Destination: South Africa

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A look at what the country can offer to urbanites and adventurers alike

A lifelong love affair

South Africa – and you will have to forgive the prejudices of somebody born and bred in that gorgeous, problematical, wonderful country – is hard to beat as a holiday destination, writes Lucia van der Post

Cape of good taste

Three profiles of innovators making their mark in the Mother City such as chef Reuben Riffel and Hanneli Richemont

rock painting

Tea and wilderness

Kevin Gould explores the rugged beauty of the Cederberg region

Art district: Park life

David Kaufman reports on the steady transformation of Johannesburg from crime capital into capital of culture

Wine country

The grapes of peace

Kevin Gould on Five estates where you can sleep among the vineyards

The road is long, with many a winding turn

Will Hide takes the scenic Route 62 and discovers the Western Cape’s unspoilt hinterland


Tourist, traveller, volunteer, vet

Five new safaris include ‘Luxury-volunteering’, Motswari Private Camp, Star-gazing and horse-riding, writes Will Hide