Schizophrenia: new hopes from gene study

Researchers find 108 genes that show susceptibility to the disease has a strong hereditary component

Evolutionary physics: could Darwin have predicted the Airbus?

Researchers found that aircraft have evolved along a consistent path when key features are assessed

Geology: that sinking feeling

England’s record rainfall last winter triggered the appearance of sinkholes in unprecedented numbers

DNA project given £300m investment boost

UK aims to be world leader in medical genetic research

A molecule of sofosbuvir and the brand-named pill, Sovaldi, which is produced by Gilead
©AP/Science Photo Library

Drug pricing: Bitter pill

A hepatitis treatment’s soaring price is prompting the debate that most alarms the industry

Virtual reality gives TV a new frontier

BSkyB eyes immersive future with Jaunt deal but obstacles remain

Rising sales and job cut plan boost Amgen

Biotech company’s better than expected results lift sector

A very early version of Google’s self-driving prototype vehicle

Insurers worry driverless cars are ‘existential threat’

Announcement gives green light to vehicles

Fed talk comes cheap

Investors only care what the Fed plans to do, not what it thinks

Food industry boosts labelling lobbying

States roll out laws disclosing genetically modified ingredients

Hedge fund tycoon versus the apocalypse

Singer’s warning on electromagnetic pulse he dreads

BSkyB invests in virtual reality start-up

Pay-TV provider doubles its backing of California’s Jaunt

Apple attempts a return to innovation

A lot of ‘existing’ technologies were only brought in thanks to government funding

How to . . . invest in university knowhow

Investors need patience as well as tolerance of risks

Dinosaurs had feathers, say scientists

Plumage not for flight but may have been for warmth

Story of a virus hunter

Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, co-discovered the Ebola virus

EU to weigh extensive sanctions on Russia

Proposal includes ban on buying new debt or stock of Russian banks

Delta gains on domestic demand underpin

Airline reported 16 per cent surge in US passenger revenues

Delegates feel the buzz

Microchip name badges help them tap into the future

Big business and the art of medicine

Two big opportunities are big data and mobile, writes Skip Snow of Forrester Research


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