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Leo Varadkar, the man leading an Irish revival

Ireland’s prime minister is positioning his country to make the most out of Brexit

Bannon’s influence will not end with his departure

The former strategist will try to keep up pressure on ‘globalists’, writes Geoff Dyer

In dark times, we need good satire more than ever

But much political humour is too obvious, too lazy and stuck in a comfort zone

SERGIEV POSAD, RUSSIA, MAY 23: in Russia, KrioRus one of the 2 world company for animal and human cryonics . a stage of the cryonics process practiced on a dummy during an exercise on May 23, 2016 ( Photo by Vlada Krassilnikova/Paris Match Via Getty Image)

Silicon Valley and dreams of immortality

Human beings are the only animals to have evolved an insight into their own death

Spain responds to terror with a display of unity

The attacks come at a delicate moment in Catalan regional politics

FT Editorial
web_The Road to Brexit
©Ingram Pinn

Pinn’s illustration of the week: The road to Brexit

Britain takes some early steps towards a post-2019 vision

Saddam Hussein Statue...BAGHDAD, IRAQ - APRIL 9: (U.S. AND CANADA SALES ONLY) U.S. Marines pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in the centre of Baghdad, April 9, 2003. (Photo by Mirrorpix/Getty Images)
©Getty Images

Past battles should not inflame present disputes

Statues serve to commemorate reconciliation rather than division

NEW DELHI, INDIA ? APRIL 23: Robert Loder(third from right) released the Khojbook in the presence of artists at an event commemorating 10 yeard of Khoj in New Delhi on April 25, 2010. (Photo by Ramesh Sharma/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Robert Loder, art collector, 1934-2017

Businessman who created opportunities for African and Indian artists

Mental bias leaves us unprepared for disaster

We are always cutting cognitive corners, especially in finance

Garden Bridge, London, Sumer

The tale of London’s bridges marks the end of an era

More than £45m later, the champions of the Garden Bridge have thrown in the trowel



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