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US share buybacks loot the future

Corporate leaders should put long-term investment and growth ahead of quick gains

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nterest in measuring the economy is high but statistical literacy too low
– The Exchange: Diane Coyle
Financial markets are right to have quarantined Greece, but have they gone too far?
– The Exchange: Mohamed El-Erian
For the first time, the island has no benefactor
– The Exchange: Ian Bremmer

The real threat to Europe lies in Ukraine

A failed state or further annexation by Russia would dwarf fears over Grexit

Right to Buy has been wrong for Britain

Such a policy would push up rents by creating a buy-to-let bonanza, writes Stephen Howlett

India promises a fair deal on tax

The government must end damaging retroactive demands as a priority, writes Arun Jaitley

Europe must impose tough border controls

Without addressing this key strategic issue, all other tactics are pointless, writes Jim Molan

FT Editorial

‘We Love Death as You Love Life’, by Raffaello Pantucci

Homegrown terrorism in the UK still looms large. Review by Sam Jones

Bank levy is reason why HSBC eyeing move

Tax is top of mind for bank’s shareholders

Joe Cummings illustration of Guy Laliberte
©Joe Cummings

Guy Laliberté, Cirque du Soleil co-founder

The ‘sun king’ has just taken his circus brand to another level, writes Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

‘Eurocrats’ command the world’s respect

Why, when the EU is so bad at so much, has it hit upon a competition policy that works?

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This is no time for the Tories to panic

National campaigns can be tweaked, but they have little impact on the election result

The US has forgotten the Vietnamese

Americans tend to think only of what they suffered during the war

The macabre market in migration

Most arrivals in 2014 were from Syria, then Eritrea, Mali and Nigeria, says John McDermott

Marathon runners make us competitive

The rise of online fundraising has added career-enhancing sponsorship opportunities

Will cyber attacks switch off the lights?

‘Power companies are now under constant, accelerating attack from troublemakers or state-sponsored players’

Elio Toaff, spiritual leader, 1915-2015

The former chief rabbi of Rome who pursued the cause of reconciliation between Catholics and Jews

Republicans want a bumper sticker world

It is easier to say that Obama never gets it right than to come up with an alternative strategy

Sky’s the limit for footy couch potatoes

Customers appear to be prepared to pay ever more for their habit

US fears European sequel to Lehman

Policy makers worry eurozone officials are too optimistic about dealing with a potential Grexit

Quixotic quest for a greener future

Even an ardent enthusiast will struggle to make the technology work, writes Julian Critchlow

The internet cannot be without laws

The police are sometimes demonised as agents of digital repression, says Rob Wainwright



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