The fruits of independence

The Yes campaign’s take on health combines misdiagnosis and political hypochondria

Just what No side wanted: a 0-0 debate

Audience questions reminded that perceptions of economic consequences of Scottish independence loom large

When ‘welfare’ is infrastructure

In the long term one way to get the benefits bill down is through infrastructure policy

How would Scotland join the EU?

When and how cannot be answered definitively before the vote

What happens when you let young Scots vote

Data seem to confirm that the independence referendum has politically energised young people

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Reformer felled by his imaginary Blob

England’s schools will never be the same after Michael Gove’s spell as education secretary

America is the most nostalgic nation on earth

Rethinking the baby boom

Michael Gove’s unfinished revolution

This is why young people can’t have nice things

The demographic may be socially mature but they are economically juvenile, a new report says

The Scottish government is misleading Scots about oil

Why North Sea oil and gas is important

What was everybody doing?

Exploited trust helps explain the prevalence of abuse and yet trust is what is needed to minimise it in future

Voting Yes for venture capitalism in Scotland

Scotland and the spiral of silence

Are pollsters exaggerating the Yes vote in Scotland?

The future of the English city is Mancunian

The immigration dilemma

There is a stark divide between the average views of those in London, and the rest of the UK

The last of the British

What Dominic Cummings gets right – and wrong

Former Gove adviser wears his learning about as lightly as Lady Gaga wears Versace

Rowling’s magical explanation for No vote

Author expresses more clearly than most unionists that patriotism is compatible with scepticism of independence


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