Energy policy should listen to the market

Politicians think they know the answers – and leave consumers paying, writes Dieter Helm

Start-ups reinvent smartphone for elderly

Zone-V finishes fundraising round to create range of chunkier devices

IBM shares slide as profit and sales fall

Third-quarter results blow to largest shareholder Warren Buffett

Nigeria uses Twitter for Ebola campaign

Vibrant social media spurs community initiative to combat virus

Egg-freezing triggers diversity debate

Tech company perk prompts look at role in employees’ lives

Svante Pääbo and a Neanderthal skeleton
©Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthrop

The Science Interview: Remains of the DNA

The Swedish paleogeneticist Svante Pääbo has spent 30 years analysing DNA from ancient bones, transforming the understanding of our origins

Apple nears ambition to kill off the Sim card

Latest iPad addition will make it easier for users to switch operators

Roche sees sales of new cancer drugs rise

Swiss drugmaker expects single-digit sales growth

***Creative Coms' Ars Electronica Water Light Graffiti / Antonin Fourneau (FR) A sponge, brush or water pistol and some water—that’s all it takes to conjure up Water Light Graffiti on a wall studded with thousands of water-sensitive LEDs. The principle is simple; the results are a feast for the eyes. Credit: Florian Voggeneder
©Florian Voggeneder

‘Techno-hippies’ versus Silicon Valley

The counter-cultural innovators who aim to carve out a new space

Eye disease trial raises stem cell hopes

Vision improved in macular degeneration patients

Ebola cases in west Africa set to soar

WHO expects between 5,000 and 10,000 cases a week by December

Race is on to build first driverless car

Google’s prototype has shaken up the industry

Week in Review, October 11

HP breaks in two; also news on Samsung, Libor and Disney

Animal energetics: the price of the hunt

Research into big cats with different hunting strategies shows that they use much more energy seeking prey than chasing and killing it

Marine ecology: A tough job but some fish has gotta do it

Research shows species richness in tropical reefs is not sufficient insurance for ecosystem stability, because ecological roles are distributed unevenly between species

Biomimicry: turning dewdrops into drinking water

Inspired by the feeding technique of small shorebirds, researchers have built prototypes for collecting drinkable water from dewdrops

Elon Musk launches high-end Tesla car

New model to have ‘supercar’ acceleration and self-drive features

Teenage dream of lie-ins may come true

Trial will test if later school starts lead to better GCSEs results

Ebola is just one risk facing west Africa

Investors wake up to the threat of disruption from outbreak

Watchdog rejects multiple sclerosis drug

Nice decision seen as blow to biotech sector


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