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Sovereignty is not the same as power

The very fact that the UK is holding a vote on membership of the EU shows that it is sovereign

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The greatest threat to parliamentary sovereignty not from the courts or the bureaucrats of Brussels; it is from ministers and officials in Westminster and Whitehall
– David Allen Green
Leicester's Wes Morgan celebrates after scoring during the English Premier League soccer match between Manchester United and Leicester at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England, Sunday, May 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Jon Super) ©AP
Winning the Premier League title against 5,000/1 odds was a great feat. Was it a fluke? A statistical black swan?
– Gavyn Davies
Can Saudi Arabia’s problems be corrected by Mohammed bin Salman’s shock treatment?
– Nick Butler

Regulate, rather than intimidate, the BBC

Every time politicians chip away at its funding, they erode its confidence, writes Chris Patten

A worshipped but little copied model

The shareholder weekend has the spirit of a cult based on informality

How consoles survived the smartphone

I have saved humanity on a dozen occasions and each time it was beautiful, writes Helen Lewis

Khan faces anti-Semitism issue head-on

Labour nominee seeks a forthright approach in the lead-up to Thursday’s vote, writes Sebastian Payne

We are unprepared for a robot revolution

A threat to the cognitive capability that sets humans apart

FT Editorial

Volunteers embrace the Jungle way of life

Notebook: The French state has been slow to act in the migrant camp, writes Adam Thomson

The worst for Labour is yet to come

What feels like a crisis will not fully register in electoral outcomes for years yet

The Cruz tax plan can unshackle America

He recognises that limited government nurtures individual liberty, writes Roger Kimball

An issue more than town versus country

Notebook: Climate change has led to exceptional heatwaves, writes Victor Mallet

Delivering peace in Syria

For all their mutual mistrust, the two powers must find a way to work together

China builds ties along with airstrips

Beijing courts other nations to support its position over territory

Sovereign risk system needs reforming

At the European finance ministers meeting the Dutch proposed more realistic risk weights

The perils facing Japan’s pension funds

New heads at GPIF and Japan Post face challenge in negative yielding world

Europe’s grand coalitions boost extremes

The German Social Democrats are paying a heavy price for joining Merkel’s government

Trump’s war with best and brightest

His confused foreign policy still offers a legitimate contrast to Clinton’s

Claudio Ranieri: Tinkerman poised to win

Leicester City’s likeable manager is on the verge of a historic success, writes Simon Kuper

The policies that make uneasy bedfellows

Quantitative easing and negative rates offer rapidly diminishing returns, writes Shahin Vallée

Europe moving ever closer to Britain

If the UK stays it may be joined in an outer circle by other EU states, writes Vernon Bogdanor

‘The City’, by Tony Norfield

Banking as seen from the belly of the beast



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