WHO strikes a cautious note on Ebola

Organisation finds evidence of downward trend in Liberia

Russian oil: Between a rock and a hard place

It has the largest reserves of shale oil in the world but as sanctions bite, can Moscow exploit them?

‘Style’ clash cited in Sanofi ouster

Board dumps chief executive despite brightening outlook

Gilead’s hepatitis C drug breaks records

Thousand-dollar price tag puts pressure on US healthcare system

Fears over flat sales hit Sanofi shares

Group warns over increased competition in US for diabetes drugs

CVS and Rite Aid block Apple Pay service

Move sets stage for fight between technology group and major retailers

Japan embraces future of robot carers

Devices set to fill the gap left by a shrinking number of workers

Reportage on the use of virtual reality in cognitive therapy, at the EHPAD retirement home in Laval, France. Ride in EHPAD is a virtual reality app that offers a recreational bike ride in various environments. The app is designed for elderly people and Alzheimers sufferers. The patients relax, get some exercise, and stimulate cognitive functions through simple games (with no failure). (Photo by: BSIP/UIG via Getty Images)

Brain training fired up by hard evidence

Scientific data and better software drive rapid growth

Silicon Valley joins quest to ‘cure’ ageing

Google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars through secretive start-up Calico

Banks invest in cyber security start-ups

Backers hope to reap rewards from fight against hackers

Geology: How a landslide magnified Japan’s tsunami

Seismologists originally believed that the March 2011 magnitude 9.1 earthquake alone caused the event

Biochemistry: the cold facts

Antarctic icefish survive in sub-zero waters thanks to ‘anti-melt’ proteins

Robotics: inspirational snakes

Scientists have analysed the mesmerising movement of sidewinder snakes to improve the performance of robots

Apple Pay: revolution at the tills

This digital payment service may succeed where others have failed

Three generations in one office

Millennial, Generation X and baby-boomer colleagues on their jobs

Amgen: splitting hairs

A break-up would be an exercise in valuation arbitrage

Internet of things is ready to deliver

Wearables will refine the technology further

Google leaps into new virtual reality

Technology group leads $542m investment in Magic Leap

Women code schools tackle gender divide

Female coding training offers role models and insights

Life sciences seek angel investors

MedCity project aims to establish London as medical research hub


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