Balancing act

Year in the Arab World special report

As 2014 draws to a close, hope appears in short supply in the Arab world

The 10 worst jobs in politics

We all have our bad days but these people really do have more than most

Shifts and shocks on the soft power scale

The US tops the list for the Monocle Magazine survey, bumping Germany into second

The German club of Putin understanders

Those seen as apologists for the Russian president are finding life is complicated

The UAE’s blacklist places it centre stage

Naming these groups creates suspicion around them and puts them on the defensive

Glitter comes off golden visas

Portugal’s investigation will increase scrutiny of these programmes

Detente and messages to the Ayatollah

The American president has been indulging in a correspondence with Iran’s Supreme Leader

Kurdistan’s happier anti-Isis warriors

Peshmerga fighters are grateful for western aid but may face disappointment over independence

The French mayor, the pig, the butcher

Hayange’s National Front leader is supposed to portray a more respectable version of his party

Of shares, fatwas and marriage advice

Clerics have a relentless need to convey religious opinion upon every aspect of people’s lives

Tunisia still holds dream of freedom

The spring has ended but there is at least one survivor in the region

Google renders textbook tinkering futile

Just because it does not appear on the written record does not mean that it did not happen

The curious case of the Khorasan group

The latest jihadi outfit on the scene appears to fall into the known unknown category

Isis and the aunts from Karamlish

As we cheer the protection of Middle East minorities, we often lose sight of the majority

Fact and friction in Catalonia’s debate

Lines have been drawn, imaginary or not, in a sham debate in which neither side hears the other

Europe’s empires did not light the fuse

To blame Sykes-Picot is to ignore the fact of deeply entrenched territorial nationalism in Arab states

Middle East: Falling to pieces

It is imperative that rivals unite in the face of an Isis threat. Failure to do so could spell the end of Iraq

A phoney war fuelled by fantasy politics

Rebels cling to dubious causes in a region where all that is real is industrial desolation

From pariahs to power – and back again

A useful study argues that many Mideast Islamists squandered the political capital that was built up before the Arab uprisings

Sisi’s election won’t end discord in Egypt

Political Islam can be countered only by embracing pluralism


Roula Khalaf Roula Khalaf is foreign editor and an associate editor of the Financial Times. She has worked for the FT since 1995, first as north Africa correspondent, then Middle East correspondent and most recently as Middle East editor. Before joining the FT, she was a staff writer for Forbes magazine in New York.

Roula oversees the FT's network of foreign correspondents and bureaus. She writes regularly on global politics and business.

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