Study links artificial sweeteners to obesity

Saccharin and other products upset metabolism

Volunteer given experimental Ebola vaccine

UK trial fast-tracked in response to outbreak in West Africa

Two UK universities ranked in top three

Cambridge and Imperial College London come in behind MIT in listings

Tech manifesto pushes migration and exports

Group says healthcare and financial services can offer UK digital edge

Europe chooses site for comet landing

Robotic probe expected to land on 67P on November 11

Tech chiefs in plea over privacy damage

Silicon Valley executives say sector must act fast to curb harm to image

Climate Chestnut-Collared Longspur
©flickr creative commons

Ornithology: climate threat to American birds

A study has concluded that climate change threatens half the species living in the US and Canada

Evolutionary biology: rabbit DNA decoded

Scientists found that wild rabbit populations have a large genetic variation, which favoured domestication

Psychology: being bilingual may not boost brain power

People fluent in two languages performed no better than monolinguals on a cognitive test, according to psychologists from Abertay University in Dundee

The Fermilab Holometer, Chicago: probing the fabric of space and time

Physics: is the world really 3D?

Scientists at Fermilab Holometer attempt to measure distances more precisely to probe the very fabric of space and time

Robot able to handle new objects unveiled

‘Boris’ set to be able to load a dishwasher within months

Ritual riches of Stonehenge revealed

Unknown monuments and astronomical alignments detected

Netflix joins net neutrality protests

Popular websites warn of a two-tiered internet ahead of FCC response

Humans are less superior than we think

Nearly everything we once thought made us human, does not

Smartphones used to detect Parkinson’s

The enduring appeal of mechanical watches

Smartwatches have not stopped a trend from digital to clockwork

Graphene groups edge towards breakthrough

Technical obstacles need to be overcome before industry can take off

Shell and Oman fund back Glasspoint

California-based renewables group uses mirrors to heat water

Sierra Leone plans Ebola ‘lockdown’

WHO approves survivors’ blood as treatment

Banks open vaults to store digital ID

Technology moves a nod to customers’ privacy concerns


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