Scientists use human gut to make propane

Researchers engineer E. coli processes to make renewable fuel

Google[x] drone

Drone’s dog food delivery points to niche

Google explores opportunities for new technology in remote sites

Mcjitters / Quindell / venture capital

Business leaders may spur the behaviour they warn against

GM cars to detect distracted driving

Carmaker to install sensors to measure eye movement

Google[x] drone

Google tests drone deliveries in Australia

Group races Amazon to use self-flying vehicles commercially

Chipmaker CSR rejects Microchip offer

Shares surge 36% after approach by US rival

Interior of a windowless passenger aircraft

Catapult launches idea of windowless plane

UK centre believes in potential of printed electronics

Interstellar dust

Space science: the world’s first glimpse of interstellar dust

Astrophysicists identify the first seven particles known to science as coming from outside our solar system

The synthetic 'mini-brain' used by scientists which can mimic the biochemical and electrical activities typical of a living brain
©Tufts University

Bioengineering: artificial brain aids trauma research

Researchers at Tufts University have simulated ‘grey matter’ to examine the effects of traumatic brain injury

A hen harrier
©Andy Hay/

Ecology: how harriers can live with grouse

An Aberdeen University study suggests introducing a brood management ‘quota system’ of harrier population control

Plants: interspecies communication

The flow of genetic data between a parasitic plant and its host may be an information-gathering exercise to learn about the host’s physiological condition

Banks bypassed by intellectual capital

Silicon Valley is finding that bankers are not even necessary

Infineon to buy International Rectifier

The technology makes scents

The digital transmission of smells may be close

Next steps on more women in tech

The issue is innovation, not gender equality or diversity metrics

Digital revamp is just the ticket

Big airlines must fly beyond legacy GDS technology and disrupt their own models before rivals do it for them, writes Steve Jones of Capgemini

Geology: rainwater’s seismic potential runs deep

Scientists have discovered that rainwater seeps deeper into the earth than previously realised

Oncology: study reveals cell mutation variations

The latest study of breast cancer at the University of Texas shows that no two tumour cells in a single patient have an identical genome

Animal research: mice win reprieve as genetic model for man

US study raises doubts about the murine model in inflammatory conditions such as sepsis, acute infection and severe burns

Display technology: screen break

US researchers discover how to make electronic screens display sharp images for users with defective eyesight


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