Moya the Destroyer revives letter writing

Chief looks to revive group’s fortunes with heartfelt letter-writing campaign

Thomas Cook draws public outrage

Final error the bosses made was failing to meet the Shepherds face-to-face

HSBC charges put business in Alice world

Low inflation means liability represented by a loan hardly erodes gambling

Market gives Plus500 a C-minus after glitch

Spread betting firm’s shares fall 36% on rumours that it had failed to pay a $65m dividend

Ex-spy on BP board could spook customers

Ex-spooks on boards is a funny way to demonstrate group’s arm’s length relationship with the state

Henry Engelhardt

The admirable Engelhardt

The insurer’s co-founder and driving force, is to step down after 25 years

EasyJet’s diminishing legroom

A good ski season has gone off-piste and ended in the pain of an air-traffic dispute

Javid boldly goes to Planet Business

Will Star Trek fandom affect the business secretary’s approach?

City of London celebrates Labour’s defeat

Relief at Conservative victory but fears loom over EU referendum

Tory win gives City executive relief

Market rally was decent but not on a par with ‘Bolly-popping’ celebrations for Thatcher’s third victory

Telecity’s tie-up Equi-nixed

UK group’s Dutch data merger has been disrupted by US player

Does it matter which ‘soap powder brand’ wins?

The election is a lot less important than the three main parties claim

HSBC’s partly political broadcast

Threats by chief executive Gulliver leave political victor with a problem

RBS: McEwan goes Forth

Lender battles to end its saga of big writedowns and provisions

Barclays: tormented by Avenging Ben

Regulator visits iniquity of past management unto next generation

Alliance chief has agonising choice ahead

Trust has a year to ponder how to move on after heartbreak of losing tussle with Elliott Advisors

BP investors need protecting from Cameron

Shareholders have paid for the right to determine the company’s future. The government has not

Deutsche’s belated fine shows it may not pay to come too quietly

Conclusion is fines may be a worthwhile price to pay to postpone punishment for original offence

Tesco’s ‘drastic’ Dave earns his nickname

With £7bn in impairments the CEO faces tall task to rebrand as fantastic

Chipmaker generates strong numbers

Arm’s chips gain an apparent pricing advantage over rivals


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