Charity tests new kind of drug trial

Cancer Research joins forces with pharmaceutical companies

A French mix of exotic high-tech

Raphaël Gorgé is updating his family’s industrial knowhow

‘Internet of things’ at London City

Experience of catching a flight rewired as airport becomes the first to use the technology

UK stem cell blood set for human trials

Scheme seen as viable for patient tests by late 2016

UN study: still time to save the world

Objective to keep average temperature rises below 2C

From left: Canto, the 27-year-old monkey and Owen, 29
©University of Wisconsin-Madison University Co

Science: leaner diet, longer life?

Two studies give conflicting results on how stringent calorific restriction affects human longevity

Bang & Olufsen struggles with turnround

Stereo and television maker considers fundraising

Price of hepatitis C drug attacked

WHO condemns $1,000-a-day price of Gilead Sciences’ treatment

A screenshot of Just Eat's website

Tech flotations head under water

Newest internet listings fall below their launch prices

Scientists seek climate-friendly cow

Burping bovines exceed methane emissions from landfill

When punk met geek in Berlin

The German capital’s nightlife has spawned a generation of fast-growth music software companies

RAC to promote ‘black boxes’

Joint venture with insurance specialist Ingenie valued at £1bn

Pfizer falls as treatment trial disappoints

Shares in the drug company slid 3 per cent to $31.20

KKR seeks to catch digital wave

Group to invest in tech companies before launching special fund

3D printing moves up to the next layer

SLM Solutions IPO plan highlights area of focus for technology

Starry starry blight: Light pollution hides heavens

Results of annual Star Count worst so far

Science: fellowship of the rings

Astronomers are astonished to find that rings can adorn smaller bodies, not just giant planets such as Saturn

Scientists discover ocean on Saturn moon

Enceladus contains sea below 30km to 40km of ice

Ketamine shown to treat depression

Illegal party drug effective with normally untreatable patients

Bristol-Myers Squibb: side effects

Group’s valuation rests on select band of experimental drugs


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