The real cost of the Iran deal

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The US has fallen into the trap of appeasing the Islamic Republic’s rivals, not Tehran

Something rotten in the state of Lebanon

Support for the You Reek campaign has come from all religions and ethnicities

A Beirut house and the memories beneath

Reluctance to delve into the past is a reason why Lebanon has teetered on the brink of new conflict

Budapest’s battle of the billboards

A one-man party is taking on Viktor Orban, the authoritarian Hungarian prime minister

Netanyahu tweets against Iran deal

The Israeli prime minister launched a Twitter feed the day before the nuclear agreement – in Farsi

The ‘name game’ for Syria after Assad

Talk of a Syrian regime collapse is back in vogue and with it whispers of a new leader

Soap opera casts Islamists as bad guys

The programme’s political message is that President Al-Sisi is returning Egypt to its true nature

Britain deploys soft power against Isis

The government is to commit to a new UK fund to protect cultural property during armed conflict

Tourists meet Mediterranean boat people

Interaction between visitors and refugees feeds anti-immigration sentiment

Peppa Pig

Humour as a weapon in the fight with Isis

Anti-Isis satirical TV series, songs, plays and sketches are proliferating

Turkey’s Erdogan borrows some bad habits

The president seems to combine many vices in a single leadership

German scholars illuminate sacred book

The Corpus Coranicum project builds on tradition of Koranic study halted by the Third Reich

Saudi vies for Great Satan status in Iran

Persian-Arab enmity goes back centuries; Iranian-US hostility is only a few decades old

Art replaces adverts in the Islamic Republic

The billboard exhibition is a welcome distraction for some

Lebanon takes on its traffic problems

Unable to tackle the big issues, ministers are trying to improve citizens’ lives in small ways

Misplaced nostalgia for Libyan colonel

Tragic loss of life at sea is no excuse for some to wish dictator was still in charge

A US hawk ponders the big prey in 2016

Bolton considers adding his name as a Republican candidate

Mixed messages in a divided region

Among some in the Middle East, hatred of sectarianism is greater than sectarian hatred

Iran’s chief weapon sheds his mysteries

The once reclusive General Soleimani has emerged into the public eye

Israel’s outbreak of political sincerity

Netanyahu’s pre-election comments against a two-state solution have gone down badly


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