The racial clouds that hang over DC

Recent events serve as a reminder that the bad old days in Washington’s civic politics stick around

Random acts of shopper boycott

Exercising my right to prejudice makes little difference to the businesses I choose to avoid

An atypical outbreak of sense in DC

On the big enchilada, immigration reform, there seems on both sides to be a chance of co-operation

A political jam for Christie’s Republicans

Before bridge-gate, the New Jersey governor could have made the next presidential election more interesting

The poverty of US political journalism

It pains me to say the trade has not been in such a grievous state since Watergate

©eNCA / Yasin Ansari

Jacob Matlala, boxer and campaigner

Fighter who beat size with science to wow Mandela

A sceptic on drones and digital shopping

Amazon’s aerial vehicles may even have door keys, so you don’t have to pick up a wet box from outside

An illustration of John F Kennedy
©Luis Grañena

Kennedy’s death and the politics of hate

JFK’s assassination 50 years ago proved memorable for a young teacher in two ways

Dark days for American football

Scandals show an insular culture struggling to adjust to changing times

US business must stand up to Tea Party

Big Money needs to decide on bringing the Republicans further back from Cruzomania

Tom Foley, former House speaker

Gentlemanly Democrat later served as US ambassador in Tokyo

The Tea Party’s proxy war over healthcare

It is a casus belli for the rightwing’s battle over the role of government

When ‘never again’ means so very little

There simply is no appetite to stop the horrors of genocide, poison gas or any other lethal weapon

Civic America at its least civil

Town hall meetings lay bare the nation’s political problems

All the President’s Men no more

The Washington Post’s editorial pages have for the past decade been an outlet for neoconservatism

Camelot’s charge

A study of JFK in 1963 reveals a determined leader and a changing man

A patriotic gesture the GOP could muster

Flying the flag for immigrants would be a way to ensure party’s future

Lucky bugs that fly in the face of reality

Emergence of the insects has become the equivalent of a plague of locusts

United we stand, together we brawl

Disasters used to bring the US together, now they expose the country’s political faultlines

Obama can’t escape the second-term curse

Re-elections probably make administrations careless and overconfident


Jurek Martin Jurek Martin has been with the FT since 1966 and has spent 24 years of those years reporting on and commenting about the US. His column is written mostly with Americans in mind, not only about its policies but also about the highways, byways and people.

He was far east editor, based in Tokyo, from 1982-86, followed by six years as the newspaper’s Foreign Editor, based in London. He then moved back to full time writing in Washington. He was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to journalism in 1997.

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