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Grexit will leave the euro fragile

If Greece left it would guarantee default and generate permanent instability for the eurozone

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Such a move is usually a bad idea, but it’s unlikely China will let the market fall much further
– Gavyn Davies
We should use scientific methods to assess what people say about their values, not take what they say on trust
– Andrew McAfee
Don’t forget the mesoeconomics - it’s not just the pace of tech innovation that matters
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle

Someone needed to speak truth to Europe

In the eurozone the IMF has let itself to be used by leaders as political cover, writes Takatoshi Ito

A nuclear deal will not banish the Middle East’s demons

In its ruthless projection of state power Iran seems indifferent to the sectarian break-up of other states

English votes for English laws

Forty years after the West Lothian question was first posed it is back on the agenda

Look at the expensive badge I’m wearing

Professional qualifications convey a message but they foster potentially misleading generalisations

FT Editorial

IMF could play its part to save Greece

It may be time for fund to look at rule book and consider following its own advice

Peer-to-peer lenders make China fairer

Small enterprises now have alternative to loan sharks

Currency skirmishes become pitched battles

Competitive devaluations raise threat of full-blown protectionism

James Ferguson illustration

Europe should welcome Greece’s vote

Athens and the eurozone have a common interest in making Grexit as painless as possible

A stealthy route to Grexit

In Berlin, the belief is hardening that no deal can be reached with a government led by Tsipras

Physicists brought low by thinking big

Science is a messy affair peopled by characters ready to risk everything to seal their reputations

Osborne’s chance to rethink climate taxes

The alphabet soup of green levies fail just about every test of coherence, writes Paul Johnson

Fat is cultural issue for expanding China

Thirtysomething ‘Little Fish’ was astounded that many westerners think beef is bad for the heart

Market sell-off tests Xi’s reform agenda

Turmoil challenges president’s image as transformative strongman

Insurance M&A on track for record year

Cheap borrowing and efficiency seeking fuel a boom in M&A with 2015 on track to be a record year

US markets not immune from Greek turmoil

Equities and corporate bonds vulnerable to risk aversion

The US is a helpless bystander on Greece

Washington has urged EU to write off Athens’ debts in return for restructuring, to no avail

Budget must end our perverse tax system

A country’s tax code is not just a mesh of rules and rates — it is a secular bible of moral signals

China’s credit and stock market party

Debt growth has fallen but is still rising at twice the rate of nominal GDP, writes George Magnus

The Greeks deserve more than threats

People need something more hopeful than talk of further cuts and tax rises, writes Nick Malkoutzis



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