The roadblock to commercialisation

University technology transfer offices act as bottlenecks and focus on financial returns

Mars mission also benefits India’s poor

Nation-building entails the memory of heroic achievements such as this, writes Gurcharan Das

Quest for online security to end in tears

Scans of people’s tears could be used ‘instead of passwords’

Animal behaviour: herding instincts

Dogs herd sheep by gathering them together through threatening behaviour and driving them forward once aggregated

Psychology: confidence tricks

Research shows that we may be rewarding overconfidence and penalising underconfidence regardless of true ability

Hollywood leads way for wider drone use

Regulator clears use of unmanned aircraft above film and TV sets

Michelle Lam...SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, SEPTEMBER 8, 2014--Founder and CEO of True&Co, Michelle Lam, at the company's San Francisco, headquarters on Monday September 8, 2014. True&Co is an online bra company based in San Francisco, CA. ( Photo by Norbert von der Groeben )
©Norbert von der Groeben

More female tech founders win funding

Focus is on tricky ecommerce areas such as beauty and fashion

Online auction that aims to reassure

Perfect Channel helps companies venturing into digital auctions

An illustration of the Nasa satellie Maven on the sunrise side of Planet Mars

Nasa spacecraft reaches orbit around Mars

Maven to study how red planet lost its water

IC: September 20 highlights

Companies analysis from our sister publication

Archaeology: what Roman shoes tell us

Archaeologists at Vindolanda fort have excavated ancient footwear which shows the former settlement had a mixed population of men, women and children

How to save the world’s crops

A global database of wild species identifies which crops should be a conservation priority - and where

Pharmacology: sleeping pills – dream or nightmare?

Research suggests a relationship between long-term use of the hypnotic benzodiazepine and an increased risk of dementia

Europe struggles to catch US biotech bulls

The Nasdaq biotech index is on the rise again

Volunteer given experimental Ebola vaccine

UK trial fast-tracked in response to outbreak in West Africa

Study links artificial sweeteners to obesity

Saccharin and other products upset metabolism

Two UK universities ranked in top three

Cambridge and Imperial College London come in behind MIT in listings

Tech manifesto pushes migration and exports

Group says healthcare and financial services can offer UK digital edge

Europe chooses site for comet landing

Robotic probe expected to land on 67P on November 11

Tech chiefs in plea over privacy damage

Silicon Valley executives say sector must act fast to curb harm to image


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