The friends and foes of Trump and Clinton

The circles surrounding them speak volumes about the candidates

Pat Summitt, basketball coach, 1952-2016

Leader who won greater recognition for women’s sport

Thread that ties Trump, sex and golf

Mishaps for Republican presumptive candidate as he mines the past for trouble to throw at Clinton

Muhammad Ali, 1942–2016  

First truly global athlete and a vivid symbol of the turbulent 1960s

Father Daniel Berrigan (C) appearing at press conference after anti-Vietnam war planning session w. fellow activists.. (Photo by Lee Lockwood/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)
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Daniel Berrigan, campaigning priest

Jesuit pacifist whose passions spanned justice and poetry

US election: Money can’t buy you power

Donors’ bundles have counted for nothing in the case of many candidates

The power of angry political cartoonists

American satirists Bill Hamilton and Vint Lawrence understood what makes the powerful what they are

Joe Medicine Crow, historian, 1913-2016

American Indian who studied before fighting in the second world war and then became an author

Ideology splits town and gown tradition

US campus culture wars claim new victim as talkfest in Boulder fractures

Cloud of violence bursts over Trump

The establishment alone can’t stop him — but can expose his business practices and policy proposals

Nancy Reagan, former First Lady, 1921–2016

Devoted and fierce protector of her husband who pushed for a summit with Gorbachev

How reality TV spawned Candidate Trump

The ‘Apprentice’ star divided the world into winners and losers. The public loved it.

US media hypocritical in Clinton attack

Many of its luminaries feed just as greedily from the corporate trough

Super Bowl haunted by ghosts at the game

The NFL and its audience seem in denial about the impact of head injuries on the future of the game

How will the early states vote?

The election promises to be like no other but the primaries will be less fun, writes Jurek Martin

The real odds on Donald Trump

For a sharper guide to US voting intentions pay a visit to one of America’s betting shops

Refugees and the propagation of fear

America took in the ‘wretched refuse of teeming shores’ but now it is so fearful and mean-spirited

Don’t play fast and loose with the refs

There are consequences, even drawbacks, for fans to the march of technology on the sports field

Review: ‘Billion-Dollar Ball’

Study of the big business of college football offers corporate lessons aplenty

Seahawks swooping for gridiron revenge

But football suffers with its image problem


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