Carl Djerassi: father of the contraceptive pill

The chemist-turned-novelist and playwright explains why he believes egg freezing is the future

DHDFN2 London, UK. 7th November 2013. a 3D printed implant by Andrew Darwood on display at the 3D Printshow at the Business Design Centre in London. Eric Moger had a large part of his face removed after developing a tumour. © Piero Cruciatti/Alamy Live News

Surgeons embrace 3D printed implants

Advances mean technology has bigger role to play in healthcare

West cannot afford Iran to turn to Russia

It is vital a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear programme is reached, writes Ariane Tabatabai

Bankers lie for financial gain, says study

Experiments show ‘prevailing culture undermines honesty’

Comet probe ‘sniffed’ organic molecules

Analysis of Philae data needed to establish complexity of compounds

Toyota bets on hydrogen technology

The Mirai, meaning ‘future’, to be released in December

Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos, a professor at UWE Bristol, is principal investigator on the “urine-tricity” project

Eco project takes urine seriously

Scheme funded by the Gates Foundation to provide ‘green’ phone-recharging could have wider uses

Space junk or Russian satellite killer?

Mysterious object launched by military perplexing astronomers

Allergan takeover about more than price

$66bn offer for Botox maker a fight for soul of modern pharma

Uncertain future for business schools

Technology embedded in Moocs poses the real threat to MBA programmes

Philae sends back comet data before going into hibernation

Race against time to send findings home as lander’s solar batteries drain after landing in shady crevice

Philae probe drills into comet surface

‘First comet drilling is a fact!’ scientists tweet

‘Hollywood is good but Rosetta is better’

Mission’s audacity has captured the attention of the world

Pest control: flies’ family ties

The discovery that four fruit flies are all the same species will simplify agricultural pest control

Electronics: memory man

British physicist Stuart Parkin believes he could hugely increase data-storage capacity using a new technique called ‘racetrack memory’

Putting proteins on the map

An interactive map showing every active protein in the human body is a new invaluable resource for biologists

Atul Gawande: what it means to be mortal

The surgeon and writer is famous for finding medical solutions. Now he faces one of the biggest questions of all – what makes a good death?

Regenerative medicine offers life-changing treatment

Progress is being made in stem cell therapy

Philae ‘happy’ but precarious on comet

Scientific data and images are being sent back to Earth via radio link to mother ship

Leap for science as probe lands on comet

Scientists receive photos from robotic craft as it lands


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