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Companies have a new audience

Younger consumers with liberal attitudes are a bigger market than religious conservatives

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The failure to recognise that individual actions to avoid deflation can encourage collective failure means deflationary risks are underestimated
– Stephen King
No - with the exception of the US, this is a myth
– Andrew Smithers
If the eurozone is to prosper under a single currency over the next decades, the Greek threat will have to be removed
– DeAnne Julius

Buhari’s second chance to boost Nigeria

Hopefully the history’s lessons will not be lost on the incoming president, writes Tolu Ogunlesi

Tidal tilts power back to record labels

Launch of music streaming service signals a shift from tech companies, says Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Round two in US bid for Asian influence

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is just as likely to annoy America’s allies in region as reassure them

Iran’s chief weapon sheds his mysteries

The once reclusive General Soleimani has emerged into the public eye

FT Editorial

Asia forum shows off China’s vigour

Asia forum shows off China’s vigour as its neighbours come to pay homage

Italian deals point to reformist zeal

A shift in industrial policy viewed as a welcome break from the past

ECB QE drives confidence for now

Not everyone in the eurozone is enjoying a smooth ride

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A mishap should not seal Greece’s fate

Accidental exit from the eurozone is quite likely — not because Greece or its partners want it

It is financial crashes we should fear

Air travel is safe and its investigation process transparent — the contrast with finance could hardly be greater

The nightmare of a Korean cold war thaw

Everyone in the region has reason to be wary of the process by which unification might come about

Shareholder value not short-term profit

The biggest rewards should go to managers who think long-term, write Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman

Job porn is all too often a fantasy

Those who talk about career change should say if they’re serious or just being self-indulgent

The door to China’s riches remains locked

Western investors kept waiting in the courtyard of the energy, rail and telecoms sectors

Markets look forward to higher inflation

Three reasons rising prices expected despite current zero rates

Policy is trivial — personality is destiny

PM’s character does much to determine government’s performance

Technology will free us from bad banking

A ‘national grid’ would end the big banks’ control of infrastructure, writes Philip Augar

A continent enfeebled by economic crisis

The EU’s 2003 document was a classic ‘soft power’ statement, writes Tony Barber

Help Tunisia reach full democracy

The attacks boost our resolve not to let our achievements be spoilt, writes Amel Azzouz

The unwritten rules of life in China

Mould your own way rather than use kindergarten morality



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