Obama is at last free from the Democrats

US President Barack Obama

President’s party no less immune to the power of money and special interests than Republicans

Time to take a swing at the top

Predictions of a win for Rory McIlroy may be premature, others should recognise their maturity

Ichiro Suzuki

Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

All told, 53 players have reached top-level US baseball

Hyperactive vigilance of the NCAA

The association is preoccupied with money and protecting its authority

Republicans go into Cruz control

Texas senator’s congressional army may count for less in numbers than the noise generated

Data to sift the magic from the mundane

Baseball pioneer’s methods have extended to just about every sport on the planet

Tycoon who tried to corner silver dies

Texan oil man went from boom to bust after venture into precious metal

Fear and loathing in the land of the free

The GOP may be the ugly party but the one whose symbol is, appropriately, a donkey is mulish

The Nats are gone but the spell lingers

There was a tingle of expectation in a city otherwise known for political paralysis

It’s not for sport to judge off-pitch sins

Sporting icons fall victim to changing habits

The familiar in sport is fading as broadcasters drop coverage of old favourites such as the US Open tennis

US talk of impeachment goes on and on

In retrospect, the 1970s were a time when political civility and accountability were taken seriously

Ex-US senator Howard Baker dies aged 88

Moderate Republican was a master of political manoeuvring

Dynastic descendant who opted for medicine

Richard Rockefeller, medical doctor and philanthropist, 1949-2014

Eric Cantor’s defeat is a shaft of light

The House majority leader’s defeat disproves the hypothesis that money is all there is

Colbert’s late-night laughs

My question is whether television’s gain is going to be satire’s loss

The racial clouds that hang over DC

Recent events serve as a reminder that the bad old days in Washington’s civic politics stick around

Random acts of shopper boycott

Exercising my right to prejudice makes little difference to the businesses I choose to avoid

An atypical outbreak of sense in DC

On the big enchilada, immigration reform, there seems on both sides to be a chance of co-operation

A political jam for Christie’s Republicans

Before bridge-gate, the New Jersey governor could have made the next presidential election more interesting


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He was far east editor, based in Tokyo, from 1982-86, followed by six years as the newspaper’s Foreign Editor, based in London. He then moved back to full time writing in Washington. He was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to journalism in 1997.

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