Super Bowl haunted by ghosts at the game

The NFL and its audience seem in denial about the impact of head injuries on the future of the game

How will the early states vote?

The election promises to be like no other but the primaries will be less fun, writes Jurek Martin

The real odds on Donald Trump

For a sharper guide to US voting intentions pay a visit to one of America’s betting shops

Refugees and the propagation of fear

America took in the ‘wretched refuse of teeming shores’ but now it is so fearful and mean-spirited

Don’t play fast and loose with the refs

There are consequences, even drawbacks, for fans to the march of technology on the sports field

Review: ‘Billion-Dollar Ball’

Big business of college football offers corporate lessons aplenty

Seahawks swooping for gridiron revenge

But football has an image problem, of which head injuries are part

Cut the Olympics down to size

Only events that can be judged by a stopwatch, tape measure or set of scales should be allowed

Tennis brainpower beats brawn

Mats Wilander moved his opponents around, got everything back and generally out thought them

Basketball’s short shrift for long shots

Grinnell College thrived off it, while the NBA remains uncomfortable with its dependence on it

Doris Hart, tennis champion, 1925-2015

Tennis ace who turned limb limitations into a way to win

Home thoughts of an English cricket exile

The joy of a sport that is gentle on an ageing player

Ball-doctoring is the oldest game in town

Before deflategate, the two sports most associated with altering the orb were baseball and cricket

For 2016 US pundits should forget polling

Reporters should spend more time in bars, churches, malls and cornfields talking to real people

Washington’s fight for sporting prowess

Two of its four sporting teams made it past the first round of basketball and ice hockey play-offs

Boxing’s fight of century fails to excite

Ringside combat has faded almost into oblivion in the public consciousness, at least in America

Baseball takes fresh look at Rose saga

Game’s chief promises to take Cincinnati Reds legend’s lifetime ban for betting under consideration

March Madness and the Japanese connection

Non-professional sports captivate the country where they are played but have no resonance elsewhere

Tiger Woods’ answers are in his head

Star golfer’s fight to regain form should start with him focusing on his brain — not his glutes

Republican presidential hopefuls

But it may not be the last of Mitt Romney or Harold Stassen, who never stopped running


Jurek Martin Jurek Martin has been with the FT since 1966 and has spent 33 years of those years reporting on and commenting about the US. His column is written mostly with Americans in mind, not only about its policies but also about the highways, byways and people.

He was far east editor, based in Tokyo, from 1982-86, followed by six years as the newspaper’s Foreign Editor, based in London. He then moved back to full time writing in Washington. He was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to journalism in 1997.

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