Peaceful celebrations follow poll tussle

Piper, Ryan Randall, leads a march to the polling station in Craigmillar, Edinburgh.
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Few arrests and a carnival atmosphere in Scotland

Salmond remains divisive figure for Scots

First minister has been a tireless campaigner but critics see him as overbearing

Sturgeon shines as loyal lieutenant

Less charismatic but less divisive deputy tipped to succeed Salmond

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What local and world leaders have said leading up to the poll

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Tweets, photos and video from across Scotland and abroad

Scotland decides

Scots head for polls in historic vote

Border businesses fear Scots Yes vote

Fears grow over changed currency and possible border controls

Scots trauma creates EU poll headache

Lessons of No campaign ominous for pro-Europeans

Let's Stay Together demo in Trafalgar Square
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Scottish vote inspires English apathy

Referendum has been met by indifference south of the border

Scotland needs bravery to build strong banks

The mechanisms an independent entity will need require courage and a lot of time

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Ukraine: protests continue as Yanukovich flies to China

Worries about the unfolding events in Ukraine sent the cost of insuring against a default on its debt soaring once again