Why a Yes vote would confound pollsters

If the polls are biased, then it won’t only be the No campaign that is left beaten on Thursday

Yes is running out of Scots to persuade

Missing – Evidence for Yes momentum

Survation might say other pollsters are merely catching up to the reality of a tight race with No just in the lead

An optimist argues for a No vote

Carol Craig discusses the optimism and confirmation biases that are all too common among the SNP leadership

A journey into Salmondville

A Scotland that is prudent and genteel is quietly angry with a raucous adversary

Another poll, another boost for Yes

Underlying data suggest Yes side is succeeding in persuading the voters it has been doggedly trying to win over

Admitting defeat to rescue victory

Fundamental error made by No campaign in Scotland was to not have the option of more devolution on the ballot

Scottish independence: On McUtopia

Will pensioners keep Scotland in the UK?

A pollster rethinks the Scottish referendum

Teaching finance at school – wise investment?

Research suggests it will have a very small effect on future behaviour

A win for Salmond, Scotland’s chancer

Nationalist leader will have given his side a steroidal injection of confidence

The fruits of independence

The Yes campaign’s take on health combines misdiagnosis and political hypochondria

Just what No side wanted: a 0-0 debate

Audience questions reminded that perceptions of economic consequences of Scottish independence loom large

When ‘welfare’ is infrastructure

In the long term one way to get the benefits bill down is through infrastructure policy

How would Scotland join the EU?

When and how cannot be answered definitively before the vote

What happens when you let young Scots vote

Data seem to confirm that the independence referendum has politically energised young people

Reformer felled by his imaginary Blob

England’s schools will never be the same after Michael Gove’s spell as education secretary

America is the most nostalgic nation on earth

Rethinking the baby boom


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