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Nuclear power in japan

After the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi facility, caused by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, anti-nuclear sentiment is finding expression on the streets as demonstrators challenge the government’s attempts to restart the country’s nuclear industry

Fast-food chain to sell Fukushima produce

Yoshinoya in joint venture with local farmers

Tepco applies to restart Japan nuclear plant

Power company applies to reopen Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant

Nuclear freeze chills Japan’s utilities

Shutdown of last reactor heightens reliance on costly fuel imports

Seoul widens ban on Japanese fish imports

Blow to Tokyo’s efforts to reassure neighbours over its food safety

Abe to reassure IOC over Fukushima leaks

Tokyo remains bookmakers’ favourite to host 2020 Olympics

New Fukushima radiation hotspots reported

Growing concerns over Tepco’s clean-up operation

Tepco to retain control of Fukushima site

Government says it will not take over clean-up operation

‘Abenomics’ threatened by nuclear protest

Restoring nuclear power seen as crucial in deflation fight

Fresh radiation worries at Fukushima plant

High-level pockets discovered near contamination tanks

Japan raises warning over nuclear leak

Radioactive water escapes from tank at stricken plant

Fresh leak at crippled Fukushima plant

Worst radioactive water seepage since March 2011 disaster

Japan to intervene on Fukushima clean-up

Leaks of radioactive water estimated at 400 tonnes a day

Restarting reactors ‘would boost Japan’

Claim on economic uplift comes as ban on nuclear power rethought

Tepco hit over slow admission of leak

Fukushima operator admits contaminated water flowing into sea

Japan utilities seek return to nuclear

Nervous local authorities could object to restarting reactors

Japan set for Turkish nuclear deal

Abe due to sign an agreement with Erdogan

Fukushima suffers new radioactive leak

Second such incident in two days

Google zooms in on Fukushima ghost town

Evacuated residents use Street View to ‘tour’ their former home

Fukushima nuclear plant loses power

Incident highlights lingering hazards at facility

WHO downplays Fukushima cancer risk

Radiation doses received from Japan nuclear emergency only small

Japan unveils strict nuclear measures

Biggest overhaul of standards since Fukushima disaster

Japan prepares for nuclear U-turn

Abe government points to plans for new power plants

LDP victory boosts Japan energy companies

Investors anticipate new government may scrap nuclear phase out

Japan grapples with nuclear question

Parties’ policies unclear ahead of December election

Doubts cast over Japan nuclear phase-out

Plan to complete partially built reactors raises questions on policy