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China Leadership Transition

China has unveiled its new leadership - the seven men who will guide the world’s second-largest economy through at least the next five years. Who are these new leaders and what challenges do they face?

China’s leaders warn on financial risks

Rising concerns about growth and debt


Chinese leaders explainer
A look at how the country is ruled and the structure of the Communist party
– FT Explainer
How will the new elite cope with an increasingly demanding population
– Podcast
Trace every meeting back to 1921
– Interactive timeline

China’s premier sets reform bar lower

Li’s change agenda is limited and focuses on economics

China’s Li targets smaller role for state

New premier vows to tackle red tape, inequality and corruption

Xi Jinping becomes Chinese president

People’s Congress rubber-stamps appointment of new leader

Xi’s wife to play role in charm offensive

Chinese leader wants to build ‘soft power’ overseas

Beijing tightens security as petitioners air grievances

Security around Tiananmen Square tightened

Chinese parliament holds 83 billionaires

Report identifies 17% rise in super-wealthy delegates

Wen takes final bow leaving divided legacy

Premier delivers final address but doubts linger over belief in reform

China gathers to formalise new leadership

Ceremonial 10-day conclave will highlight policy priorities

China leader talks tough on foreign policy

Xi Jinping says China will never compromise ‘core interests’

China: Old barriers in way of Xi’s bid for reform

Jamil Anderlini assesses the scope for change in politics and the economy

China media stand-off with censors escalates

China censors clash with media on reform

Leaders’ tough political line frustrates hopes for change

China rulers leave economic policy intact

‘Proactive’ fiscal stance to be maintained

New leaders face tough challenges

Successfully navigating Beijing’s difficult political environment could result in an era of radical social change, says Jamil Anderlini

Xi stokes economic reform hopes in China

China’s Xi to let a hundred flowers wilt

New leader cracks down on lavish welcomes and bloated bureaucracy

Chinese transition leaves many questions

Change of leadership prompts reform speculation

Xi presents new face of China’s socialism

Leader uses simple language to set out agenda