Infineon to buy International Rectifier

German chipmaker seeks to expand US footprint

The technology makes scents

The digital transmission of smells may be close

Brad Feld

Next steps on more women in tech

This issue is about innovation, not about gender equality or managing to some diversity metric

Digital revamp is just the ticket

Big airlines must fly beyond legacy GDS technology and disrupt their own models before rivals do it for them, writes Steve Jones of Capgemini

New Zealand’s Southern Alps

Geology: rainwater’s seismic potential runs deep

Scientists have discovered that rainwater seeps deeper into the earth than previously realised

Oncology: study reveals cell mutation variations

The latest study of breast cancer at the University of Texas shows that no two tumour cells in a single patient have an identical genome

Animal research: mice win reprieve as genetic model for man

US study raises doubts about the murine model in inflammatory conditions such as sepsis, acute infection and severe burns

A display as seen by people with presbyopia; corrected in the MIT/Berkeley prototype; the simulated full correction
©Fu-chung Huang

Display technology: screen break

US researchers discover how to make electronic screens display sharp images for users with defective eyesight

Salmonella cases linked to single source

Investigators look for food ingredients used at different sites

Goldman invites Wall St to chat for $5m

Investors sought for bank’s instant messaging service

Takeover talk sparks InterMune move

US biotech group appoints advisers to assess options

First woman winner of premier maths prize

Fields Medal goes to Maryam Mirzakhani

Barcelona: sun, sea and start-ups

The city draws tourists and wants founders to stay

Blackstone invests to edge out Wall Street

Buyout group backs innovators in bid to save on bank fees

Quantum physics: the curious case of a neutron and its spin

Scientists succeed in separating a particle from its physical properties, a phenomenon they called the ‘quantum Cheshire cat’

Social science: have culture, will travel: a data map

Migration patterns of the western world’s elite over the past 2,000 years show Rome was a cultural hub until the early Middle Ages

Inside the mortuary with the UK’s leading forensic scientists

Meet the University of Dundee team whose pioneering work helps solve murder cases and secure child abuse convictions

Sanofi gains with global view in drug R&D

French pharmaceutical company benefits from US subsidiaries

Comet chaser Rosetta reaches its target

Daily aspirin cuts risk of cancer

Ten years of dose would cut early deaths 4 per cent


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