The price for Mike Ashley’s privacy

MPs find ‘some appalling working practices’ at Sports Direct shops and warehouses

Cometh the hour, goeth the Man(ny)

London hedge fund group chief executive is heading stateside

Legal & General offices.

L&G bigs up ICI bulk annuity deal

Insurer’s shares have fallen a fifth since vote to leave EU

Arm investors should put up or shut up

Japanese group picks moment of maximum uncertainty post-Brexit to sweep chip designer off its feet

Supergroup lifted into the Next realm

Fashion retailer offers double-digit online growth plus cash returns

If Jamie D were to have chat with Shriti V

BBA urges JPMorgan chief to take a more positive tone over Brexit

Alan Rubenstein the new CEO of the Pension Protection Fund at their offices in East Croyden. Picture by David Parry/FT

Pension funds keep calm and plug gaps

Battle lines are being drawn over defined benefits liabilities

Bailey: dedicated follower of fashion

Luxury goods group acknowledges high office and haute couture do not go hand in hand

Brexit and sterling: burn, baby, burn

A weaker currency has upsides, as corporate news shows

Pension scheme deficits take a pounding

Other ministers should turn a deaf ear to the special pleading of Ros Altmann

Carney exaggerates capital claims

Governor says he has raised lending capacity in the UK ‘by up to £150bn’

Pray that Standard Life move is an oddity

There is a whiff of panic in the news that a £2.9bn retail property fund has suspended redemptions

How the City can survive Brexit to thrive

Next couple of years will be ghastly but we’ll learn how to get along

Goldman mystique based on goal-hanging

MPs incredulous at bank’s no-fee advice to Sir Philip Green

Branson unlikely to inspire Remain reboot

Sir Richard has stepped forward as the deal-doing community’s spokesman

Osborne’s reassurance should make us nervous

Role in bringing on mess should not be forgotten as UK chancellor heads for his own exit

Lombard live: Brexiter’s pub stake defizzed

Business reels as Remain camp trounced

Brexit vote a disaster for City and business

Vote to leave the EU will bring extended market volatility

Tesco: killing Phil’s darlings

Dave Lewis quick to sell his predecessors’ vanity acquisitions

Brexit’s fallout for City would be costly

CMU is emblematic of larger problem for the City as Europe’s financial centre if Britain Brexits


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