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The Labour party is in mortal danger

The fightback has to end the belittling of our governmental record, writes Peter Mandelson

From the blogs

Markets will not stabilise until doubts of China’s competence and the appropriateness of Fed’s strategy are resolved
– Gavyn Davies
Most end users give the tech giants no money at all. Is it the biggest bargain of the modern era, or the biggest scam?
– Andrew McAfee
China’s leadership’s desire for a global currency is causing confusion
– The Exchange: Yukon Huang

The wild world of robot investing

Automated computer programs have changed how markets function

Community a foreign language in Britain

The UK’s atomisation should show up in public life but politicians struggle to talk about the individual

Erdogan has second shot at one-man rule

The assault on the PKK and siege in the south-east are a naked bid for nationalist votes

France should share migration

EU member state divisions are growing unsustainable, writes François Heisbourg

FT Editorial

TV networks face shaky future

Wall St no longer sees traditional groups as a sure bet

China devaluation stirs deflation fears

Concern reflected in falling long-term bond yields and inflation expectations

Tesla technology is not rational

To profit from the electric car race, you have to back the winner. Missing out is costlier, writes Philip Delves Broughton

Make up your mind on banking regulation

Nothing matters more to a bank than how much capital they must have, writes Simon Samuels

China’s policies leave the world reeling

The sense of panic is exacerbated by mixed messages — take the exchange rate

How to be hard left without being stupid

An economically coherent platform would weaken the property rights that most impede prosperity

Something rotten in the state of Lebanon

Support for the You Reek campaign has come from all religions and ethnicities

New allies against Isis also pose threats

US-led coalition makes progress but militias’ rise signals future violence, writes Aaron Stein

Polish banks caught in election crossfire

Law and Justice party’s idea to tax lenders’ assets is latest twist in dispute over mortgage woes

Currency storms create investment opening

In the market washouts, good names get flushed out with the bad

Why worries about China make sense

The question is over a shift to a consumption-dominated economy

How to do business without western rules

Subtler forms of influence are often needed for Chinese companies, writes Tim Clissold

Timeless benefits of a liberal education

The belief that study should be focused more on job-specific knowledge is misconceived

Shopping casts a shadow over city of light

In Paris, unlike London, a deep chasm separates Saturdays and Sundays, writes Adam Thomson

Uber plans to lure Indians out of cars

Ride-hailing company hopes to chauffeur rising middle class



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