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Presidential poll 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta has narrowly won Kenya’s closely fought presidential election - a victory upheld by the supreme court after it rejected the claims of two petitions disputing the results and despite evidence of some irregularities

Another Kenyatta outsmarts the west

The new leader is proving deft at politics even with a charge for crimes against humanity hanging over his head

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Katrina Manson explains why so much is riding on these polls – the country’s most complicated and ambitious to date, and the first to take place under the new 2010 constitution

Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya’s president

Second sitting president indicted for crimes against humanity

Supreme court upholds Kenyatta victory

Unanimous verdict on close presidential election

Poll feud puts Kenyan democracy on trial

Court to rule on cancellation of election results

ICC to consider Kenyatta case

President-elect faces charges of crimes against humanity

Odinga challenges Kenya election result

Outgoing premier says polls were too shambolic to be valid

Joe Cummings illustration

Uhuru Kenyatta, next president of Kenya

A looming trial has not cowed the son of a national hero, say William Wallis and Katrina Manson

Kenya stock market rises in wake of polls

Business confidence sends exchange up 3%

Kenyatta victory could test diplomats’ skills

Newly elected president faces international indictment

Kenyan democracy in the dock

The west, as much as Nairobi, faces a tricky path

Kenyatta declared Kenya’s new president

Kenyatta edges closer to election win

Candidate maintains narrow lead in first round

Safaricom warned of Kenya count problems

Letter said flaws ‘could compromise ability’ to hold election

Kenyan candidate claims vote rigging

Odinga’s campaign calls for presidential count to be halted

Kenya’s election in slow motion at server failure

Costly electronic counting system abandoned

Rejected ballots pivotal in Kenya election

Only 42% of results counted, but electoral body says all votes will be included

Counting begins in Kenya’s election

Results delayed due to technical glitches

Kenyans queue to vote for a president

Voters formed long lines despite the threat of election violence

The A-List: Democracy on trial in Kenya

A prosecution at the International Criminal Court has become the flashpoint that may set off new violence after Monday’s elections

Turnout holds key to Kenya election

In the Picture: Kenya’s 2013 election

What happened last time and the ethnic divisions that have not gone away

Odinga warns of potential unrest if poll is not fair

Kisumu gangs square up for action

Kenya poll tension grows as youth groups organise

Kenyan separatist raises poll stakes

Boycott called for next week’s presidential election

Kenya’s choice

The prize of a peaceful political transition is considerable