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Beyoncé, musical militant superstar

The singer’s ‘Formation’ has been criticised as an attack on the US, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

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Syrian government forces' tanks drive in...Syrian government forces' tanks drive in the village of Tal Jabin, north of the embattled city of Aleppo, as they advanced to break a three-year rebel siege of two government-held Shiite villages, Nubol and Zahraa, and take control of parts of the supply route on February 3, 2016.
As Ankara and Riyadh harden their rhetoric, it will take more hostilities before Syria talks can resume
– The Exchange: Fyodor Lukyanov
The NHS and the Tube show trimming capacity too much can be counter-productive
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle
Government messages are mixed and lead to unease and insecurity
– The Exchange: Ahmed Rashid

Only tenants truly live the London dream

Renting has given me the freedom to live in areas that should be beyond my means

UK ends its love affair with failure

A messier view of success marks a different tone in how we see ourselves, writes Bronwen Maddox

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NHS isn’t dead but it needs major surgery

Social care is the real illness and that has to be fixed, writes Nicholas Timmins

Give up skiing? No way!

Middle age may mean earlier nights but the slopes are still great fun, says Heather McGregor

The genius behind gravitational waves

Confirmation of Einstein’s theory vindicates the pursuit of science and technology for its own sake

FT Editorial

Syria is one piece in the Russian jigsaw

Moscow has shown it will not let the west do away with any dictator they dislike, writes Tony Barber

John Tishman, building chief, 1926-2016

Skyscraper supremo who saw his twin towers topple and started again

President Bloomberg can douse the flames

Never has an independent candidate with his achievements run for office, writes William Ackman

The sun sets on the petrodollar age

The drop in oil price adds a twist to the forces driving fragmentation and conflict

Clinton can learn from Corbyn’s win

She should face down the Sandersnista by looking at the Labour campaign, writes Philip Stephens

Debate begins on US negative rates

The Federal Reserve will need to play an astonishingly canny hand in coming weeks

Ireland’s gangland battles

The republican and drug cartel accord can disintegrate into turf wars, writes Peter Cunningham

Republicans seek bright side on Trump

The party is having to clutch at silver linings attached to the mogul’s possible nomination

France‘s law on terrorists is draconian

Former UK prime minister Blair made that error and it divided rather than united, writes James Blitz

Bridgewater is troubled over transparency

Dalio’s method of running his hedge fund seems weird, which reflects badly on dishonesty elsewhere

The two moons pulling the tides of gloom

The latest reversal is the start of a dismal chapter in global readjustment, writes James Kynge

The world of British workers’ pay growth

Economics would not expect such a striking regularity of median salary increase

Brightness amid dimmed hopes for graphene

The discovery of novel materials often predates their killer application

Death in Aleppo, victory in Russia

Syria’s crisis is set to be bigger and nastier. We can no longer look the other way



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