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Problems of UMG and the music industry will not be solved by a change of structure

Streaming sets off a painful debate

Are Spotify’s Mr Ek and his ilk good for business? asks Jonathan Ford

Telecoms struggle with content strategies

Companies compete for programming and push up prices, writes Jonathan Ford

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Placing wealth in the happiness equation

The link between the two is stronger than most would think

Bets are on equities outperforming bonds

Investors should focus on how Shire takeover deal is financed

Prof Piketty’s r>g equation causes waves

Returns on capital rising faster than the economy is a big deal

Will active managers benefit investors?

The hedgefundification of active management can be bewildering

If HFT is here to stay it needs regulating

After all these years robot trading is still considered unfair

Gear up for increased capex spending

It may be hubris, but investment in growth will benefit economy

Shale boom leaves investors underwhelmed

Revolution offers benefits to consumers rather than shareholders

Better, fairer lending sacrificed for liquidity

Universal approach that could mean funds go to wrong borrowers

Capital Group urges rethink on indices

Mismeasurement of performance worries originator of MSCI

Red flags wave over Asian corporate debt

While companies in the west have been deleveraging, it’s the opposite story in Asia

The brave should look to emerging markets

Latest sell-off has created a few bargains for long-term investors

Europe wobbles on green energy costs

Changes in Germany spark worry among investors, writes Pilita Clark

Bonuses are a symptom of banks’ problems

EU move overlooks ways of really improving the system

BP stuck in holding pattern

The promise of improved profitability remains just that – a promise

Dealmakers warm to chance of oil tie-ups

Despite the slump in M&A, industry keeps eye on majors

Ill winds are not the end for renewables industry

Big is no longer beautiful in oil business

To many investors, Exxon is beginning to lose its lustre