Caravan parks hitch up in mega-merger

Electra Private Equity shrugs off the post-holiday blues

CRH options not Manifold in a downturn

Irish giant might yet have cause to regret big deals

Betty Power makes Wm Hill the wallflower

Proposed Paddy Power-Betfair deal caps a year of frenetic deal-doing by gambling groups

RSA: cash asserts royal prerogative

Hester’s turnround strategy set to earn him an early exit but with thanks from grateful investors

Apologia for City’s China bulls

Chief of a typical stockbroker attempts to clarify recommendations in light of market correction

Co-op comeback cake is not a show-stopper

Booker faces challenge to rise above the impaired ingredients he is working with

Market forces cut Glencore down to size

Even a giant can be unbalanced by the choppy waters of commodities

Asda should remember profits matter

Revenue-related paranoia is natural when your core activity is making sales


Quindell’s chief executor

New boss Indro Mukerjee may need to call on past experience

US regional banks benefit in absentia

Investors attracted by their lack of involvement in league tables

Investors should learn to love high CEO pay

Big executive payouts are fine, so long as they coincide with periods of good performance

Annuities deal amid an impaired market

Companies try to compete after chancellor blows roof off business

FCA flap risk to Clydesdale float stakes

Regulator considers widening scope for PPI claims as chief prepares for flight from the City

RSA: a fox bolts for cover

Hester may need to employ wiles to escape Zurich pack

StanChart: the Vin Diesel recovery plan

Fast and furious start needs to settle into a comfortable cycle

RBS short sellers embarrass Osborne

Share fall hints traders benefited at the expense of taxpayers

Libor: Rain Man’s excuses fail to wash

Conviction is a triumph for SFO boss David Green in a case ‘he could not afford to lose’

Clarkson aims to serve up a Prime cut

Car show on streaming service will seek to capture the spirit of his BBC offering

Lone Star seeks to score at Wembley

Texan private equity group snaps up Quintain Estates for £700m

Royal Mail faces fine for raising barriers

Having seen off its rival in end-to-end deliveries, the concern is that it sits back on its haunches


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Kate Burgess is the FT's Small Talk columnist and Small Companies Correspondent. She has worked at the FT for nearly 20 years in various roles, most recently as investment correspondent. Before the FT she worked as a stock broker.

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