved

A gripping chronicle of how the eurozone pulled back from the brink by the FT’s Peter Spiegel

Britain and the EU

Britain and the EU

FT writers explain Britain’s ambivalent attitude to the European Union ever since it joined 40 years ago, and what is at stake in the UK’s current debate on whether to stay or leave

50 ideas

FT writers on the ideas shaping business today and in the future

The New Colombia

The New Colombia

Our indispensable free guide to a fast-changing country that is coming of age after years of violence

If Scotland goes

An invaluable introduction to what is at stake in Scotland’s independence referendum

If Greece goes...

Understand the consequences for the world if Greece quits the eurozone, drawn from our series and updated by our experts.

To celebrate the FT's 125th anniversary in 2013, we published as a hardback and ebook Lunch with the FT, a selection of 52 of our best interviews in the unforgiving proximity of a restaurant table. The hardback and ebook are available globally on Amazon and other retailers.