Telegram hacked, say Russian activists

Pair allege that MTS helped others access messaging service

Richard Waters

Pocket AI — bar raised for digital assistants

Tech companies are racing to provide the most efficient AI companions

Amazon doubles size of air cargo fleet

Group leases 20 Boeing 767 jets from Atlas Air Worldwide

Jetson the robot takes over film festival

AI computer writes screenplay for competition then rigs vote

Bring on the robots but reboot our societies too

Wisely managed, the revolution can enhance human capabilities

Toshiba picks chief to steer turnround

Medical division executive elevated in management overhaul


Fears and joys of living with robots

For the first time we will cohabit with an intelligent alien species, writes Illah Nourbakhsh

Job Simluator

Robot job takeover turns into VR satire

Simulator imagines robot nostalgia in 2050 for roles they grabbed

Square: warm and fuzzy

Group is either a compelling Apple-like ecosystem or a hodge­podge competing in tough markets

Singapore becomes a hotbed for ‘fintech’

Government support and financial experience make city-state fertile ground

Apple ramps up business push for iPhone

Tie-up with SAP follows links with IBM and Cisco Systems

Robot asteroid mining plan backed by Luxembourg

Grand Duchy backs robotic prospecting for water and minerals

Tesla looks to its defining iPhone moment

Elon Musk is going for broke with extravagant new production plans

Australian pulls bitcoin proof

Craig Wright faced widespread scepticism over his claim he was Satoshi Nakamoto

Uber changes route with regulators

Launch of policy board reflects shift in approach to authorities

Kroes’ Uber role shows EU revolving door

Payment should be fully disclosed and subject to scrutiny

Being Satoshi Nakamoto, being Mr Bitcoin

His name is a perfect anagram, if you remove and add a few letters

Backtrack on Bitcoin invention claim

Inmarsat: lower orbit

Revenues are being squeezed as new services roll out

Sage revenues rise but margins fall

Software group steps up investment in sales and marketing with hope for ‘cloud’ services boost


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