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Beware of the liquidity delusion

Conventional wisdom has not had a great run over the past decade so it should be questioned

From the blogs

US attack puts Afghanistan back on agenda but not enough to draw a major offer of rescue from the west
– The Exchange: Ahmed Rashid
Syria is central to the struggle for Middle East and Putin aims to make others follow his initiative, not vice-versa
– The Exchange: Fyodor Lukyanov
There is a growing risk of open war and oil facilities and exports would be primary targets
– Nick Butler

The demagogues destroying Europe’s ideals

After Soviet tanks crushed the Hungarian uprising no one caged us behind wire, writes Kati Marton

Russia’s reckless Middle East adventure

Putin thinks that by storming into Syria he has taken rightful leadership of the winning coalition

English rugby needs sterner stuff

There can be no favourites — selection must be based on form, writes Will Carling

Economists should keep to the facts

‘Mathiness’ is use of data to give an appearance of scientific content to ideological preconceptions

FT Editorial

Back to school in Paris — no gold stars

After London, a child can find a French education rather harsh, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

A radical who has stumbled upon a cause

Running a state according to a system of thought is neither human nor humane

James Ferguson illustration
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Outside powers at risk from Syria’s fire

Proxy wars can be very dangerous for the nations that are fuelling the conflict

What bankers can teach economists

Myopia contrasts with more convincing action to repair the financial sector, writes Ludger Schuknecht

India’s female students claim the streets

University argues that curfews on women are necessary to ensure safety, writes Amy Kazmin

ECJ should know the truth about Prism

Intelligence programme does not give the US ‘unrestricted access’ to data, says Robert Litt

Illegal trade is the elephant in the room

How would I explain to my children how we let the last of these animals die, writes Prince William

It’s still the middle class, dumbo

Yet no American populist has reached the Oval Office since the 19th century

Volkswagen’s threat to the German model

Berlin’s over-reliance on cars is a silly strategy, much like Britain’s dependence on finance

Russia must work with America in Syria

We should persuade Moscow to act with us in resolving such a problem, writes Zbigniew Brzezinski

A walk on Mars is a step to the stars

This could be the first move to exploring our solar system and a wider cosmos, writes Martin Rees

Recruiters spread net, but elite stay top

Some who may have been excluded from the professions now have more chance, writes Emily Cadman

Ralph Lauren, designer of American dream

A changing of the guard as the fashion boss hands the reins over, writes John Gapper

Koenig was the man who put VW on track

In those days it felt strange for a bunch of Jews to own a German car

A refuge for London’s huddled hipsters

Pricy breakfast cereals from around the world find a home in the East End, writes Erica Wagner



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