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- China’s increasing needs will shape the worldwide market

- Brazil should not just rely on its abundant natural resources

Markets in uncertain furrow

Investors are having to contend with significant risks – from global economics to geopolitics and the weather

Chicago traders

Trade finance: Unfashionable actor takes centre stage

Javier Blas explains the possible impact of a change in European banking regulation

The weather: La Niña rolls in for a second round

Markets have stabilised after the last powerful system. A new one is now in train, says Emiko Terazono

Oil pipelines

Oil storage: Few rooms for workers but lots of room for oil

Gregory Meyer on why capacity is being added at such a rate in Cushing, a small town in Oklahoma

oil barrel

Crude price: Reversal of fortune

Gregory Meyer notes the two main oil benchmarks diverged this year but there are moves to rebalance supply and even out the difference in prices


Brazil: Crop and ore riches skew economy

The country should not just rely on resources, says Henry Mance

Gas-powered taxis

China: Beijing will drive global natural gas demand

Leslie Hook reports on how the country’s needs will shape the market

Gold: Haven turns riskier but retains its appeal

The precious metal’s fortunes have fluctuated, but it might rally again

Metals: Cost is main influence on miners’ profit

Jack Farchy writes that the price of production, not the level of demand, is considered to affect margins the most