Saudi vies for Great Satan status in Iran

Persian-Arab enmity goes back centuries; Iranian-US hostility is only a few decades old

Art replaces adverts in the Islamic Republic

The billboard exhibition is a welcome distraction for some

Lebanon takes on its traffic problems

Unable to tackle the big issues, ministers are trying to improve citizens’ lives in small ways

Misplaced nostalgia for Libyan colonel

Tragic loss of life at sea is no excuse for some to wish dictator was still in charge

A US hawk ponders the big prey in 2016

Bolton considers adding his name as a Republican candidate

Mixed messages in a divided region

Among some in the Middle East, hatred of sectarianism is greater than sectarian hatred

Iran’s chief weapon sheds his mysteries

The once reclusive General Soleimani has emerged into the public eye

Israel’s outbreak of political sincerity

Netanyahu’s pre-election comments against a two-state solution have gone down badly

Imagining the world of Tony Blair

His role as Middle East peace envoy is nearing a long-overdue end

Fiction blurs the political lines in France

A novel by Michel Houellebecq is accused of reinforcing the stigmatisation of Muslims

Hong Kong’s lucky revolutionaries

Despite tear gas attacks and violent confrontations, protests ended without bloodshed

Lure of online violence for jihadi brides

The message for women is domesticity not to fight

Switzerland misses Russian skiers

Sochi is seeing more visitors as domestic financial woes keep tourists close to home

The power of the ballot box in Tunisia

Ghannouchi and the shrewd face of political Islam

Washington trip is risky for Netanyahu

The Israeli prime minister should not address Congress on Iran’s nuclear threat

Jihadi jailers put Beirut in a bind

In an appalling failure, Lebanon’s politicians let terrorists turn a prison into a command centre

The search for a Muslim Martin Luther

Reform of ideology cannot be achieved amid an atmosphere of intimidation and intolerance

Iran’s matters of the heart

The success of negotiations depends on political will, but also numbers and technical concessions

A kingdom fit for an oil price ordeal

Saudi Arabia has been showing that in hydrocarbons only the fittest keep market share

Balancing act

As 2014 draws to a close, hope appears in short supply in the Arab world


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