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The remote island state continues to reinvent itself

Display of resilience against tough odds

The remote island state continues to reinvent itself, writes John Reed

The economy: Mission to find new markets

Businesses have been over-reliant on Europe, writes John Reed

Aviation policy: Ill health of national carrier causes concern

Viable air links are crucial for an island economy, writes John Reed

Tourism: Cash cow begins to look vulnerable

John Reed reports on a sector that needs to diversify

Environment: Sugar cane is central to sustainable energy plans

Paul Adams looks at a holistic plan that ranges from power generation to harvesting algae

Sugar: End of EU agreement forces a change of direction

Paul Adams considers the fortunes of what was once a mainstay of the economy

Textiles: Consolidation leaves sector stronger

Predictions of the death of the industry were wrong, says Paul Adams

Politics: Democracy thrives amid the intrigues

John Reed looks at the cliques and plotting that characterise the top

Chagos dispute: An emotive piece of unsettled colonial business

A claim concerning the displaced islanders’ right to resettle is awaiting judgment, says John Reed

The community: Society is evolving faster than the political system

Mauritians want a non-racial identity, says Paul Adams

Real estate: Stream of rich immigrants may lead to social tensions

John Reed on a scheme to build luxury dwellings

Financial services: Banking on a good location and the law

Paul Adams considers the success of a sector that links investors worldwide

ICT: In search of better connections

Ebene Cyber City is the driving force for the island’s newest area of growth – information and communications technology, writes Paul Adams