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Emerging states must make their own mark

A boom based on borrowing cheaply is easier than to take on vested interests, writes Alan Beattie

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This Christmas we should give some thought to how easily we intervene — but also to how badly we rebuild nations
– Ahmed Rashid
The French professor’s analysis has bullish implications for long-run returns on asset classes
– Gavyn Davies

Bluster that belies the cynic’s loneliness

‘Capitalism for friends’ earns you fair-weather allies, writes Chrystia Freeland

A year in a word: Double Irish

The loophole proves that governments will always try to lure footloose businesses, says Jonathan Guthrie

All-out cyber warfare in year of the hack

Like celebrities and Sony staff, our online identities are ripe for plucking, writes Richard Waters

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Stand against the armies of ignorance

Ideas need to be mobilised if the learning years are safeguarded, writes Simon Schama

Why conversation is having a very bad time

Right and left are so far apart they no longer bother to disagree and talk about different things

A year in a word: Caliphate

A surreal rigmarole that exacerbated the power struggle in the Middle East

Winning bets were obvious with Hindsight

Oil price fall and resilience of US economy were trends to spot

Ecommerce: a difficult model to drive

Delivery groups’ shares look low yield and expensive

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How (not) to break the ice at parties

Try asking: ‘What’s all the fuss about the central banks?’

Concha tops UK’s share rise leader board

Aim-listed stock powered by hopes of a grand investment

China’s highly contagious deflation

Monetary policy might not be enough and governments may be forced to step in, writes George Magnus

A year in a word: Northern powerhouse

UK now has its best chance in years at having a Chicago to add to its New York, says John McDermott

Enjoy the greatest human escape of all

More prosperity is not necessary nor sufficient for improved health. It just makes it easier

Rationality and the season of forced goodwill

We want to be naughty and also for Santa to bring us lovely gifts — and usually he will

Putin has one weapon to protect the rouble

Capital controls can work if tied to a credible plan to boost confidence, writes Olivier Jeanne

It’s natural to ask if there is an app

A MacBook’s default settings have the potential to make me feel infantile

A year in a word: Ice bucket challenge

What appeared a publicity stunt was a lesson for the social web, writes Sally Davies

Africa celebrates its elders

The continent would appear to be more caring than its former colonisers, writes Michael Holman

A federal cure for a shattered Middle East

The ultra-centralism of the Arab security state is a recruiting sergeant for Isis


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