Ineos boss pitches fracking

Jim Ratcliffe’s big problem is footloose environmentalists

Royal Mail will struggle to deliver

Parcels growth story that fuelled huge demand for shares looks unreliable

Businesses in India need fiscal certainty

Selective levies have deterred overseas companies considering doing deals in India

Struggle to understand Quindell speak

Group is in a permanent state of motion

Challenger banks will face challenges

Investors right to exercise caution that saw Virgin Money price at 1.2 times book value

Sainsbury’s may need more firepower

The retailer is fighting hard discounters and preparing for a renewed Tesco onslaught

Bank bailouts are not yet history

There has been a big advance on dealing with failing banks, but the process will still be messy

Serco embraces temperance and prudence

Chief Rupert Soames’s message is take the pain and hope to gain, eventually

StanChart case hatches cuckoos in NY nests

Lender is gift that keeps on giving for boss of New York Department of Financial Services

FCA is right to hold bosses to account

Its pursuit of personal accountability at the top is a necessary and welcome step

Primark must dodge wardrobe malfunctions

Unless Primark breaks America, ABF’s business mix risks looking dated

Diageo swaps bottles to boost cocktail

Deal with Cuervo adds another tequila card to its set

Bad news keeps coming for Barclays

In and out of reputational rehab, the UK bank has produced three nasty surprises in two days

Next: weather-beaten Wolfson

Profit warning is the first from clothes retailer since 1998

Lloyds – mechanisation is never mechanistic

Execution risks of banking digitisation are substantial

PRA traces an ark towards higher defences

Insurers’ response to catastrophe stress tests hinges on government‘s attitude to climate change

Tesco CEO must grasp strategic nettle now

Danger for Lewis is he listens to sound of tills filling with cash and loses sense of urgency

Witty goes some way to disarm gainsayers

Better news on drug pipelines still needed to pacify doubters

How much longer can Asos defy gravity?

Share in the online retailer rose 15 per cent after a 14 per cent drop in profits

RBS takes a gamble on P2P lending

P2P concept is untested in anything other than an environment of ultra-low interest rates


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