Royal Mail faces fine for raising barriers

A Royal Mail post box
©Andrew Winning/Reuters

Having seen off its rival in end-to-end deliveries, the concern is that it sits back on its haunches

Rakesh Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer of Reckitt Benckiser.
©Charlie Bibby

Reckitt boss remains nicely focused

Results somewhat overshadow those of rival Unilever

Martin Gilbert of Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen AM retreats to granite bunker

Investment group reinforces defences in the face of withdrawals

Arm needs to prove it has value longevity

Low-energy chips offer entry to next stage of tech revolution

UK biotechs dive into a deepening pool

Start-ups tap homegrown capital rather than going stateside

Banking gods in a mood to free up staff

New guard has different ideas on how to deal with bankers

Ofcom: There’s gold in that thar copper

Rivals are seeking to undermine BT by stirring regulator’s feelings about unfair competitive advantages

Sir Mike Rake

Barclays rows on without Rake

Deputy chairman Sir Mike follows chief executive out of the boat

Gender pay transparency would boost City

Business will gain if more talented women get to the top

Alent acquisition catalysed by demerger

Division of companies opens door to conquest and a renewed cycle of consolidation in a conglomerate

Business digests the budget

Mismatch between received wisdom among economists and the way civilians think is displayed

Barclays on the path to righteousness

Now that McFarlane is in the seat of supreme power, he is in no hurry to hand over to a new CEO

Energy: do blame the customer

Disengaged consumers found to be the weakest link in the chain ensuring competitive pricing

Rolls goes East, shares go south

Veteran engines company is battling to level off after order book takes a glancing hit

US to test Dixons Carphone’s tech stamina

Honeybee software generates buzz in retail collaboration

Sir Howard does the polymath on Heathrow

Glasto bongo duties were more of a challenge for multitasking mind behind airport recommendations

Towers and Willis add up the equals signs

Cost synergies are forecast, but there is little operational overlap

Fairbairn must suppress her wonk at CBI

New director-general must spin vibrant line. She should project the energy of British enterprise

OneWeb project could end up lost in space

US start-up’s plan for 600 micro-satellites appears ambitious

Crown Estate: minted imperial

Britain’s booming real estate market boosts profits at the Queen’s property company


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