Doing Business in the East African Community

In this issue

A look at the relaunched trading bloc 34 years after the first attempt fell apart

Overview: A regional market starts to take shape

Katrina Manson and William Wallis report on the relaunched trading bloc, 34 years after the first attempt fell apart

Barriers to trade: Lack of harmony on road to smooth cross-border trade

Katrina Manson says transport costs 80 per cent more than in US and Europe

Stock markets: Integration has a long way to go

Rwanda is way ahead in terms of regulation but it trades only four stocks, writes Katrina Manson

Infrastructure: In urgent need of serious investment

Congestion in the region is forecast to hit ‘epic’ levels, says Katrina Manson

Richard Sezibera: Not by halves, says EAC boss

Katrina Manson talks to the EAC secretary-general

Counterfeit goods: Where to go for a Chinese BlackBerry

Fake products, smuggled through the region’s porous borders, affect virtually all areas of trade, report Parselelo Kantai and Katrina Manson

Manufacturing: Region is ‘set to become a more alluring prospect’

Integration on paper does not yet chime with reality

Monetary union: Convergence efforts ‘can only be helpful’

Katrina Manson reports on what may be unrealistic deadlines

Airlines: Business and buoyant middle class take to the skies

Parselelo Kantai reports on an industry that is bucking the international trend

Private army

Somalia: Rising cost of a failed neighbour

Three EAC members have troops in the country, writes William Wallis

Retail: Discerning consumers are attractive prospect

Supermarket chains are showing an interest, says Katrina Manson