Federalism fit for a kingdom

English devolution

A system that works for America and for Germany would for Britain, writes Quentin Peel

Ingram Pinn illustration

Merkel is willing to pay for world stability

Russia expected Germany to resist action that would affect its exporters. It was wrong

Cameron overplays Juncker opposition

Prime minister’s motives in opposing Luxembourger mistrusted by EU partners

Berlin talks agree consensus on EU

Tough line on common bank resolution fund likely to be maintained


Quentin Peel Quentin Peel joined the FT in 1975, and was variously correspondent in Johannesburg, Africa editor, bureau chief in Brussels, Moscow, and Bonn. He was foreign editor and international affairs editor from 1994-2010, and finally chief correspondent in Berlin until 2013.

He writes about Europe and international relations, security and geopolitics, trying to disentangle fact from fantasy, and read between the lines of propaganda and prejudice. He is now Mercator senior fellow on the European programme at Chatham House in London.

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