Artificial intelligence and the fridge

a still from the science fiction film ‘I, Robot’

Why milk-buying robots could mark the end of the world as we know it

HTC to launch virtual reality headset

Smartphone maker partners with Valve Software

Driverless car

Driverless cars must learn ethical route

Manufacturers are consulting philosophers about crash algorithms

China’s wild panda population rebounds

Intensive conservation efforts and a decline in poaching pay off

Tech groups must get serious about security

Lawsuits against Lenovo could force tech groups to take security more seriously

©Cochlear Inc.

All ears: how a new implant restores hearing

Unlike cochlear implants, this technology lays paddle-shaped electrodes directly on to the brainstem, which handles sensory information

©David M Schleser/Science photo library

How satellite data helps predict disease outbreaks

Remote sensing data could aid health authorities, particularly in developing countries, to prepare for outbreaks

©ClassicStock / Alamy

Linguistic analysis: for a successful date, women should talk and men should listen

This was the conclusion of a Standford University study of 1,000 speed-dating sessions

Dave Stuart of Oxford University, holding a model of the hand, foot and mouth virus
©Max Alexander/Diamond Light Source

Virology: could a new vaccine beat polio?

The number of polio cases, about 350 in 2014, is low but stubbornly persistent

Diving at Bouldner Cliff
©Roland Brookes/Maritime Trust

Evidence found of Stone Age wheat trade

Archeologists discover traces of primitive variety off Isle of Wight

US and Asian groups grab European patents

Majority of filings come from companies outside the continent

Hackers take down Lenovo website

Attack follows revelation of security vulnerability on laptops

UK urges change to EU rules for GM crops

Commons group says some genetically modified plants are necessary

Daimler welcomes Apple into car market

Tech group’s entry shows industry has ‘major growth potential’

Clinton warns tech world going backwards

Prospective presidential candidate flags ‘real human cost’ in Silicon Valley

UK allows three-parent babies

First country to approve mitochondrial replacement IVF procedure

ASML: a serious market Leader

New technology set to maintain group’s dominance

Degree skipped, product shipped

London entrepreneur moved to California and developed a sleep sensor

Kew pruning spurs ‘reinvigorated’ science

Initiatives include online access to all botanical information

Cash floods late-stage tech amid warnings

Investors warn over inflated valuations


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