What now for the future of the union?

How much will the Help to Buy Isa really cost?

Mr Farage, racial discrimination is a problem

How can we predict the way people vote?

Why Scotland’s nationalists are winning

England’s liberal cities

Data show urban voters to the left on social issues and to the right on economic issues

A way forward on food banks

A way forward on food banks

Politicians have been too slow to make some simple changes that would relieve suffering

The cuts to come

There will be a mix of tax rises, delayed targets and spending falls, regardless of who takes power

The prime London tax

The chancellor is improving an inefficient tax in a way that defends himself from political attacks and helps the average housebuyer

Cameron won’t need to persuade Merkel

So long as free movement isn’t compromised the prime minister will receive a sympathetic hearing in Berlin

Scots voted to preserve an ever more distant union

Scotland, the UK’s Basque Country

Politically, there is a rationale for radicalism on devolution of tax powers and ‘fiscal federalism’

The limits of mansplaining immigration

Facts can push people further to the poles of opinion, depending on whether they affirm or undermine pre-existing views

The void in British politics

Everyone is ‘attempting to out-Ukip Ukip’

Contrary to what politicians seem to think, there is no reluctance among Britons to talk about immigration

The quintessential face of Ukip

YouGov data suggests a neat way of showing differences between supporters of British political parties

The truth about EU migration and welfare

Government policy is targeted at UK voters, not ‘benefit tourists’

When politicians can ignore the public

Legislators can shape constituents’ views on issues by merely staking out their positions

Tax cuts for all – but more for you!

Cameron’s speech implies he believes the median voter is not the same thing as the median earner


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