Bramson ‘the Trump of private equity’

Edward Bramson F&C

Activist’s shareholding makes him the wrong person to become chief

Rowe shows ‘Mrs M&S’ some love

Incoming boss changes retailer’s focus and tone

BHS, British Home Stores, on Oxford street, London.
©Charlie Bibby

MPs ratty with Lord Grabiner over BHS

Taveta chairman spoke of ‘after-event ratification’

BHS leaves Goldman with sucker scars

The retailer’s collapse means former owner Arcadia is now an embarrassing client

Bribe probe highlights Rolls’ challenge

Technological brilliance at Britain’s engineering champion has fostered managerial mediocrity

Burberry: not so hot right now

Brand needs to check decline before it ends up in the trenches

Analyzing and balancing account data, bank statement.Analyzing and balancing account data.

CMA: banking’s impotent watchmeerkat

Regulator once again reduced to proposing better means for consumers to shop around

ICAP’s unsentimental NEX step

Michael Spencer changes securities group’s name and focus for a new start after 30 years

Last Chance Tavern for City’s dodgers

Record sentence for insider trading validates FCA’s dogged eight-year pursuit

Vestager sends Hutchison-O2 to Valhalla

EU’s Danish competition commissioner blocks £10.5bn telecoms deal

Saudi Aramco — more mirage than IPO

It is sensible to question how realistic the Saudis are about this float

Flexit clauses reflect a queasy outcome

The risk is that the cost of money will rise for all UK borrowers if voters opt to quit the EU

Bailey’s blurred role at Burberry

By definition, a chief executive who needs support is a chief executive in trouble

The Greens both have questions to answer

Sir Philip runs the couple’s extensive UK retail businesses but Lady Green is the main owner

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Aberdeen

Fund group chief sounds a bit like Marvin the Paranoid Android

Singing the blues over ‘broken’ boss pay

Vote against Weir plan reflects wider dismay at efforts to recast remuneration

Barclays: the eagle is stranded

Results illustrate why the big blue bird of banking is down in the pecking order

Brexit: the first 100 minutes

1 minute: Sterling dumped. 100 mins: Sterling recovers. Johnson bids for PM job. Sterling tanks

BHS and the demonisation of Philip Green

Retail chain’s collapse reads like a contemporary morality tale

Javid more Sontaran than Thatcherite

Business secretary offers to take a state stake of up to 25% in any buyout of Tata Steel UK


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