Fact and friction in Catalonia’s debate

Lines have been drawn, imaginary or not, in a sham debate in which neither side hears the other

Europe’s empires did not light the fuse

To blame Sykes-Picot is to ignore the fact of deeply entrenched territorial nationalism in Arab states

Middle East: Falling to pieces

It is imperative that rivals unite in the face of an Isis threat. Failure to do so could spell the end of Iraq

A phoney war fuelled by fantasy politics

Rebels cling to dubious causes in a region where all that is real is industrial desolation

From pariahs to power – and back again

Shadi Hamid’s ‘Temptations of Power’ argues that Mideast Islamists have wasted political capital

Sisi’s election won’t end discord in Egypt

Political Islam can be countered only with a pluralism that the former military leader will not countenance

My encounter with the Wolf of Wall St

As the journalist in Scorsese’s film, I now see Jordan Belfort is small fry by today’s standards

The costs of secret talks with Syria

As rebels battle each other and the west works out its strategy, Assad exploits the muddle

Middle East: Terms of engagement

US attempts to limit involvement in the region have angered its traditional allies

Western policy has benefited Assad

The dictator can now claim that the rebels offer no alternative

Egypt’s unravelling threatens democracy

The coup threatens to bring down with it the political transition that had begun in the region

Morsi’s removal reveals unbridgeable rift

The country is at risk of turning into war-torn 1990s Algeria, writes Roula Khalaf

Abdication heralds more change in Doha

Emir’s move avoids holding risky elections in Qatar

The west is losing friends in Syria

The opposition will lose its legitimacy without support from abroad

Egypt’s comic twists turning into farce

Bassem Youssef is among comedians, bloggers and journalists being prosecuted

Egypt is a crisis that can be solved

It is in Washington’s interest to save Cairo’s economy

Website gives voice to secular Arabs

Online publication questions role of religion in life

Western governments struggle with Syria

Pressure produces escalation of non-lethal aid to rebels

The alluring but misleading Turkish model

The country and its Arab neighbours are at different stages

Arab world: Underfunded renaissance

Inexperienced Islamist leaders in Egypt and Tunisia are struggling to manage economic grievances


Roula Khalaf Roula Khalaf is an associate editor and Middle East editor of the Financial Times. She has worked for the FT since 1995, first as North Africa correspondent, then Middle East correspondent and most recently as Middle East editor. Before joining the FT, she was a staff writer for Forbes magazine in New York.

Roula oversees FT's coverage of the Middle East region, its various bureaus and the newly launched Middle East edition. She writes regularly on Middle East politics and business.

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