Why France is a prime target for jihadis

The potential for fostering political and ethno-religious conflict is great, writes Jonathan Fenby

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Mapping the heartlands of the anti-establishment vote
– Free Lunch: Martin Sandbu
More evidence in favour of having an official digital currency
– Free Lunch: Martin Sandbu
BRIDGWATER, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 12: The sun sets behind Electricite de France SA's (EDF) (L) Hinkley Point B, and (R) Hinkley Point A nuclear power stations besides the Bristol Channel near Bridgwater on November 12, 2013 in Somerset, England. EDF, who last month announced it was to construct a new plant at Hinkley Point after reaching a deal with the U.K. government, said today that energy bills will rise by 3.9 percent on average. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images) ©Getty
Board meets on Thursday to discuss long-planned investment in UK nuclear power
– Nick Butler

A plot reminiscent of a cold war classic

Notebook: Curious events around Trump make for a juicy conspiracy theory

Relax about robots, fear for the climate

Technology doesn’t advance quickly and that is why new ideas are vital, writes Robin Harding

May is yet to stamp authority on Brexit

Trade conflicts highlight the difficulty of laying a path to a new deal, writes Sebastian Payne

The Bank of England’s response to Out

The Monetary Policy Committee has to decide whether to seek an economic stimulus

Brexit: Sturgeon and May’s balancing act

It is in Scotland’s interest to settle for a Norway-style deal, writes Jim Gallagher

James Ferguson illustration

The world leans ever more on America

Time to forget the UK referendum effect and look at the big picture, writes Stephanie Flanders

FT Editorial

Clinton, Trump and the Gulf of America

Two mirror-image conventions show each party’s electoral logic, writes Edward Luce

Ukip needs to reshape or it will die

The party that brought us Brexit is locked in a battle to redefine itself, writes Sebastian Payne

Putin is the model of economic sobriety

His strategy is all defence and no offence, bringing stability but not growth, writes Ruchir Sharma

America ignores Pakistan at its peril

Strategic imperative for improved relations between the two countries is clear, says John McCain

French youth look to the right

Notebook: Populists are pulling in votes from the young, writes Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

Mayer, Yahoo and sexist stereotyping

Her leadership gave rise to gender-charged debates she could never win, writes Leslie Hook

Activists seek to build influence in Asia

Hedge fund efforts to shift policy are rubbing off on regular shareholders

Fearful Japanese thwart Abe on equities

Japanese public shun equities despite negative returns on bonds

India – Sikh jokes are no laughing matter

Notebook: Faith’s followers go to court to stop ‘Santa-Banta’ humour in Bollywood and on the web

Turkey’s fate lies in Erdogan’s hands

His priority is not Isis but the Gulenists and Kurdish insurgents, writes David Gardner

Putin would favour President Trump

Regardless of Russian hacking claims, his policies will delight Moscow, writes Gideon Rachman

Corbyn backers deserve no sympathy

Unrepentant supporters of the Labour leader at least know their own minds

Germany has stayed calm over attacks

The debate on the right domestic response is far removed from that in France, says Daniela Schwarzer



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