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Cheap energy is the new cheap labour

For companies wondering where to locate, the world has turned upside down

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Draghi-Weidmann row epitomises a wider difference between hawks and doves on the bank’s governing council
– Gavyn Davies
Politically, there is a rationale for radicalism on devolution of tax powers and ‘fiscal federalism’
– John McDermott
Negotiators should focus on what would happen if no accord were reached
– Richard Haass

The Samsung phone is no longer smart

South Korea’s group has never persuaded consumers its brand is as desirable as Apple’s

Post-crisis, the nation state strikes back

Putin’s muscle-flexing shows the role of states in matters of war and peace, writes Mark Mazower

Swiss immigration poll is only the start

Rightwingers have had enough of foreigners and their preferential taxes, writes James Breiding

The UAE’s blacklist places it centre stage

Naming these groups creates suspicion around them and puts them on the defensive

FT Editorial

Fed’s game of pretend must end soon

Rate rise delay will make deleveraging more painful

Ingram Pinn illustration

Radical cures for unusual economic ills

The crisis left a grim legacy, and the answers are likely to be unorthodox

Capitalists sold the mills and bought the future

If capital is indeed back as Piketty says, it is in a different way

How to tackle the UK immigration problem

Our aim must be to return freedom of movement to its original intention: a right to work, writes Nick Clegg

Cheap crude can oil the wheels of reform

Market volatility creates opportunities for smart policy, writes Michael Levi

A US expatriate shares tax pain

‘Oops-Americans’ need to be warned that they face a life of torturous paper-pushing

China, Russia and the Sinatra doctrine

Beijing and Moscow are pushing for a reordering of world affairs based on ‘spheres of influence’

Cameron needs to lift British politics

The PM should transcend the reactiveness of his premiership by giving Britain a long-term mission

The risk culture makes the difference

The focus on making banks ‘safe’ by holding more capital is unrealistic, writes Simon Samuels

Green debate hots up over private sector

Large technological interventions raise moral dilemmas governments must face, writes Anjana Ahuja

‘Lung-washing’ tourism rises in China

Smog-escaping tours are a serious pursuit

Japan’s sporting stars have major league form

All told, 53 players have reached top-level US baseball

Washington’s two foreign policies

The question is whether Iran will have enough trust in Obama’s ability to co-opt Congress


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