Death in Aleppo, victory in Russia

Syria’s crisis is set to be bigger and nastier. We can no longer look the other way

Iraqi Kurds and a cycle of destruction

Some Arabs sympathised with Isis but this does not justify condemning people to a life as refugees

Kerry and Zarif, an example to others

While Iran and its neighbours quarrel, this shows how enemies can be friends

The immigration sex-ratio dilemma

The impact of accepting high numbers of young men into Germany has been overlooked

Middle East schism threatens more ruin

Rather than a thaw in Iranian-Saudi relations, the year looks set for greater polarisation

Reform and austerity beckon for Saudis

A lavish welfare state that breeds indolence and apathy must one day come to an end

Khomeini’s return to the Islamic Republic

Grandson of revolutionary leader has star credentials thanks to his name and relative youth

Self-serving logic of the gun lobby

The obsession with firearms is baffling to people outside the US

Deadly contest between Isis and al-Qaeda

Scathing dismissal of its rival is one way Isis highlights status as the top terrorist group

Even Isis jihadis love Telegram messaging

For those who prioritise audience reach, the site’s appeal is its simplicity and security

A new normal emerges in Europe

The Paris bombings will mean a fresh look at civil liberties and physical restrictions

A welcome step for Saudi suffragettes

The municipal poll promises to be a move towards breaking down social barriers in the kingdom

Syria elevated to the top of US agenda

A conflict Washington tried so hard to push to the background now dominates the conversation

Putin vs Obama: the battle for best ally

The Gulf states are at odds with both America and Russia over involvement in Syria

Rome needs surgery and its mayor wants to operate

Marino, a former surgeon, attracts criticism from a city that lurches from crisis to crisis

Diplomacy behind Russia’s Syrian bombs

Obama and Putin’s hopes of rescuing the country from disintegration look overblown already

A boy, a cool clock and an American dream

Ahmed’s time experiment could be the best thing that’s ever happened to him

Putin keeps the west guessing in Syria

The Russian president appears to have shifted gear. And that has caught the US off guard

The blame game after a child’s tragic death

Though the world’s focus has been on Isis, the Assad regime still kills many more Syrians

Journalists, repression and ‘conspiracy’

Some governments use their courts to silence media critics or force them into dubious confessions


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