Oil’s dip puts brakes on Middle East IPOs

EY report suggests groups will be patient until markets stabilise

Oil projects worth billions put on hold

Shell and Premier lead big cost cuts as crude slides

Dubai World agrees deal on $14.6bn debt

Conglomerate aims to ‘amend and extend’ outstanding obligations

Time to put a proper price on carbon

The fall in oil prices and declines in other energy prices make the case for a tax overwhelming

Rouhani threatens to hold referendum

Iran’s president could opt for public vote on nuclear deal with west

Arab man standing next to gas burning off from oil well

A kingdom fit for an oil price ordeal

Saudi Arabia has been showing that in hydrocarbons only the fittest keep market share

Saudi Arabia’s short-term oil price play

Cheaper crude is a holiday gift for consumers that is unlikely to stay

Pakistan and Iran reach gas agreement

Islamabad convinces Tehran not to enforce ‘take or pay’ obligation

Airbus delivers its Dreamliner competitor

A350 wide-body jet set to challenge Boeing’s 787

Non-Opec producers blamed for oil slide

Saudi and UAE vow to maintain output targets at 30m barrels a day

Oil’s slide is good for the world economy

Fears that cheaper crude creates yet more deflation are misplaced

Opec can ride out cheap oil, says head

Badri defends maintaining output at 30m barrels

Costa tapped to nudge Songbird investors

Offer would be more persuasive if it was above standard 381p NAV

For Saudi Arabia, plunging oil prices are a political weapon

The Wahhabi nation’s visceral hatred of its Shia rivals should be factored into the equation

The war for the Wharf

Investors fall out over London’s eastern finance hub

Airbus defence unit’s offices raided

German prosecutors investigate border control contracts

Manchester City set to break even

Football club reports reduced losses after Uefa fine

Oil currencies: let them fall

The right thing is always the hardest thing to do

Qataris complain about Songbird adviser

Canary Wharf owner rejects concerns about ‘conflict of interest’ in takeover battle

Dubai World moves to restructure debt

State-owned company eyes fresh investment as economy improves


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