MPC rebels break ranks

Dissident duo are dangerously close to the real economy

BHP Billiton / Carillion / Imps

Imagination is not going to be greatest asset for new group

Uneggspected shows power of political risk

Nothing funny about Crimea’s move to buy Avangardco operations

Balfour’s bear necessity

Carillion ratcheting up the pressure on Marshall

Trade bodies left existentially tested

It is time for reinvention or they will disappear

Thiam risks joining the establishment

We will never know if Pru would have performed better with AIA

RBS must honour Coutts’ royal prerogative

‘Don’t forget Coutts customers still expect a top drawer service’

A Norse sense to company votes

Norway’s oil fund readies a raid against complacent boards

Sands’ see-saw ride at StanChart

Board divisions can only be exaggerated by threat of new penalty

Bankers should take heed of BlackRock

Rob Leach’s tone on underperforming deals is masterly

A second irascible Scotsman battles officialdom

Chairman is right that the clampdown on banks is messy and unnecessarily costly

Investor, by their writedowns so shall you know them

‘Exceptionals’ in Lloyds, Shell, and Diageo results

Pay statistic lost from Barclays’ results

An expansion of capital-lite activities not a foregone conclusion

City ignores Russian capacity for hardship at its peril

Glasnost that fosters business ties is expiring amid the wreckage

Lloyds traders rip off an Old Lady

Scam is most dispiriting in scandal over benchmark manipulation

Beer sales beat Unilever’s ice cream

SABMiller’s top-line growth was 6% in the quarter

GSK stumbles in the final furlong

Advair drug disappoints as group heads into period of transition

Companies feel the pain of strong pound

Chipmakers to Royal Mail are blaming forex for profit falls

Tesco’s investors yet to feel the love

Shares might not outperform for quite a while following CEO change

Ineos / Gulf Keystone / Bank penalties

Counterintuitive Ineos prepares for a modern-day coals to Newcastle adventure


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Jonathan has edited or contributed to books on eurobonds, derivatives, investment management and M&A published by The Economist, International Financing Review and Mercury Asset Management.

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