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Food safety and regulation

Britain’s £75bn food industry is in crisis after some of the country’s larger supermarkets were forced to withdraw several meat products following the discovery that horsemeat had been illegally mixed with beef in supply chains originating from Europe and Ireland

MPs criticise inaction over horsemeat

Committee backs EU proposals for stiffer penalties for food fraud

Meat trader sentenced over horsemeat

Case relates to mis-selling in 2007-08

Dutch recall beef over horsemeat concern

Up to 50,000 tons are ordered to be traced across Europe

Asda finds horse drug in corned beef

Supermarket chain says low levels of bute found in tins

Investors shrug off horsemeat scandal

Food contamination controversy fails to dent retailers’ shares

French find ‘illegal’ British lamb meat

Consignment processed using method implicated in mad cow disease

Irish company kept horsemeat secret

QK Meats discovered contamination in June 2012

Horsemeat found in Taco Bell products

Food regulator unveils third set of results from DNA testing

Tesco vows to buy more local produce

Manufacturers warn move will raise price of weekly shop

Sales of frozen burgers plunge

Frozen burgers and readymeals sharply down, survey finds

Ikea drawn into horsemeat scandal

Batch of retailer’s meatballs withdrawn from sale in 13 countries

Wild horses implicated in food scandal

As many as 3,000 animals are fly-grazing on British soil

Restaurateur plans ‘nosebag’ supper

Self-confessed ‘agitator’ wants to make a point about horsemeat

Asda in pledge after horsemeat scandal

Food retailer to rebuild ‘dented’ trust

Food Standards Agency to double testing

FSA says sampling, by councils, will cover 514 products

Can companies know every supplier?

The horsemeat scandal has raised questions about the complexity of supply chains

Horsemeat scandal draws in Nestlé

JBS distances itself from horsemeat scandal

Brazilian group says no tainted products from its factories

Timing of ministers’ alert on horsemeat probed

Claim government was told of problem a year ago

Horse burger comes second in blind taste test

FT Weekend panel finds equine patties have ‘grown-up taste’

From workhorse to main course

Our food chain is fragmented, complex and open to abuse

Britain does not pay enough for food

The British will not stump up for decent produce, writes Rowley Leigh

Tests find more horsemeat contamination

Horsemeat scandal is subprime cut

Supermarkets should exercise more vigilance over suppliers

Three arrested in horsemeat scandal