Cyprus financial rescue

Cypriot savers and businesses are trying cope with capital controls and a severe economic recession following a botched €10bn international bailout for the island

Cyprus plans end to capital controls

IMF says country’s reform programme on track but “substantial” risks


But restrictions on local money transactions are too tight
– Editorial
'Fair game': depositors in Cyprus are being treated as regular creditors and taking substantial losses ©Getty
Only time will tell whether this extreme solution will be used as a template in Europe again
– Rafael Biosse Duplan
Could other countries use reserves as collateral for bond issues?
– Lex

Protests as Bank of Cyprus board elected

Depositors complain over cut in nominal value of bank’s shares

Cyprus reforms on track but risks remain

Lenders’ report clears way for island to receive €1.6bn in aid

Milder Cyprus bail-in terms unveiled

Depositors will earn interest on funds still frozen

Bank of Cyprus close to depositor deal

Central bank officials, advisers and politicians crunch numbers

Cyprus seeks to ease bailout terms

President and central bank chief to meet ECB head in Frankfurt

Cyprus leader calls for bailout overhaul

EU unlikely to take favourable view of Anastasiades’ letter

Choke on banks stifles Cyprus economy

Frustration mounts at the slow pace of banking reform

Assets of former Laiki bosses seized

Signals legal battle over blame for Cypriot bank’s collapse

Portugal’s banks fear ‘Cyprus virus’

Heads of BCP and BES urge Europe’s leaders to moderate stance

Cyprus trauma hurts EU bank bail-in plans

Reform held up amid dispute over who should pay to wind up a bank

Cyprus parliament backs €10bn bailout

Move given narrow approval of 29 votes to 27

Cyprus to crack down on graft

Steps announced ahead of bailout vote to reform political system

German parliament backs Cyprus bailout

Rescue passed by large majority, though with misgivings

Forex brokers look to hire Cyprus bankers

Platforms say job cuts offer an opportunity to ‘grab talent’

Germany set to approve Cyprus aid

Public support for bailouts seen to ebb

Cyprus leader attacks central bank chief

President takes aim at alleged errors of supervision

Cyprus finance minister shuns blame game

Islanders themselves caused crisis, says Haris Georgiades

Cyprus warned not to sack bank governor

ECB head Mario Draghi says a dismissal would be subject to review

Cyprus to dive into its gold reserves

Pressure mounts on Cypriot central banker

Calls for Demetriades, governor, to quit as accusations fly

Cyprus rescue hurts banks, says Putin

Russian president attacks ‘expropriation of investors’

Cyprus to probe Greek bond purchases

Central bank responds to public anger over Laiki collapse

Cyprus crisis to hit European banks hard

Barclays report says higher interest rates would help lure clients

ECB draws bail-in lessons from Cyprus

Question raised of ‘bailing in’ depositors in case of bank insolvency