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The strange revival of nationalism

Separatist movements have a pull for voters even in a world of bits and bytes

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The union may have survived but in its present design it is possibly dead
– Janan Ganesh
Popular sovereignty is swimming against an authoritarian tide, writes
– Michael Ignatieff
The party needs a crusade to organise all of the referendum’s energy
– John McTernan

President Bling-Bling heeds France’s call

Sarkozy explains his return to politics as a way to save France, writes Adam Thomson

Counter Google with a European version

Brussels should create conditions where a strong alternative can thrive, says Evgeny Morozov

Miliband and the English question

Party leader should avoid giving Labour a reputation as the self-described second party of England

FT Editorial

Samba socialism

How Marina Silva has set Brazil’s election on fire, writes Misha Glenny

Kashmir’s floods leave a watery Doomsday

Agreement centres on the government’s failure to prepare for the damage caused by the deluge, writes Victor Mallet

Heat rises for fossil fuel industry

World leaders in UN meeting to set out planned climate action

Scottish infrastructure hiatus shows

Roll call of landmark projects reveals just how important foreign capital has become

Cameron opens up fiscal ‘Pandora’s Box’

Maintaining discipline in a world of local taxes will be hard

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The short-sighted US buyback boom

Unless the roots of the problem are fixed, boardrooms will keep on draining their treasuries


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