Prog rock divis strike bum note for Rio

Programme Name: Brian Pern: 45 Years of Prog and Roll - TX: 14/01/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Member of the Thotch fan Club Perry Boothe (JOHN THOMPSON) - (C) BBC - Photographer: .

How does the 1970s musical genre differ from miners’ payouts?

Read between lines of Deutsche’s memos

There are several giveaways in CEO John Cryan’s memo to staff

The Little Short shows problem for banks

Annuities and banks jostle to star in the credit crunch sequel

Sir Philip should use code to aid women

UK’s corporate governance code is one way to focus minds on meeting targets

Numbers games and existential angst

AstraZeneca and Shell chiefs take the stage, who gets applause?

Witty avoids City’s would-be surgeons

Chief executive could be in store for bad news at yearly check-up

Ocado runs the risk of being overtaken

Sainsbury’s deal to buy Home Retail Group shines a harsh light on Tim Steiner’s efforts

Anne Richards

Aberdeen’s Anne should give M&G new options

New chief might opt for softly, softly over big bang theories

City regulators’ teeth not so sharp

Setting the dogs on HBOS’s former top bods is hardly battening down on banks

A thought experiment on boards and gender

‘Woman up. The fellanazis have you by the short and curlies’

Bailey needs to rally the FCA troops

Principled and pragmatic new leader will require thick skin

No knockout blow in Brexit debate

Latest tussle over Brussels shows weak economic claims by both sides

Pearson gives lessons in disappointment

John Fallon gives a textbook example of decimation in a last ditch bid to reverse decline

BG numbers inspire pro-deal revisionism

Opinions prove cheap and malleable unlike research which takes time and effort

Student digs investment highlights value of education

Property groups believe rising tuition costs will keep more students in halls

Fortune favours chiefs with good timing

The performances by Brikho and Meakins hang on the cycle as much as their ability

Seasonal numbers are a late gift to Tesco

Dave Lewis’s sunny disposition might be enough to keep chain in the lead

Coupe’s outdated Argos justification exposed

Honest appraisal from the mouths of babes explains any investor reticence over Argos bid

FCA risks looking shifty

Cancellation of the banking culture probe is sensitive — the FCA’s independence may be questioned

Saudis will make bankers wait over Aramco

Value of the oil business is put at $100bn to $10tn


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