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Trump, Sanders and American rage

The yearning for leaders from the fringes will have profound implications for the US and the world

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In China, numbers serve political purposes and that matters because the country accounts for almost a quarter of global energy consumption
– Nick Butler
Is market turbulence foreshadowing – or causing – a much broader weakening in global economic activity than anything seen since 2009?
– Gavyn Davies
The economy is slowly hemorrhaging and a more sustainable growth path is needed
– The Exchange: Yukon Huang

Ted Cruz stays strong in New Hampshire

Texas senator still trails Donald Trump in polls, writes Sebastian Payne

Britain’s premature bet on future of EU

If the case for membership is the ability to influence laws that affect us, that case could shrivel

Find refugees work to boost integration

Minimum wages may be good for native workers but are less so for migrants, writes Scott McDonald

Snatching at Apple’s crown

Leader’s slip from top spot may prove to be an omen, writes Linda Yueh

FT Editorial

Delhi Notebook: India’s wedding syndrome

The government manages one-off events but not longer-term projects, writes Victor Mallet

Issue of €500 denomination is noteworthy

Shredding the high-value bill will stoke divisions within the eurozone

Bankers’ rock star excesses seem off key

Investment banking no longer needs highly paid whizz-kids

Chasing the dragon in New Hampshire

The tiny state has put America’s heroin epidemic on the political front burner

Through the past, darkly

Today’s economic situation in Europe has parallels with the 1930s and Hitler’s speedy recovery

No free lunches but plenty of cheap ones

By improving incentives or making strategic investments we can achieve conflicting objectives

Charity trustees have a duty

They share the same legal obligations as company directors, writes Harriet Sergeant

‘Crouching Tiger’, by Peter Navarro

A long-time critic of China harbours no doubts that Beijing wants to neutralise the US in east Asia

A narrow approach to broadband in Britain

BT’s outage brings debate over digital future into sharp focus

Ren Jianxin: merger master

ChemChina’s founder can win over foreign investors and Beijing, write Tom Mitchell and Ralph Atkins

Clinton needs some music in her message

The Democrat’s challenge is to create progressive anthem for the next generation, writes Simon Schama

UK still has vital role to play in Europe

If Britain remains in bloc it should take a leadership position, writes Radek Sikorski

Asteroid mining is not science fiction

Manufacturing objects in orbit could be more economic than making them down here, writes Clive Cookson

Best days of your life may be yet to come

The UK statistics agency points to the 65 to 79 age group as the happiest, writes Alan Beattie

Kenneth Corfield, industrialist, 1924-2016

An engineer with an agile eye for the trajectory of technology



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