China headcount to overtake UK at top firms

UK poised to lose headcount top spot to China

Accountants find cause for calm amid the storm

But despite positive signs, no one rules out a return to mayhem

No assurance over IFRS rules rewrite

Life assurers may become ‘uninvestable’ under tweak to accountancy standards

Auditing has moved into the realms of sitcom

Gloves come off in accounting debate

Accountants flustered by Greek inconsistency

Uneven writedowns exacerbate market jitters

Brand values should count when diversifying

WGA aims to call UK government to account

A drive to produce a City-friendly balance sheet meant debt increased by billions of pounds

The OFT must try to keep Brussels at bay

Too much national power should not drift overseas

Barclays must clear mists for investors

Lords auditing report is warm-up act for Brussels

Retailers resist lease obligation plans

Dissident companies find ally in Revenue & Customs

Quest for consistency still faces hurdles

New IFRS rules could shake investor supremacy

Black book of scandals is required reading

Questionable financial reporting across countries examined

Getting a grip on Big Four’s perilous dominance

IASB head knows all about cross-channel frictions

Sir David Tweedie has locked horns with France several times, writes Adam Jones

Chance for change as decade-old double act exits

New thinking is key to opening door of Big Four

Dominance of top accountancy firms is back on regulatory agenda

Lehman case revives dark memories of Enron

Multinationals face a gathering storm on tax

Charges of siphoning out profits


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